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Omega Instant Search

Omega Instant Search

Developed by Omega Commerce

22 reviews
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  • Increase Search Conversion and drive More Sales
  • Provide the Best Customer Experience
  • Real-time synchronization of your catalog. All changes are available in the search results without delays.

Omega Instant Search is the new search age for your online store. One thing our service does very well is that it delivers the right search results for your customers, thus, driving more sales!

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Our app can turn your customers experience into pleasure and bring you a bunch of orders! It is smart and quality in returning the right products and increasing your store sales. Omega Instant Search flies quicker than you can imagine!

Omega Instant Search:

Fast: delivers highly relevant results in a split second.

Smart: returns the exact products your buyers wish to buy.

Agile: mobile friendly, customizable, and offers useful analytics.

Our search can be integrated with:

✔ Different Shopify themes

✔ Shopify swatches applications

✔ Shopify reviews applications

✔ Other types of Shopify applications

To request integration contact us support@omegacommerce.com

TOP-5 features to try:

Outperformance: customers get quality search and see relevant results in a split second.

Autocomplete: Search-As-You-Type function in action! Completes customer search query automatically after entering first few symbols, effectively saving shoppers time!

Spell Correction: amends typos on-the-go! No more empty search results due to customers’ misspellings: customers get relevant results for every search query made.

Custom Filters on the search results page: Give your customers ability to filter search results by any criteria.

All-out Search: Seek and find everywhere within the entire store website. Products, Collections, Pages, Blog posts can now get arranged results for each content type.

Why Omega Instant Search?

FREE full-featured version available

FREE setup and customization: Our professional support will gladly guide you through this process and help you in tweaking the service to fit your selective store design and meet your personal needs.

Pay As You Go! No long-term commitments, just pay for what you use each month.

Excellent Service Quality: It drives more sales to your store thanks to its great performance.

Simple 5 Minute Start: No complicated installations and developers help - just sign up and start using it!

Innovative: we use the latest search algorithms to meet your customers needs.

Marvelous support!

Have any questions?
Check out our demo!

Or just let us know at support@omegacommerce.com!

And do not hesitate to try our 30-day trial (no credit card information needed!)

Omega Instant Search reviews (22)


Great app. Easy to install and excellent service. Really happy about it. One of the only search apps where you are able to keep your theme design in the search result page. GREAT!


Amazing App!! Could not be happier with the Search Features! I had tried a few before I chose this one - upgraded to a Paid plan and had the search tool customised to my page - filters and appearance! Works a treat! Staff were Super Friendly & Helpful - Highly Recommend :)

Great Result - http://www.katiejdesignandevents.com.au/


wonderful little addition to shopify and so simple. super helpful staff too, they helped me immediately with a problem.


Great app and more cost effective than the competitors.


Its free up to 500 products, which is great! When searched the products are displayed correctly and very nicely. The support is very fast and amazing! Very useful. Thanks a lot!


Need an instant search tool and Omega provided me with what I was looking for. Simple and Fast. So far happy with it. Recommended.


So far I really like it. I was missing powerful search on my store and this app delivers. The developer was prompt to accommodate a request to exclude products with certain tags from showing in results. Great value already on the free plan. Recommended!


Just started using Omega Instant Search and I couldn't be happier. This app makes searching so much better and faster. Best of all though, for small business it's FREE!!


Horrible for a whole week my search was not working and I did not know because they stopped offering it for free and then the one they offered for charge looked bad on my theme and they worked on it and because I did not pay I lost sales found out search was not working at all. They are horrible.


Excellent Search Engine, the best one.
Thank you Vlad for your work, had to do some changes in the code, he was very efficient with prompt answers.
5 stars

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