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Qstomizer - Products Customizations

Qstomizer - Products Customizations

Developed by Big Van Studio

114 reviews
Price: $19.99 – $49.99 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Customize tshirts, cell phone cases, canvases, mugs and add your own product templates.
  • Qstomizer is the only app in Shopify fully responsive that works on any device (PC, tablet and Smartphone iOS or Android). Add images from instagram, custom fonts, cliparts.. and many more.
  • Web2Print ready!. Generate the images at the size you need. No more pixelated images!. Custom pricing: Add price to a product depending on the images, texts, etc added to a design.

See a working demo here.

The Qstomizer app is the app for Shopify that allows you to add a visual custom product designer to your shop!

Why professional custom products sellers use Qstomizer?

  • Qstomizer is the only product designer for shopify fully responsive. It fits your customers screen and can be used from PC, tablet and... smartphone. More than 50% of sales are made from a smartphone or cell phone. Do not lose customers!

  • The designer is fully customizable by adding CSS

  • WEB2PRINT ready!. Get a file to direct print the customer design without any manipulation. Qstomizer can create images virtually at any size in jpg or transparent PNG of your customers designs. Do you need a 8000x7000px image?. With Qstomizer, you can. You can generate the designs by layers (Only texts, only images, the design with or without background...) or the full design ready for printing. Save work and time!

  • Leave the app to generate the designs made by your customers for you or generate it at your local computer up to 8000x7000px.

  • Design templates Create pre-made designs with text, images, cliparts, etc that a customer can modify to fit his requirements.

  • Automatic Image Filters. You can apply automatic filters to the images uploaded by your customers to make effects like leather or wood engraving, black and white, colorize, find edges or a mix of them. You can not do this with any other product designer App in Shopify!

  • Set a minimum resolution (dpi) and/or size in pixels to the images uploaded by your customers. No more pixelated or bad quality images!

  • Add your own custom pricing policies. Add a price is the customer add a clipart, text or image or even depending on the number of chars added.

  • Automatic Multilanguage: The App detects the user language and automatically translates the App to English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French, Arabic, Chinese (traditional or simplified) and German. Sell Worldwide!

  • Translator tool The app includes a translator tool to change the text, buttons, messages, etc. on any language.

  • Made with the latest technology. CSS3 + HTML5 + Javascript. Fully compatible with any browser in the market

With Qstomizer your customers will be able to personalize any kind of products:

  • Clothes: Tshirts, hoodies, top tanks, shorts...

  • Cell and tablet cases: iPhone 4/4S,5/5S,6/Plus, iPad, HTC, Samsung, neoprene cases..

  • Adhesives: Banners, stickers, Skins for Tablets and cell phones, wall sticker

  • Office products: Business Cards, Flyers, mouse-pads...

  • Other products: Like Mugs, Dog tags, stickers

  • If you need your own products, the app includes the tools to add your own products to the designer.

    • Do you need more reasons to use Qstomizer?

      • Qstomizer fits your design. You do not need to change anything. You do not need any programming skills and you do not need to make any theme modification.

      • Add a "Customize it" button to your product page which leads to the designer tool

      • You can manage your orders easily from your Shopify admin page. Add new products to your designer, add fonts, select colors for clip-arts and texts (for vinyl) and manage orders.

      • From your admin page you can access to the images, texts, and clip-arts uploaded by your customers to make their custom products.

      • Add your own clip arts and images and let your customers use them.

      • Use any Google FONT or upload your own TTF fonts.

      • You also can change the status of the production of the order for your control.

      • With Qstomizer, hosting is included, bandwidth is unlimited (depending on your plan) and all software updates are free and automatic. Install, configure it and forget!

      • Behind Qstomizer there is a British Company. Support, updates, and improvements are ensured.

      Install Qstomizer now and get a 7 days free trial

      See a working demo here.

      *** Don't have a Shopify store? Get started here, subscribe to Shopify and get 3 months of Qstomizer Basic Account for FREE!

Qstomizer - Products Customizations reviews

114 reviews
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  5. 1 star (1 review)

Ramon was very helpful to help us customize the app based on our needs. Customer service was fantastic. He was very efficient once we let him make the changes for us. Great app! Excellent support!


Ramon was a big help, letting me use my own art to be customized verses using a blanket canvas. It took a few times for me to use the app but after I got started I was good to go. This app has a lot of functions and many options.


Best app for customizing products


So far i am pleased with this app and their support was also great.


I'm very happy with this app. We are a custom embroidery company and it works perfectly for our store. The developer has been very helpful and he installed the app in our store for free. The app works very well on mobile also which was a must for us. I tried the free trial before purchasing the full plan, and we will continue to for the unlimited products and storage space. Overall I'm glad we went this this app for our live "customizer" tool on our website. We are still working on integrating the app with all of our products so it isn't live on our site at the moment. I definitely recommend this app if you also own a custom apparel website.


Helpful setup, thank you Ramon. Does exactly what it says it will.


Free plan is useless and paid too expensive!


An excellent tool for customising almost anything.
App works like a dream, with a full range of features that can be added in or left out to suit.
Your only work ! is to create your graphics, no coding required.
Ramon is fast and helpful with support questions and assistance.
Five years ago i was quoted over 20k to develop such an app for my previous web site !! so a bargain.
Try it you will be delighted.


For a very long time I have been searching and using other apps for my website and have not performed to my expectations. Finally I found the answer I was looking for ( Qstomizer )
Its an awesome product an does exactly what I need. Ramon has also been very helpful and would highly recommend his app and customer service to anyone thinking about using this app,
Keep up the good work :)


This app has been a huge solution to an answer I was facing about designing custom boxing shorts. Ramon's communication is second to none. If any problems arise with the app, Ramon is quick enough to help and work through it with you.

I would highly recommend Qstomizer.

$19.99 – $49.99 / month

Full access during trial period.
Full pricing structure here: HERE

7 days

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