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Merchants appreciate this app for its ability to easily add extra fees such as shipping and handling to orders. It's praised for its user-friendly interface, customization options, and positive impact on revenue and workflow. The support team is highly commended for their quick response and expertise. Merchants also value the app's reliability, speed, and feature of listing fees as separate items in the cart.

July 19, 2024

Customer support is non existent and their app does not work. There are much better fee apps out there. Not to mention they require full access to your customer database and it is just garbage.

United States
February 20, 2024

Spent 2 hrs trying to set this app up today and had no success. I watched every video, chatted with Shopify and reached out for support. No one was able to help me set up % based fees in my store. Don't waste your time or money with this app.

Shopify cannot make this app work even. This is a genuinely awful user experience and none of the content provided helps install this app.

Glass Half Full
United States
About 4 hours using the app
Mageworx replied March 22, 2024


We are sorry for the inconvenience you experienced with the app setup.
The app usually comes with automatic installation. However, if the target theme has some specifics (unique selectors or external custom code integrated), additional actions may be required to get the app up and running. As a rule, it's required to add theme selectors to the app settings.

We offer free installation/configuration services and try to process all inquiries timely. However, due to the location of our development office (Europe) and time zone differences, there is a chance we may get back with a minor delay.

Again, we are truly sorry for that. If you ever decide to give the app another try, please feel free to contact us.

August 17, 2020

Hi , I am having issues trying to add this into my cart on my online shop . can someone please assist.

Temaleti Kailomani Foundation Services
Over 1 year using the app
Mageworx replied September 7, 2020


Thank you for sharing your feedback with us.

Please note that the app requires code installation. Our support team reached out to us and configured the app for you.

Always feel free to address us if you have any other questions or concerns.

Have a great day!

March 1, 2022

I thought this app would help me add a processing fee for specific items going to specific countries. Apparently testing for specific countries is impossible. The app is not working like I need it to and support is very unhelpful.

United States
9 months using the app
August 25, 2021

I use this product to add steel surcharge fees to products. This application doesn't work well at all. As you need to update fees to the new rates the new fees do not show up. The application even started pulling multiple fees to a single product. The support team is horrible. After multiple emails I never received help or solved the multiple problems. This application should not even be available to purchase in Shopify.

Langefels Equipment Co LLC
United States
7 months using the app
Mageworx replied September 17, 2021


Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

We are truly sorry for the difficulties you've faced with.

We reviewed all your tickets. All of them were processed in a timely manner and the app itself is configured properly.
You've got multiple fees applied to a single product because you have several active fees that meet the condition for that product. You need to review your fees and remove/deactivate the extra ones if needed.
We weren't able to reproduce the issue with outdated rates and asked you to send us additional details (Ticket #99568) this week.

We are always here to assist but we need your feedback on our replies to be able to assist.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Have a great day!

Edited September 7, 2018

We used this app to add processing fees in our shop for 6 months. But it works on and off, some transaction it works some transaction it doesn't. Resulted in us losing significant portion of our margin.

Beyond Geek
6 months using the app
Edited August 5, 2019

This doesn't work. We were using it for our site We also asked for support help but no response
5 months using the app
Mageworx replied August 7, 2019

Thank you for your feedback and so sorry to hear you experienced a delay in your support request. I checked your ticket, and it seems that the problem had been related to the incorrect installation. Our team managed to fix this in less than 24 hours since your first reply. We pride ourselves in maintaining the highest quality standards for our customers and will do our best to improve this resolution time.
Please let us know if you have any questions or need our help. We will be glad to assist you.
Thanks for giving the app a second chance. We are sure it will bring your business extra value!

January 17, 2021

I'm still being charged 9.98 after i uninstalled that app months ago!! I want a refund you scammers!!

pink kangaroo yoga
About 2 months using the app
Mageworx replied January 17, 2021


We are sorry you've faced difficulties with the app charge.

As we can see, you've uninstalled the app on January 5, not a month ago.

You are billed for the app subscription as part of Shopify's 30-day subscription billing period.

Make sure that you consider app billing cycles when you uninstall the app. Recurring app charges are generated the first time an app charge is approved, and then on the first day of an app's billing cycle. Because of this, a charge will appear on your bill even if you uninstall an app only a day or two after you install it.

We are not authorized to provide refunds directly because the app charge is part of a Shopify bill. You may address the Shopify support and issue a refund, we'll approve it from our end.

Have a great day.

September 22, 2022

No one is helping me. I have sent two emails. The app is activated but the shopping cart shows nothing. The app does not do anything. Be aware of scam.

Metal Shelving
25 days using the app
July 28, 2022

The app seems to be useful only for flat fees. For fees of a percentage, it's straight up mayhem. They create a product that is $0.01 and apply x number of them depending on the total cost in the cart. So if the total charge is $200, and you want to charge a 3% fee, that's $6 ... So it adds 600 of these 'fee products' charging 1 cent to your cart, so the customer's cart says 601 items in the cart. That's going to freak out some of my customers for sure, no thank you.

Playa Bike Repair
United States
22 days using the app
Mageworx replied August 5, 2022

I can understand your frustration. We have just made changes to the app that should improve the situation. Let me give you some background on this problem, and describe our solution.

In the initial version of the app, in order to add a fee to a shopping cart, we were creating a product for that fee on the fly. For some merchants that resulted in multitude of fee products generated by the app, which sometimes caused problems with Shopify's product limits.

A few months ago we decided to rebuild our app from scratch, which included completely reworking the logic of how our fees get created and added to the shopping cart. As a result, our app now creates only a very small amount of fee products, and is also much more efficient and fast.

But, as you review also describes, this approach has a trade-off in form of how percent-based fees appear in checkout. We took your review to heart as we realized it raises a valid point. Over the last week we had been working on a solution to target that problem, and today we released an update. This update adds a field called Fee Increment to the fee settings, that will allow you to specify the increment value which is used to form the total fee amount. This approach can decrease the quantity of the fee product in the cart by a factor of 10 or even 100, depending on the Fee Increment value that you specify. We understand this may not completely resolve the problem, but we hope it makes it less prominent, considering the technological restrictions in which we have to operate. For more information on how Fee Increment settings work, please see your Fee configuration page in the app's admin.