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Product Upsell

Product Upsell

Developed by BOLD

859 reviews
Price: $9.99 – $59.99 / month Free Trial: 30 days More info
  • Increase the amount of every sale through last minute, customizable upsell offers
  • Offer relevant add-on products to customers based on cart content, total $ in cart, or even a combination!
  • Promote various specials or items based on order value. Pair it with the Product Discount app and run BOGO Buy One Get One offers!

Stores using the Product Upsell app have generated thousands and thousands in upsells offers purchased to date, with a total overall conversion rate of 22%!! Could you be making more on every sale like these stores? You bet, and you can start today!

Most stores make enough in their free 30-day trial to pay for the app for a year!

Product Upsell is currently one of the fastest growing apps in the app store and we are very proud to have recently made it into the Top 5 Most Popular Apps! It has been listed as a #1 Recommend Shopify App, it is currently featured as a special Scale Your Store App... But most importantly this app is increasing stores sales everyday!

★★★ Product Upsell is now MOBILE Friendly! ★★★

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Have you ever heard:

"Do you want fries with that?"

Well, now you can offer upsell products with every checkout on your website too!

The UpSell app is the ONLY Shopify app that has the potential to increase the amount of every single sale that goes through your store! It's different from any other product recommendation app, and in fact, can even work with them!

---- > Click here to see it in action on a live demo site

How does it work?

Very simple. The UpSell app gives you the ability to offer an upsell product at the point of checkout based on the contents of the customer's shopping cart.

It's easy to install, quick to set-up, and can have your upsells up and running in minutes.

Why do you need it?

Brick and mortar stores in just about every industry have been doing it for centuries because it works! When you buy a leather jacket they offer you a leather treatment kit, when you buy earrings they offer you 20% off the matching necklace, when you go to the electronics store they offer you batteries and SD cards at checkout.

In fact, upsell offers work so well that some stores completely rely on them to make their bottom line at their year end. If you're not offering upsells on your website right now you're missing out on a huge amount of extra sales that you could be adding to every single order. The UpSell app is the first Shopify app that allows you to fix that!

Still not sure? Check out our guide on the most powerful upselling techniques with some tips and tricks to maximize your conversion rates.

Did you know?

30% of people will add a last minute impulse item to their purchase if offered a relevant item that compliments their purchase.

Upsell in Nutshell

With the upsell app you'll have the ability to create as many offers as you want that are presented to customers at the last minute point of checkout. The real magic is that you can offer them a single product, or multiple products, based on what's currently in their cart. So for example, if they buy a camera you can offer them a memory card to go along with it, but if they buy a laptop it will offer them a laptop case. Brilliant!

Offers can be based on the products represented in the customer's cart, or the dollar amount (between $x.xx and $x.xx, or over $x.xx), it's completely up to you!

Ever wanted to run "Buy One Get One" (BOGO) promos?

Well, if you also have the famous Product Discount App in your store, you can create discounted or free hidden items to use with your offers. They won't be visable on your store, but will still appear as an upsell offer at checkout, which means you can offer promotions never before possible!!

You'll be able to run BOGO promotions such as:

  • Buy One Get One Free

  • Buy One Get 1/2 Price

  • Buy 4 of Something Get a Free Gift

  • Buy 3 Get one 75% Off

  • Spend $100 Get a Free Gift

  • ... the list goes on and on!

-- ☛ Learn to create sales like these in this video! --

What else can I use it for?

There are SO many ways the app can be used, including:

  • Offer a warranty on your products

  • Encourage shoppers to get to a free shipping threshold: Offer upsells of a certain dollar amount based on cart totals that will get them there.

  • Offer a complimentary product: Buying a laptop? Offer a laptop bag. Glasses? Offer a case. Camera? Add on a memory card.
  • _______________________________________________________________________________________

    Start maximizing the total order value of every single checkout that goes through your website!


    Start making more money right now with our 30-DAY FREE TRIAL!



    We have just released a brand new pricing model to allow for any store, any size, to have UNLIMITED different Upsell offers in their store. The app is no longer priced by the number of different offers you have, it's priced simply by the total number of views. This is awesome because it means that smaller stores can now have as many offers as they like, and the cost will only increase as your store size and traffic increases. This way it's fair for everyone!

