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Mobile App Creator - Mobile Apps Builder - Plobal Apps Mobile Application

Mobile App Creator - Mobile Apps Builder - Plobal Apps Mobile Application

Developed by Plobal Apps

76 reviews
Price: Free – $299.00 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Increase sales by creating a beautiful mobile app that your customers will love!
  • Increase conversions by upto 120% compared to your mobile website
  • Seamless integration with your Shopify Store. Easy setup in 5 minutes. No coding required!

We’ve introduced our all new pricing plans:

All online stores can now create and add a mobile app sales channel for a ‘FREE’. Whether you’re on the basic, professional, unlimited or Shopify Plus plans, the mobile apps are completely ‘free’ until your online store generates new revenues from your ‘mobile app sales channel’ in excess of $500.

You pay a ‘flat subscription fee’
as your ‘total mobile app sales’ grow. Pricing Details:

  • Total sales from your mobile app channel from launch date: USD 0 to and < USD 500 = FREE

  • Total sales from your mobile app channel from launch date: USD 501 and < USD 5000 = USD 99 / month

  • Total sales from your mobile app channel from launch date: USD 5001 and < USD 10,000 = USD 199 / month

  • Total sales from your mobile app channel from launch date: USD 10,001+ = USD 299 per month


  • These monthly subscription prices will be automatically upgrade in your ‘Shopify Billing’ once your ‘Total Mobile App Sales’ grow above each slab

  • These pricing plans are applicable for all online stores that request to publish with their mobile app post '2nd September 2017'

  • All existing customers who have requested to publish their mobile apps 'prior to and on 1st September 2017’, will be on our old pricing structure and there would be no change to the same at any stage

Example of how this billing works:

Let’s say my online store ‘Esca Fashions’ launches its mobile app sales channel on 1st September 2017 and is now Live on the Google Play Store and Apple App Stores.

  • Total ‘mobile app channel’ sales from 1st September 2017 to 30th September 2017 is USD 493 => the subscription charged for September 2017 would be ‘Free’

  • Let’s say in October, total ‘mobile app channel’ sales from 1st September 2017 to 31st October 2017 is USD 850 => the subscription would automatically be upgraded to USD 99 per month starting from your october billing cycle and onwards

  • Now, in November 2017, total ‘mobile app channel’ sales now from 1st September 2017 to 30th November 2017 is USD 7,560 => the subscription would now be at USD 199 per month starting your november billing cycle

So total paid would be as follows:

  • September = Free

  • October = USD 99

  • November = USD 199

* Once your total ‘mobile app channel’ sales crosses USD 10,000+, we charge a flat USD 299 per month subscription and it does not increase thereafter.

Check Out Our Latest Features!

Product reviews: Display product reviews on the product detail pages of your mobile apps. Third Party Apps supported: Shopify Reviews, Stamped.io & Yotpo reviews

Loyalty programs: Allow customers to access their loyalty program details via a page on the app. Third Party Apps supported: Smile.io [formerly Sweet Tooth] & Swell Rewards

Redirectify Tool: We’ve built a new tool to help our customers increase app installs organically without any additional spends. You can promote your app by adding banners to both your, desktop and mobile website and drive organic app downloads / installs

Examples of our clients using our Redirectify Tool:

Note: View the pop-ups on both Desktop & Mobile browsers

Everything you need in a mobile commerce sales channel to generate new revenues:

We've worked with all types of online stores and whether you’re just starting out or you’re a growing business or an established store, our platform helps you:

  • Generate new revenues

  • Increase mobile conversions

  • Increase customer retention and loyalty

Powerful feature list:

Fully Native iOS + Android Apps:
Provide your customers with a seamless mobile shopping experience by building fully native apps on both iOS and Android

Apple Pay & Android Pay:
No more shuffling! Your customers can enjoy a seamless and fully native, rich mobile shopping experience completely integrated with the Shopify BUY SDK

Seamless & Fully Native Checkout Experience:
No more shuffling! Your customers can enjoy a seamless and fully native, rich mobile shopping experience completely integrated with the Shopify BUY SDK

Social Media Channels:
Add your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Vimeo and SoundCloud feeds to your mobile app

Push Notifications:
Keep your customers updates about new arrivals, latest offers, end of season sales, exclusive discounts and much more.

Other features included:
Google analytics, native language translation support, run Facebook ads to acquire app installs, wishlist, mobile deep linking, track orders, user segmentation, behavioral analysis, funnels, uninstall tracking, unlimited app downloads and updates, app discovery and engagement tools and lots more

And lots more! Visit our pricing page to view all feature details.

We’re Trusted By Some Of The Best Shopify Stores Around the World

We take immense pride in all the love and support that we receive from our clients. No matter what size your business, we help you build the most robust mobile commerce strategy. Don’t take our word for this, have a look at our Success Stories

View Success Stories

Meanwhile, here are some live app examples of our clients:

Did you know 69% of all Shopify Stores visits came from Mobile in 2017 so far?

