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Multi Lingo

Multi Lingo

Developed by Modules4U

43 reviews
Price: $7.99 / month Free Trial: 5 days More info
  • Translate your website into any language
  • Stay flexible by choosing any theme you want, no coding required
  • Save time by entering translations only once for all themes

What is Multi Lingo?

Multi Lingo is a professional translation tool.

Multi Lingo allows you to create multi-language versions of any Shopify theme and lets you enter translations for products, pages, menu items, homepage texts, Email notifications, checkout and blog articles. Multi Lingo blends right in with Shopify's localization mechanism and automatically integrates existing theme translations.
On top of that Multi Lingo also supports automatic translations on a per-item basis through the Yandex translation engine.

How does it work?

Select the theme you want to use in the Multi Lingo App. A multi-language version of your theme is then being created and installed in your shop. Your original theme will remain untouched.
Now you can enter translations for products, pages, collections, menu items, sections and blog articles. Theme-related translations are automatically integrated and don't need to be entered again. Create new languages directly in Multi Lingo and translate items automatically if you want.


  • Create multi-language versions of any Shopify theme

  • Translate products, blogs, pages, sections, email notifications, checkout, collections and menus

  • SEO-related information (meta description, titles) is automatically localized based on the content of the current page

  • Languages included in your theme are instantly available in Multi Lingo

  • Translations for products, pages, articles, sections, collections and menus are available across all Multi Lingo themes and don't need to be entered again, making it super easy to switch between themes

  • Automatically adds a language selector to your theme. You can choose between 5 styles and 2 positions or just create your own

  • Directly link to any page in any of your languages by using a simple URL pattern

  • No setup or coding required

  • Supports translation of the checkout section

  • Support translation of automated notification Emails

  • Use custom translatable variables throughout your shop (for app translations or custom localized conten, for example)

  • All translations are stored on your Shopify server - no third-party database access required

  • Optional automatic translations on a per-item basis for all items

  • Import/Export of products, pages, articles and collections as XML files

  • Optional browser-language based redirection

  • Supports right-to-left text flow for Arabic, Hebrew, Urdu and all other RTL scripts.

Please note: Multi Lingo does not automatically translate your whole website!

Multi Lingo allows you auto-translate all items in your shop but you have to manually initiate the translation for each item individually!

Multi Lingo is a professional translation solution which allows you to make a great impression with your international customers. We believe that inaccurate auto-translated content does not live up to this standard.

Do I need any coding knowledge?

Not at all. Multi Lingo is as easy as one, two, three.

How can I switch between languages?

Multi Lingo automatically creates a language selector for you that makes it super easy to switch between languages. You can also choose between 5 different switcher styles or create your own.

Does this slow down my shop?

No. All your translations are stored on the Shopify server and inserted from the server side. No big JavaScripts and no third-party database access required.

How reliable is your infrastructure?

All our Apps are now hosted on Amazon EC2 high-availability elastic cloud servers and constantly monitored.

We offer free installation service for your multi-language themes.

Demo here.

Special offer: Only 7.99USD/month! This offer will expire soon.

Multi Lingo reviews

43 reviews
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  5. 1 star (4 reviews)

Hey you guys out there,
I've been using Multi Lingo for 3 weeks now. The translation set-up & auto-translation is quite easy to use, actually quite handy. Definitely a good tool to translate your online store


Very good application. It works perfectly on my site www.redmondbunbury.com.
The service is amazing, they helped me with the installation in multiple themes.
I really recommend it!


How to translate all the products in one shot , like other is working for collections and menu . I have 20k products , am i going to translate 1 by 1 until my last breath .._


Absolutely crap. All it says is 'enable cookies' whenever you try to use the app.

(Yes I know about cookies and they are enabled)


Excellent app for e-commerce translations, the best in our opinion. After fiddling around translations apps for sometime our choice was clear, with no regrets. Multi Lingo does, at a very honest and affordable price, the same things the more expensive ones do and then some. Many thanks to Thorsten for his collaboration and help in solving a number of issues taking us to where we wanted to go. Everything is customisable and, with time and patience, we were able to figure out every single detail we needed to take care of. If you are looking for an efficient app to translate your store in multiple languages, with lost of features and customisations included, this is the one. Thanks a lot!


Best app. to translate your website on Shopify! And the service is the best I ever had in my whole career with an app/plugin/widget/theme company!


Just a few words but they sum it up completely: Solid product, great service (Thorsten is super helpful - quick replies on custom variables and language switcher), we will use multi lingo for our store in the future.

I can highly recommend it.


This is for sure the best app for translation! All eCommerce store should use this app! And yes, it translate your checkout! The staff is really nice and really helpful if you need help! Don't think, get it!


Great app! Auto translation, manual translation, easy to use. Service is outstanding, quick and effective. Thank you developer.


Great app and support. Requires some manual work which is great so you can easily be in control of the translations and not just rely on sometimes incorrect auto translations. Highly recommended!

$7.99 / month

This price is a special offer and will expire soon! Lock in the discounted monthly charge of only 7.99 USD now!

5 days


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