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July 11, 2023

I am exceptionally frustrated with the way this organization changed it's pricing and disabled features with little to no notice.

I have been using BOLD to sync my Shopify sales to Quickbooks through their free integration for quite some time (not a limited time free trial). I received an email Thursday, June 29th stating the free integration will be phased out, and all must switch to a paid plan. No problem, I get it. Things can't be free forever. Problem is, this was the beginning of the 4th of July holiday and retail rush, and we could not make a change immediately. By July 1st - 2 days after reciecing the email from Bold - over a holiday weekend, no less - our integration ceased working.

This is exceptionally disruptive to our business, and I am very disheartened by the lack of consideration and communication for their small business users.

Wears The Mountain
United States
Over 2 years using the app
BOLD replied July 14, 2023

Thank you so much for writing in with your feedback. We are sincerely sorry to hear that you were taken by surprise regarding the change in pricing for the app. Although we had sent our earlier communication, our team has noted your suggestion that it would have been helpful to send additional communications closer to the date. Again, we sincerely apologize for the disruption you experienced, we will certainly take this feedback to improve future communications. Thanks again for writing in.

July 13, 2022

Wouldn't recommend this app until the integration of taxes works better. When it brought over the tax from Shopify to QBO it put all the tax in PST and didn't split the GST out. Made for a big mess on my PST audit this spring.

Baltic Athletics
About 6 years using the app
December 18, 2018

It used to be free to export Shopify orders to Quickbooks online. Then they came out with this app by BOLD, and it's now an extra fee to use an existing service we already pay for.

The worst part is the export is always filled with errors that we have to manually check and fix. Additionally, we were able to export a whole month of transactions but when BOLD took over, we were told by BOLD support that the app can only handle about 3 days worth of transactions per export. Using this paid app feels like a downgrade from the already glitchy, but free app previously.

Daily Charme
United States
About 6 years using the app
May 11, 2022

If I could vote 0 stars.. I WOULD. For lack of a better word, this app SUCKS. It's the slowest things since dial-up and when you try to re-map or make a change with the sync, half the time it doesn't even load. I've been literally trying to switch a SKU mapping for two items. A SIMPLE AND QUICK TASK, and it has taken 3 days since the mapping won't load. And when it finally does, when you hit "edit" to change it, NOTHING HAPPENS. What a piece.

United States
Almost 6 years using the app
January 22, 2022

This app stopped working back in November. Sent them several emails and they kept saying this is the first time this has happened and we're looking into it. If you look at other reviews apparently this has been happening for years, so it's not the first time, they should know by now why it stops working out of nowhere. They were no help at all and didn't fix the problem. I honestly don't even think they were working on it. I kept the app for months with hopes they would resolve it and even though it didn't work at all, they were still charging me my monthly fee. I recently got fed up and deleted it and moved on to another app that works and it's free.

Rumor Apparel
United States
Almost 5 years using the app
July 20, 2020

I could not be more unhappy with this app and the complete lack of customer support I received. I've been using it for years and it's always been janky and unpredictable. For the past 9 months or so we've been getting daily import errors; sometimes entire months of entries were not imported. Initially they were helpful and helped fix things when they broke, but it's gotten super bad in the past few months and now no one even bothers replying to my messages (I've sent at least 2 email in the past ten days with no reply).

Current issues: thee app doubled a bunch of transactions so our books are totally messed up. AND now I just figured out that it's not able to import any orders from Germany for some reason, so every day I get error messages for all our German orders.

In short, this app is the worst, it continues to degrade and break in weird and new ways, and good luck getting any meaningful help from customer support. Switching to Quickbooks Bridge, and will not be using any Bold apps going forward.

Closet Core Patterns
Over 4 years using the app
Edited December 1, 2020

What started as a free 6 mo. trial of their pro version so that i could download a bulk of transactions that were backlogged due to the app not working, has now turned into them wrongly auto-billing me for the past year. I asked them to stop billing me and put me back on the free plan because i don't have many transactions and they have ignored that part of the email. I would not recommend this app.

mashup tea
Over 4 years using the app
Edited March 23, 2019

Update 3-23-19: Tried to get support over 4 days ago, sent them emails, got ZERO response. Save yourself money, time, and frustration. Run while you still can, because these guys do not care about you one bit. Honestly, they do not even contact me to attempt to placate me. They just ignore it.

Not really worth the money, IMO. Every week there is numerous orders/sales receipts that simply do not get exported, and I have to manually enter them. So what am I paying for exactly? I could just save the monthly charge and enter every receipt manually. When it works properly, it does save time. But I could not think of the last time it worked properly. Over 4 months ago.

Black Hills Vapes
United States
Over 4 years using the app
January 10, 2019

Shopify KEEPS creating Service & Non-Stock Items in Quick-Books and Nobody can seem to explain why - Quick-Books says its Shopify, Shopify blame Quick-books, either way we are constantly having to modify the exports to the correct stock Items. Looking at dumping Shopify and finding a different platform. Currently I would NOT recommend this App to anyone

2Fold Print
United Kingdom
About 4 years using the app
May 9, 2022

App does not work! It used to work then suddenly stopped. Recommend to stay away unless you want yore business mess-up.

The Choco Shoppe
United States
Almost 4 years using the app