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Intuit QuickBooks® Online

Intuit QuickBooks® Online

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  • Export orders from Shopify into QuickBooks Online
  • Seamless financial reporting
  • Support from Shopify and Intuit

Sync your Shopify orders to your QuickBooks Online account and enjoy seamless financial reporting with just a couple of clicks.


Automatic Daily Sync

Quickly and easily import all your orders and refunds from Shopify into QuickBooks Online. You can choose to automatically sync order data and export historical data from your Shopify account.

Shopify Payments

Automatically sync your Shopify Payments payouts and fees with your QuickBooks Online.

Order Details

Each order you export from Shopify into QuickBooks will automatically include all line items, shipping and taxes.

Tax Agencies

We’ll automatically set up new tax agencies and their associated tax rate based on your imported orders. You can also set a primary tax agency for where you most regularly do business, and you can easily run a report to see how much you owe in taxes.


Select an existing account or create a new one to import your order information into. Including the ability to classify your gift card sales in a liability account. You can also put all of your Shopify sales into a single account if you choose.

Intuit QuickBooks® Online reviews

99 reviews
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  5. 1 star (33 reviews)

sync easy ok but DATA NOT export shopify pay and shop is sync to quickbook.. paypal payment easier to sync to quickbook (darn)


It doesn't work for me. It constantly creates new products as "services" in quickbooks. I am using an app that creates variants in shopify (Bold Quantity Breaks - because Shopify doesn't just add this simple feature to their services) and with that app I can't have all the names match the names in quickbooks. i.e. One sku has 3 or 4 variants all with the same sku just different quantity tiers. For some reason the app doesn't let you match skus so if it doesn't find the exact name, it creates a new service. So frustrating!

Also, it didn't recognize hundreds of existing customers and created new customer names with a "- 1" added at the end - Jane Smith - 1. Then the next time it added a "- 2" Ugg!


A must have for any shopify store. Makes taxes and recordkeeping easy. https://riseperformance.us/


I have 2 shopify stores (mysignalflags.com and mapisart.com) - before integration I was manually entering sales/inventory data after each month because I had quickbooks but the desktop version - very painful, expensive and time consuming.

QB Online integrated with shopify has been awesome. No more all day accounting at the end of the month and I can see my sales in real time anytime - a huge win.


Great App!

Does just what I need it to do-Cool Thanks


This is a handy, time-saving integration



It seems like in 2017 this wouldn't be that hard of an integration. Unfortunately it is. Cannot handle multiple currencies is the biggest problem for me.

Being Canadian everything works in Canadian Dollars, but the US is our biggest market and therefore must accept USD.

Quickbooks won't allow me to set up a USD income account so I can't even integrate at all. I have a couple friends that have moved all their accounting to Xero and have it set up with their Shopify and working perfectly.... they also are Canadian but charge USD on Shopify.

Going to be making the switch myself.


Should have read the reviews before trying this ap. Now quickbooks has SOME of the transactions, not all and somehow the ap decided that I charge sales tax in a state I do not. (Just one location.) SO I'm going to have the pleasure of deleting all of the transactions and starting over. Thank god I only imported a couple of months to see how it would do! This is going to take forever to fix. *sighs* This was supposed to save me time...


Just doesn't work, nothing else to say.


It doesn't work. I couldn't even finish setup. QuickBooks account's fields are inactive. The app doesn't allow me to select it and proceed to the next step.


This app is free to install and use.
QuickBooks Online costs between $15.00-$40.00 per month.


QuickBooks Online


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QuickBooks Payments

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