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Merchants appreciate this app for its user-friendly interface, seamless Shopify integration, and powerful marketing capabilities. It's praised for driving traffic to online stores and providing detailed pin analytics for campaign optimization. Many commend the customer support for its clarity and helpfulness. The advertising credits offered to new merchants are also well-received.

September 16, 2022

I do not recommend PINTEREST as a platform for a long term partner. After two years, suddently Pinterest removed the company as approved merchant without any explanation or further assistence. All they do is sending to my team a ready answer, after a week or more, that doesn't relate anything about my company nor our ecommerce status. Watch out when you trying to have great partners for your business, because overnight PINTEREST can just get absurdly rude and disrespectful with a registered company that's always looking to be a great example in any partner portfolio. They are treating us like nothing, without reason, by any means. What sick our company's employees is that Pinterest arguments that our - Merchant's information is unoriginal.
- Re-used or plagiarized ''About Us'' pages are unacceptable. This, after years of being a normal approved merchant and without modificating any legal information on our website footer. Regardless the wrong way of judging our company, the customer support doesnt even reply. And when they reply, it is a ctrl+C/V without any further assistence. As a business owner, you must know that side of Pinterest. Think well before investing in this platform. They removed by any mean the possibility for my company to contest this decision.
Our team did not change any LEGAL information OR modify OR hide any social account.

Mega Market
11 months using the app
February 22, 2022

A nightmare to deal with. It was working fine at first but then Pinterest had an issue with Shopify catalogs synching. I cannot get any support to fix the issue past doing a few basic steps. Then I am told "if it doesn't resolve in 48 hours, let us know." Well... when it doesn't resolve, I'm told to do the same thing AGAIN and wait AGAIN. It's been a horrible cycle for the last two weeks. I am just thankful that I didn't sink a bunch of money to advertise on the platform..... What a nightmare this has been.

The Stamped Jewel
United States
11 months using the app
November 19, 2021

Whether Pinterest approves your account seems to be run by bots. I got an email saying that my business was not approved because: "Merchant is an affiliate or resale marketplace". I'm not an affiliate. I do sell second hand goods, but I'm not a marketplace? Perhaps it is just badly worded. But a proper explanation would be nice. I tried to appeal but just got the same automated reply back. As always, no humans to help.

The Bonnie Vintage Shop
United Kingdom
11 months using the app
July 16, 2021

I have tried several times to connect to my Pinterest business account but nothing works. After I click give access, nothing happens. I have sent out several messages to support for assistance but no response. I am stuck and unable to connect my account and don't know what more to do. Hopefully, someones sees this review and reaches out. thank you.

Luxie Radiance
United States
11 months using the app
March 17, 2021

PLEASE READ the numerous negative reviews about the Pinterest "spam" filters that will suspend your account, wasting thousands of hours and thousands of dollars you spend on advertising. NOTE that Pinterest offers no customer support once its automated spam filters decide that your account should be suspended. You will have sunk a lot of time and money into something that suddenly does not work. Pinterest doesn't care and won't help you. Ask yourself if you really want to gamble your time and money on a business that doesn't care about your business. I sure wish we had done that two years ago. Trust me--there are much better ways to spend your ad dollars and your precious time. Avoid this nightmare.
United States
10 months using the app
February 14, 2021

I've reached out a number of times, but have never heard back from Pinterest about this app's failure to connect with my shop. It says my merchant account isn't approved. When I click the link to submit an appeal (and why do I even need to appeal something that used to be connected fine?) it returns a page error saying the page has permanently moved. Frustrating and BROKEN. No customer service.

the boygirlparty shop –
United States
10 months using the app
December 3, 2022

One of the worst experiences I have had with advertising and with the credibility of the company. Summarizing my story with Pinterest, I started advertising with pinterest after having my catalog of products approved for over months, in which I was optimizing and coming to have more results every month. What happens was, that simply out of nowhere, without any justification the pinterest took my catalog of products of the air. After trying numerous times with my manager to resolve the situation, which had told me that it was related to the policies of the site, which were changed and reformulated for the best possible option. After arranging everything, and thinking that this issue and case would have a happy ending and would solve my catalog in which I need to advertise, was not resolved and I was simply denied a solution. I was very upset and angry with the situation, in which the pinterest itself created, because my catalog was active and running ads for more than months without any problem, which was very strange and very out of the ordinary. I follow with no return, no solution and without even an agility of the case, since everything is correct with my company, store and policies.

United Kingdom
10 months using the app
December 10, 2021

Could be great but currently a total fail. Instead of using your featured product image for the pin, Pinterest chooses the image with an algorithm. Why? The result is a set of random pins and size variations that look like a mess. Solution: STOP USING THE ALGORITHM. Just pin the featured images the store owners have created specifically to show off their product. Hard to imagine this was approved by Shopify management.

The Stash Store
9 months using the app
Edited April 1, 2021

Why would you spend thousands of hours and thousands of dollars on a business that does not care and has no trained tech support? This company has horrible customer service that cannot fix problems created by Pinterest "spam" filters. You should not invest your time and money in Pinterest ads. Use something else: google ads, instagram, anything. We spent thousands of dollars on ads and art time on Pins, only to suddenly have our account suspended for "spam." Customer service wasted a month of our time and told us they could not contact their higher-ups or the "spam" team because those folks were too busy or "in meetings" or on vacation, etc. Eventually they GAVE UP trying to help and told us they could not do anything. They never gave us an explanation for the suspension. Basically, Pinterest sales reps are eager to sell you ads (the interface is horrible and confusing), but when things break - there is NO SUPPORT. UPDATE: INCREDIBLY, PINTEREST CONTINUES TO TRY TO BILL US FOR ADS THAT THEY NEVER RAN!!!!

United States
9 months using the app
June 11, 2021

I’ve done a high end eCom for over 20 years, and never have I seen such HORRIBLE Tech Support! I accidentally uninstall the Pinterest Add On before canceling a campaign, and was unable to get access to pause campaigns for over two months!! They have no phone or chat support, and submitted tickets were ignored until Shopify stepped in. And a simple request to have a small credit refunded was dismissed. In my experience of running many million dollar ad campaigns, Pinterest typically represents the lowest ROI.

I've Had It
United States
8 months using the app