Adding a native mobile app sales channel can help you generate new revenues, increase conversions and customer loyalty by providing world class and personalised shopping experiences to your customers

Are you ready to launch your mobile app sales channel? It’s completely ‘free’ and you pay only as your total mobile app sales grow

Growth Of Mobile Apps In E-commerce

A recent report by Criteo on The State Of Mobile Commerce 2016 suggests:

  • Shoppers browse 286% more on Mobile Apps v/s Mobile Web

  • Add-to-cart rate is 90% higher for Mobile Apps v/s Mobile Web

  • Mobile apps convert 120% more than Mobile Web

Talk to Mobile Commerce Experts and they'll guide you with:

  • Analysing if your eCommerce store is ready for a mobile app

  • Setup and customize your mobile app

  • Highly recommended organic app marketing strategies especially tailored for your business

  • Simplify the entire app development process and make it as easy as possible for you.

You can also reach our Shopify Mobile Experts at shopify@plobalapps.com

The #1 app that all Shopify stores must have:

  • One click installation. No coding experience required

  • No transactional charges

  • Unlimited downloads

  • Completely FREE mobile apps. Pay a ‘flat subscription fee’ as you grow your total mobile app sales

  • Merchant success and merchant support managers

  • Seamless integration and works easily with your online store

Mobile App Creator - Mobile Apps Builder - Plobal Apps Mobile Application reviews

76 reviews
  1. 5 stars (71 reviews)
  2. 4 stars (2 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (0 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (0 reviews)
  5. 1 star (3 reviews)

Great product, great service, well worth the monthly fees. I highly recommend them. Far much cheaper that having a designer customise you website for mobile.


Just started to use their services for both iOS and Android apps for our Shopify store. Got the apps up and running within a day. Their assistance is excellent and prompt.


Thank you to the Plobal Apps team, the support for the creation of this app is 5 stars. They are quick to respond and full of great recommendations that go beyond just the creation of the App. Impressive team and strongly recommend Plobal Apps if you're looking to launch your own store App. It doesn't get any easier than this!


Plobal Apps is great to get your first app rolling and off the ground. The customer service is great and the follow up is just the same. We are excited to continue to work together in building up our app to the next degree.


Awesome service! Well worth it.

We're already making multiples of the monthly costs of the mobile apps per week, after having the apps for just one month.

The team is great. Khadija has been a pleasure to work with. Communicative, prompt, helpful, and sweet.

I read of people upset about costs of customizing the app, but that's silly. Development is difficult and expensive. No where does it say that the service developers will go out of their way to make a lot of customizations to the app for free.

The service offered is amazing for the price and is exactly as advertised. We get both iOS and Android apps, for a reasonable monthly fee, with e-commerce capabilities and some basic customization. Great!

Thank you for your service, Plobal Apps.


Very easy to set up and go live, the Plobal Apps team helped us a lot to get it all up and running too. We'd recommend Plobal Apps to anyone looking for a cost effective solution without compromising on quality. Also, would like to thank Khadija for all the support provided!


Great app and best customer care!! ++++++


We are using PlobalApps and have been thrilled with everything about the app. It was very easy to setup. If we have any issues they are only ever an email away and respond very quickly to any questions. We have had over 1600 app downloads so far and have generated a 1300% ROI so I would have to say it has been an outstanding success. You get what you pay for and this app is worth the investment.


I have tried literally all other Shopify mobile app builders, tailoring each app to its best ability and using the various preview apps to see what would be best. On the surface, Plobal is quite expensive compared to competitors, however, after developing an iOS app with a different, free, service and then transitioning to Plobal I wish I would have just done it right off the bat.

With Plobal you get the best-built app right out of the box with the best support team one could ask for. If I have a question at 3am, no problems at all, I have my own 24/7 support team. If my app goes down and I'm losing revenue (which hasn't happened with Plobal but with my old service), I have Khadija, my own personal app specialist, that I can call anytime to help me get sales back on track.

If you are a brand new business and are just thinking about making an app just cause, Plobal may be a bit expensive for you. For us, our app is the prime focus of our business, so even with only a few orders a day Plobal already pays for itself.

If you know the saying "buy cheap, buy twice" this is a great example of where it's worth it to start with the best, so that you don't have to resubmit your app and lose downloads.

Overall could not recommend Plobal apps enough.


Best experience ever.
friendly employee and very helpful.

Free – $299.00 / month

Enjoy a 14 days Free Preview App Trial with all our pricing plans.

Click 'GET' to start building and customising your Mobile App

Launch your Mobile App for ‘FREE’. Only pay a flat subscription fee as your ‘total mobile app sales’ grow above USD 500. View our pricing plans

14 days

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