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Merchants highly value this app for its seamless Shopify integration, user-friendly interface, and comprehensive analytics. They find it easy to create and manage Product Pins, leading to increased visibility and sales. The app's advertising options are seen as simpler than other platforms, with free credits driving organic traffic effectively. It's considered a key tool for enhancing online store visibility and boosting sales.

August 7, 2023

At first, I thought this would be a great sales channel to use, but I soon learned that this was not the case.

I tried connecting my Shopify store to my Pinterest account and seemed like there wasn't going to be any issue until I received the "Notice of Merchant Guidelines violation". What was the violation I needed to fix? "Merchant's URL is broken/inactive or requires registration." I'm not sure why that was, but maybe because I am new to Shopify, so I waited a little bit, and deleted the URL that I thought they might have an issue with, then I submitted my first Appeal thinking that was the ONLY issue I needed to fix as that was the only one in the email.

Then I get another Notice of Merchant Guidelines violation but this time for something different, for "Merchant is an affiliate marketplace or marketer". That was strange as there is not one affiliate link on our website...So, I thought they must have made a mistake, so I made my second and last Appeal. I wrote a very long response telling them that we will make any change necessary in order to get our Shopify store connected, even if it means, deleting all our content on Pinterest and beginning again. I pleaded with them to reconsider and actually take a look at our website as up until this point it really didn't seem as if they even looked at our website. It seemed as if these responses were some copy-and-paste answers from them. None of them had any specific answers but just some generic answers.

Thinking that they'd actually review my website and accept our store, I was completely wrong about Pinterest. My Appeal was rejected again, but this time for other of which was "Merchant's returns policy is unclear or unavailable" This is ridiculous because we have it highlighted in 2 places in our footer.

Now, we don't know what to do...Here they start off by telling us to fix 1 thing, which we do, then they tell us to fix something different, which wasn't an issue to actually fix, then our final appeal, they write several issues. The problem is you only have 2 times to correct any issues Pinterest says that you have...

Why wouldn't they list all the issues the first time so we could fix those all at once? Probably because they know we can only appeal 2 times, then that's it...What's interesting is that they will have no issues accepting us into their paid Ads programs or anything like that...

We're very disappointed with Pinterest and there's absolutely nothing we can do about it...

But, now I"m reading on the comments here that they want a store to be at least 9 months old...Well, if that's the case, then why don't they clearly mention that? Especially as they are so concerned that information we have on our website, such as our Returns Policy, is clearly displayed...

Overall, a very bad experience with Pinterest, and would not recommend at all...Don't download or try to connect with them and waste your time..

My Online Fitness Club Shop
United States
9 days using the app
June 22, 2023

Its been over a year now with multiple people complaining of the way the app and Pinterest select the product image for displaying with your pin and nothing has been done. We select our images in Shopify with the best image showcasing our product first so cannot fathom why Pinterest would choose random images from those available. Some that are not even showcasing the product but are showing options, or advertising social media.
Support has been absolutely rubbish and not worth investing in any type of advertising when they cant even get the correct product images showing.

Family Crafts
United Kingdom
About 2 years using the app
Edited May 15, 2023

When I first linked my web store to pinterest, you guys or your "algorithm" accepted 100% of my products with no issues for more than 5 months. Over the time pinterest was contacting me every week asking me to invest on ads, which I always refused. After few more months, I decided to apply for the blue badge, and I was approved. That was the moment my ratings was going so high that I started having sales without investing a penny on ads. For some reasons pinterest stop sending me requests for ADS, instead, they was banning most of my products and took my badge out. Well, I try to delete items that wasn't showing any sentive parts from a woman's body but that was a pinterest's requests. Anyway, I deleted most of those products and also I had to redesign my store in order to fix the issue. Thankfully my badge is back. Few days after, I get another email from Pinterest saying I don't qualify anymore for the badge and they was reserving the right to not tell me specifically "WHY". I was still having sales without the badge, but today, another email; "my merchant account is suspended". I just want to say, I will be stronger without pinterest. Thank you.

United States
Over 1 year using the app
April 21, 2023

Easy to install; got it up and running; went to catalogue - not approved; check the errors and realise I must change my website and submit an appeal for not having clearly available shipping and returns policy or a dedicated 'About us' page with social medial links.

My mistake; changed my website to satisfy. Two appeals remaining; submitted appeal after making changes.

Log in the next day to find, catalogue not approved again and I'm on my final appeal - I feel like I've actually done something wrong and I'm terrible for attempting to list my catalogue. Subjective I know but... pretty fierce from Pinterest so far...

I find out now, that despite Pintrest already withholding my catalogue, it didn't bother to tell me the first time, despite any changes... my website is too young to be considered and it bumps me straight to a final appeal.

It also doesn't like or still doesn't see my shipping or returns policy despite it being appropriate for my online business and readily available at check-out; about us pages and on the main links of the website.

