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Merchants highly recommend this app for its intuitive product bundling process and custom pricing features. It's praised for boosting sales through relevant add-ons and seamless Shopify integration for efficient inventory management. Merchants appreciate the extensive customization options, analytics dashboard, and AI auto-upsell feature. The customer service is described as responsive and effective in problem-solving. The app's ability to create "bundle-as-product" kits and compatibility with other apps are also highlighted.

July 12, 2023

I recently discovered the PickyStory app on Shopify, and I must say it has revolutionized the way I offer product bundles to my customers. This app has proven to be a game-changer for my online store, streamlining the process and significantly enhancing the customer experience. I'd like to share my thoughts on how PickyStory has helped me and how it stands out from the rest.

First and foremost, what impressed me the most about PickyStory is how remarkably fast and easy it is to set up. The intuitive user interface and step-by-step guidance made the entire process smooth and efficient. Within minutes, I was able to create appealing product bundles with custom pricing options, giving me full control over my promotional strategies. As a busy entrepreneur, the time and effort saved in setup alone were invaluable.

One of the standout features of PickyStory is its ability to boost sales by encouraging customers to purchase complementary products together. The app intelligently suggests relevant add-ons or complementary items to create a cohesive bundle, thereby increasing the average order value. This not only benefits my bottom line but also provides customers with a convenient way to discover related products that enhance their overall shopping experience.

Moreover, PickyStory seamlessly integrates with my Shopify store, ensuring a seamless shopping journey for my customers. The app seamlessly blends into the store's design, maintaining a cohesive brand experience without any noticeable disruptions. This integration also extends to inventory management, allowing me to track bundle components efficiently and ensure stock availability.

Another aspect that sets PickyStory apart is its extensive customization options. I appreciate the flexibility to choose between different bundle types, such as "Buy One, Get One," tiered pricing, or fixed bundle offers. This versatility enables me to tailor promotions to different customer segments and effectively cater to their diverse preferences.

Additionally, PickyStory provides valuable insights through its analytics dashboard. This feature allows me to analyze the performance of my bundles, understand customer behavior, and make data-driven decisions to optimize my strategies further. The ability to track key metrics, such as conversion rates and revenue generated from bundles, has proven instrumental in refining my marketing campaigns and maximizing profitability.

In terms of customer support, PickyStory deserves applause. The responsive and knowledgeable support team has been readily available to address any questions or concerns I've had along the way. Their dedication to ensuring a positive user experience has made me feel confident and supported throughout my journey with the app.

Overall, I cannot speak highly enough of the PickyStory app from Shopify. Its speed of setup, seamless integration, customization options, and data-driven insights make it a valuable tool for any online store owner looking to optimize their product bundling strategy. By effortlessly enhancing customer engagement and driving increased sales, PickyStory has become an indispensable asset to my business. I highly recommend giving it a try if you're seeking a reliable and efficient solution to unlock the full potential of product bundling.

United States
About 4 hours using the app
PickyStory replied July 14, 2023

Thank you for this great review. Keep growing with PickyStory!

May 3, 2023

Amazing app! PickyStory has been very open to working with us to make improvements and address the few issues that have come up. Julia is great - during our last meeting I brought up a list of improvements we had been hoping for after the initial setup, and found out that all of them had already been implemented in the new version! Our customers love the flexibility of being able to build their own bundle, or choose from pre-configured "bundle-as-product" kits. The AI auto-upsell is also very cool, and it's great being able to reap the benefits of AI technology in this time before AI inevitably takes over the world.

Light & Motion | StellaPro
United States
7 months using the app
PickyStory replied May 3, 2023

Thank you for this incredible review. Happy growth with PickyStory!

November 19, 2022

Wow! What can I say? Thank you Mary Bernadeth for helping me so much today. She sat with me for a very long time and worked with me to achieve what I wanted and sent me screenshots showing me exactly what she did so I could achieve it next time by myself. Much more helpful then just sending a link when you have no idea what you are doing. Excellent customer service and a credit to the company....and the app is also great and now my website looks more professional and makes the shopping experience easier for the customer. Great!

Arty Farty Co.
United Kingdom
16 days using the app
PickyStory replied November 20, 2022

Thank you for this amazing review. Keep growing with PickyStory!

July 25, 2023

Newly added this app to our store. It looks very promising. Trying to set up the build-your-own-box bundle now. Their tool is very intuitive. I had a cookie-related issue when I was adding the app and it got sorted very quickly after escalated it to Support. Also, I asked for a missing feature and was happy to learn that they are already planning to release it soon. Thanks again to Ceren and all the people behind this app.

United States
About 1 hour using the app
PickyStory replied July 26, 2023

Thank you for this great review. Happy growth with PickyStory!

August 2, 2023

GREAT experience and absolutely amazing response to help requests. We use this app on two Shopify stores and it really is a great too to increase AOV. While I do wish there wasn't pricing based on generated revenue, I understand. The automation and AI value that the app brings to my website, without me having to spend time or bandwidth to create these experiences on my own is worth it. If you are looking to save LOTS of time and get a LOT of value for the app-spend, PickyStory is the way to go!

United States
18 days using the app
PickyStory replied August 4, 2023

Thank you for this incredible review. Keep growing with PickyStory!

February 22, 2023

The Pickystory app has exceeded my expectations in every way. It has streamlined the process of creating product bundles without the need for creating new SKUs. I had some initial difficulties setting up my first deals, but the Pickystory team was quick to respond and scheduled a call with me to guide me through the process. I have since set up multiple bundles on my website with Pickystory, and they all look fantastic. The team is incredibly helpful, and their support is top-notch. I highly recommend this app to anyone looking to create product bundles with ease. Thank you, Pickystory!

Sienna X
United Kingdom
2 months using the app
PickyStory replied February 22, 2023

Thank you for this incredible review. Happy growth with PickyStory!

May 16, 2023

the best service had trouble creating a bundle contacted got someone to help me told him what i needed help with i thought i would of got told what to do but they made the buddle them self was very amazed lovely business and customer support

United Kingdom
2 months using the app
PickyStory replied May 16, 2023

Thank you for this incredible review. Keep growing with PickyStory!

June 30, 2023

The App has some very good potential. It has great features and looks pretty clean. It can get a bit confusing but luckily the customer support is super helpful and will help you regarding everything! One of the best customer services I have experienced so far... :)

About 21 hours using the app
PickyStory replied July 2, 2023

Thank you for this amazing review. Keep growing with PickyStory!

September 29, 2022

Really fantastic app. Solves for everything we needed for Bundles... pre-fixed bundles + bundles that users could build + offer-based bundles and much more. We thought we had a very unique requirement, but the product already had in-built features for every new creative thing we wanted. Hats off to the builders. And a major shout out to Leizel - her product support is like magic. She fully solved our queries about her app, as well as the curiosities I had about how other unrelated apps interact with bundles!

6 months using the app
PickyStory replied September 29, 2022

Thank you for this amazing review. Keep growing with PickyStory!

August 1, 2023

Let me start with the customer service.
Their customer service is AMAZING! Hands down 5 out of 5!

I love the app. After searching for months, almost a year, I finally found the app for my shirt business. Easy to use after getting the hang of it. You are literally a chat away for a human assistant if you may have any questions. No question is silly for them!

Garage Guru
10 days using the app
PickyStory replied August 3, 2023

Thank you for this amazing review. Keep growing with PickyStory!