    The pricing now works as follows:

    • $9.99 - Up to 200 views/month

    • $19.99 - Up to 700 views/month

    • $39.99 - Up to 1500 views/month

    • $59.99 - UNLIMITED views

    Common Questions

    Q - Is there a liquid update to my store required?

    90% of the time there is no liquid update required, this app just works "out of the box." However, some themes use AJAX on their product pages that may require an update for the app to work. If the Upsell offers do not pop up on the product pages this might be the case. There are instructions in the app how to do this, as well as a button you an click to request us to do it for you.


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    Product Upsell reviews

    859 reviews
    1. 5 stars (753 reviews)
    2. 4 stars (74 reviews)
    3. 3 stars (12 reviews)
    4. 2 stars (12 reviews)
    5. 1 star (8 reviews)

    We were looking for a good upsell app for awhile until we found this one. It's really easy to use and has quick-acting customer support. It's insanely easy to setup and it is a nice pop-up right before our customers checkout, with a simple "one click" addition to their cart. We had a problem with our particular theme, but customer support was right on it and in no time the issue was fixed. Bhumi was wonderful!

    Thanks again!


    The customer service is great. Fast response time and very helpful!


    Amazing Service! Completely changed the way my store operated! MUST HAVE!


    got 2 upsells in less than 1 week installing the app. More to come !!!!


    It's great plugin but pretty complicated to customize the look to match with your theme. However! The support was that great and they did it for me! I rate this 5 stars for the great support.


    I'm new to ecommerce and found a genuine mentor online by complete chance. I'm not one to fall for tricks and quick success programs as im very sceptical. Then comes this guy who is a great speaker, well rehearsed and smart. There was something that made me think this guy was for real and i got a sense of a genuine person wanting to help others. Adrian Morrison is his name and since i purchased his course (which was the first online course i have paid for) my gut feeling about him was 100% correct. He doesnt leave his students high and dry and interacts and provides great webinars where we learn new strategies to increase our sales in our shopify stores.

    I was in talks with his support team who recommend Bold Upsell App. I must be honest i am new to the app and im still in the free trial of it. I have not gotten any extra sales from it yet i must say BUT since th start of May my sales have dried up, i believe due to Mothers Day in the US and so advertising giants have upped their bidding giving us little guys not much hope.

    This app has definitely seen alot more extra orders being added to carts. Although i have yet to make a sales on these i can feel its all a matter of time. Once the Mothers day craze is over and the sales run back in i think the full flow of this app will definitely shine through!

    I have never had to contact support due to the fact the setting up of the app was pretty easy. Your constant emails gave me more info to digest so ive never had something i wasnt sure about. This is great news for you guys, keep up the awesome job! :)


    Tried it for a while. Really enjoyed the app. But... had to uninstall.

    Here is the reason (by the way the app works great):

    It just doesn't work with my theme. My theme comes with, certain options, when people add the items to the cart, they can still stay on the same page. With this app, it didn't work. I know there are ways around this problem, by adding ajax to the add to cart button, and etc... Or there are some apps do the job, but, it is not the same and doesn't look good when there is a banner at the bottom.

    If this app works with, my theme in the future, without changing my cart option , then i will be installing again. It might be a good idea to work on this issue, because, when our customers don't stay on the page after adding the items to the cart, there is no point of upselling our products. They get frustrated, and either abandon the cart, or leave the site. Something to think about.


    Dan and Bhumi helped me so much with my theme. I was having issues and they fixed it right away. Excellent customer service! Thank you guys!


    The app works great, and the BOLD team is always very responsive and ready to help. Thank you!


    Loved the Bold Team! they went above and beyond!

    $9.99 – $59.99 / month

    ★★★★★ FREE FOR 30 DAYS ★★★★★

    Product Upsell's pricing plans are based on the number of views your offers will receive. Once a plan is selected, your offer will display until you have reached your view limit. You can upgrade your plan at any time.

    • Up to 200 views - $9.99/month
    • Up to 700 views - $19.99/month
    • Up to 1500 views - $39.99/month
    • Unlimited views - $59.99/month

    30 days

    Support & Sales

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