What's the point? It's pretty obscure to get started. I found it interesting they accept money for adverts straight away... even if they don't want to list your website or catalogue... food for thought.

2 days using the app
February 15, 2023

Told my store cannot sell on pinterest due to - then they send a "read our guidelines" link. My store meets the guidelines- has clear return policy, shipping timeline, price detailed, and about me page. Still given the same regurgitated respone upon appeal. Useless app. Only use Pinterest to find inspirational quotes. Nothing else helpful.

Recovery Wear
United States
3 months using the app
January 14, 2023


Our business is very important to us, and we strive to improve every day, when Pinterest removed our verified merchant verification, it was a big surprise, since we have several years on their platform as a verified merchant, the first notice we received as an alert was that we had several pop-ups on our website, and we solved the problem immediately, in the second warning it said that the website did not meet the minimum quality requirements.

We talked to the expert team at Shopify and they reviewed our website, audited everything against Pinterest guidelines, and they determined that every Pinterest policy was being followed on our website.

The importance of this whole process is that Pinterest must provide merchants with the exact problem to solve it, where the error is and how we can improve it, the emails we have received is a copy and paste from the same Pinterest pages, we do not know if this is being monitored, but the customer experience is not is the best. We have also decided to invest in advertising and we want our Pinterest account to be verified again without any problem, so we can continue to improve as a company, to provide the best service to the entire Pinterest community.

We look forward to a prompt response to clarify this inconvenience.

Best Regards,

Ultra Seller Shoes
United States
Over 2 years using the app
Edited December 2, 2022

After I installed the Pinterest app on Shopify I clicked on the green "Connect Pinterest Account" and then appears this "Account is suspended" red button.
Without warning, account suspended.
My Pinterest account was fine up until the moment I clicked on the "Connect Pinterest Account" ******Update******
My account was reinstated via email and came with an apology but no justification as to why this happened.
I'm a tad wary of Pinterest, now. Although, I have successfully re-installed the app my business Pinterest account is a bit dodgy. The people I used to follow (all of 3 people who are fellow creatives / friends) can not be followed. The amount of followers I had is half of what it used to be and when I ask my 3 friends / creatives to follow me, they can't. Going to leave the 1 star right there until I can work with Pinterest to resolve this issue. If it can't be resolved then there are many, many, more social media outlets there.
What a day!

United Kingdom
About 19 hours using the app
July 10, 2023

For years, being connected to Pinterest was a great option for my business. Something on the back-end changed in 2023 and now I am stuck in an endless cycle of Pinterest telling me my website isn't meeting their guidelines, me appealing, them discovering that it DOES meet their guidelines and resolving. . . then the next month it starts all over again. Their customer service is cryptic and unhelpful, a total waste of time. I've talked to other folks in my industry who have run into the same issue and gave up long before me. I'll be uninstalling this app to disconnect my website to free myself from this perpetual headache. Pinterest, what happened to you?

United States
Over 3 years using the app
December 3, 2022

One of the worst experiences I have had with advertising and with the credibility of the company. Summarizing my story with Pinterest, I started advertising with pinterest after having my catalog of products approved for over months, in which I was optimizing and coming to have more results every month. What happens was, that simply out of nowhere, without any justification the pinterest took my catalog of products of the air. After trying numerous times with my manager to resolve the situation, which had told me that it was related to the policies of the site, which were changed and reformulated for the best possible option. After arranging everything, and thinking that this issue and case would have a happy ending and would solve my catalog in which I need to advertise, was not resolved and I was simply denied a solution. I was very upset and angry with the situation, in which the pinterest itself created, because my catalog was active and running ads for more than months without any problem, which was very strange and very out of the ordinary. I follow with no return, no solution and without even an agility of the case, since everything is correct with my company, store and policies.

United Kingdom
10 months using the app
February 14, 2023

****** BEWARE | CAUTION | BEWARE | CAUTION ********* || This app syncing is only approved with Pinterest should your Shopify store meet specific Pinterest acceptance criterias. The main one is your Shopify site has to be 9mths+ in operation. (As I learnt today - 14Feb2023). Without this minimum store age requirement, you will see the automated 'ISSUES' notification and 2 chances of 'appeal' to rectify the 'issues'. ****** BEWARE | CAUTION | BEWARE | CAUTION ********* Only install if your Shopify store is over 9mths in operation at least you'll know that if you take heed of this warning/caution, your Shopify store has one less automated rejection issue to deal with. There's no point with me submitting the last final 2of2 appeal because store less than 30days 'old' and so will be uninstalling. It was less than a day installed from this page and automatically disabled by Pinterest the same day! Note: Currently, (14Feb2023) the minimum store age requirement is NOT MENTIONED here in the app description or blurb and I may have missed it on Pinterest website. Did you too? Take heed of this comment! It'll save you frustration and wasted time installing!!! ****** BEWARE | CAUTION | BEWARE | CAUTION *********

United Kingdom
About 21 hours using the app