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Merchants appreciate this app for its ability to automate sales, including pre-scheduling and bulk discount management, which is especially useful for large inventories and frequent promotions. Features like countdown timers and customizable sale tags enhance customer engagement and conversions. Merchants also commend the easy setup and reliable performance, reducing the need for manual monitoring. The support team is noted for their quick and effective issue resolution, boosting merchant confidence and satisfaction.

December 2, 2014

Very disappointed, I have had a deleted sale stuck on many products for nearly a week. Fast but ineffective customer service.

billow fabrics
United Kingdom
Over 5 years using the app
April 30, 2018

This product has great functionality however it has many bugs that have not been addressed over the last year. If you place a large number of items in a discount, the system will often hang or can take hours to apply. Even now, we have a discount with only 9 items and what should take less than a minute has been taking over 30 minutes while we stare a spinning "working" and no way to cancel or restart. So...our marketing campaign is on hold until this program decided to run today (a weekly event) and we're at the mercy of Bold tech support. We can open a ticket but often new tickets now can take over a day to respond so we've lost our window for our Monday promotion. I wish Bold would focus more on making their apps rock solid vs launching more apps and and features. My 2 cents...

Alpaca Direct Dev
United States
Almost 3 years using the app
December 13, 2014

I paid $99.99 for this service and the support is a joke. Doesn't work in all browsers either. Way overpriced and a big headache for me so far!!!!

DestYni Boutique
United States
Over 2 years using the app
Edited May 23, 2016

It's really not intuitive. You can't easily see if the entire shop is marked down, which is a big deal. The support staff is a mixed bag. Some are very informed, others are not at all. I had to shut down my shop in the middle of a huge sale due to issues with the app. I also found that their support chat doesn't work at all. I already paid $99 bucks to have it for life, but I certainly wouldn't buy it if I could go back in time.

Soco Fragrance
United States
Over 1 year using the app
September 8, 2020

It's not working great and i've been waiting almost 10 days. still not help getting the app installed correctly. My sale is over now so it was messed up the entire sale.

United States
Over 1 year using the app
December 2, 2014

Really disappointed. The app has several limitations: 1) It is not possible to import or export products while the sales are on. In my case it means than I cannot sync my stock. 2) Yes, there is a sales clock wich indicates the expiration time. But you only can see it when you enter in the product detalis file. The effect of the flash sale disappears. 3) Is not possible to customizace the clock. If your clients are English spoken it doesn't matter. In my case, it is a disadvantage.

You can customizace tle clock and other functions if you buy an expensive ticket, wich costs more than the application.

The app is full of misfunctions. You cannot trust on it. After a month, I wont use it never more.

About 1 year using the app
December 5, 2018

The app worked ok for me for a while until I just spent 7 hours editing every product manually on my website because the app got stuck loading and loading and brought every item down from $45 and above to $1 or $2.00 and you can only imagine how many sales came in the meantime this was happening so I had to cancel all the orders and refund all the clients. I reached out to bold and no one got back to me. They NEED TO FIX THIS! This mistake cost me more money than what I've paid the app in all the time I've had it.

United States
12 months using the app
Edited July 14, 2020

It took over 1 and ½ weeks to get Bold Discounts to start working the way it is suppose on my site. Customer support was particularly good but limited as to what they could do. The Tech team however is slow at getting work done. The product still does not work the correctly. To this day when I add a Collection to my website, I must contact support to do a push as the collection does not update on its own.
Even with the push it adds the new collections but does not remove collections that I have deleted from my site. I am keeping the Discount product because I do like the fact that it does not require customers to add a code at check out even through to me it does not work as well as their Old Discount. Now when you run a sale it just shows the sale price, the old showed the regular price with a line through it and the sale price showing.
I have been thinking about adding the Bundles product, but I not sure if I cannot get the discount to work right. I am keeping the Discount product because I do like the fact that it does not require customers to add a code at check out. I cannot give it 5- stars which is what I rated the old version this time I can only give it a 3-start rating. It works partly and does allow me to run adds, but it does not work completely without me having to keep going back to support to get pushes to update collections which is time consuming especially when I was told the product updates automatically every 4 hours. That hasn’t happen yet.
Changing it to a 2. I am now paying for a product that doesn't work as advertised, still can't updat collections for the new ones added and still can't get rid of deleted collections or products. This has caused me to stop ordering other Bold products. The other product I was lookng at also has a lot of bad remarks.

Felicitas Gifts
United States
9 months using the app
May 4, 2020

I thought this app could do discounts with tiered pricing. Doesn't seem to be able to do this. Otherwise a very simple product to use.

Posh Active
5 months using the app
December 9, 2017

They did a nice job installing for me, but its confusing I can not figure out how to use it.

Mckim Photography
United States
5 months using the app