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Omega Instant Search

Omega Instant Search

Developed by Omega Commerce

24 reviews
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  • Turns your visitors into customers
  • Creates a new customer experience
  • Returns necessary products after typing first letters simultaneously!

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At Omega we are envisioning the future of search optimization for you. We know that customers aren't patient, so we have created a search which guides your customers to what they are searching for and delivers correct results, fast. This will turn your site visitors into customers and in turn drive more sales in your store.

We strongly believe that everyone should be able to integrate a high level of search within their store, therefore we have created plans that reflect entrepreneurs at every level. You can begin a free 30-day trial without any obligations.

Omega Search enhances your store through:

Speed: delivery of fast and relevant results.

Prediction: returns the exact product your customer wants to buy.

Flexibility: mobile friendly, customizable, and flows seamlessly with your current theme.

We Offer you:

FREE full-featured version for trial period.

FREE setup and customization: Our professional support will gladly guide you through this process and help you in tweaking the service to fit your specific store design and meet your personal needs.

Pay As You Go! No long-term commitments, just pay for what you use each month.

Excellent Service Quality: It drives more sales to your store thanks to its great performance.

Start in 5 Minutes: No complicated installations and developers help - just sign up and start using it!

Innovative: we use the latest search algorithms in order to envision a new customer experience.

We take great consideration with integration. Our search can be integrated with different shopify themes and applications (e.g. swatches, reviews applications). We are also open to integration requests. Contact us, we would love to work with you.

Marvelous support!

We have created an application to provide ease of use, but we understand problems and questions can come up. Please, bother us with any problems, concerns, or improvement! After all, its our job! Contact our support team at support@omegacommerce.com

Experience our Demo Now!

TOP-5 features to try:

Outperformance: customers see relevant results instantly.

Autocomplete: Search-As-You-Type drop-down menu integrated into your current search bar. It completes the customer's search query automatically after entering the first few symbols, effectively saving customers’ time.

Spell Correction: fixes typos during typing! Your customers will not have any empty search results due to misspellings. They will receive relevant results for every search query made.

Custom Filters: Gives your customers the ability to filter search results directly on the search results page. You can customize the filters to your own store.

Store-Wide Search: Customers are able to search within the whole store within one search results page. Products, Collections, Pages, and Blog posts are displayed with one query.

Omega Instant Search reviews

24 reviews
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Fantastic system, easy to use, and brilliant fast-acting customer service. Highly recommend!


Omega Instant Search has taken our user experience to the next level, and helps to increase sales. I particularly rate how easy it is to implement, and the analytics are very useful, without being overwhelming. With one click you can see what search terms are not returning results, and it is very easy to set up redirects so common search terms that don't align with your product names, will redirect to the product you wish your customer to see.

The search returns for mis-typed searches is very good.

Support has been quick to respond and helpful to answer questions, although it is highly likely you will have no questions as implementation and functionality is quick, easy, and intuitive.


Great app. Easy to install and excellent service. Really happy about it. One of the only search apps where you are able to keep your theme design in the search result page. GREAT!


Amazing App!! Could not be happier with the Search Features! I had tried a few before I chose this one - upgraded to a Paid plan and had the search tool customised to my page - filters and appearance! Works a treat! Staff were Super Friendly & Helpful - Highly Recommend :)

Great Result - http://www.katiejdesignandevents.com.au/


wonderful little addition to shopify and so simple. super helpful staff too, they helped me immediately with a problem.


Great app and more cost effective than the competitors.


Its free up to 500 products, which is great! When searched the products are displayed correctly and very nicely. The support is very fast and amazing! Very useful. Thanks a lot!


Need an instant search tool and Omega provided me with what I was looking for. Simple and Fast. So far happy with it. Recommended.


So far I really like it. I was missing powerful search on my store and this app delivers. The developer was prompt to accommodate a request to exclude products with certain tags from showing in results. Great value already on the free plan. Recommended!


Just started using Omega Instant Search and I couldn't be happier. This app makes searching so much better and faster. Best of all though, for small business it's FREE!!

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