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Recurring Orders & Subscriptions by Bold

Recurring Orders & Subscriptions by Bold

Developed by BOLD

638 reviews
Price: $19.99 / month Free Trial: 90 days More info
  • The Premium Shopify subscription app for selling PHYSICAL products, and the ONLY app to allow subscriptions on individual products, a mixed cart (one-time and recurring) or an entire cart!
  • More features than any other Subscription app! Lock down your frequency rules, or give customers full control of how often orders ship, when they end, if they're a gift, etc...
  • Customers can manage, edit, pause, skip, update and add-to existing orders! The MOST ROBUST customer portal of any subscription app!

GOOD NEWS! You just found the subscription app on Shopify with the most features, the BEST customer service, built by the #1 app developer on Shopify. While it's already the most feature rich subscription app available, more features are being added daily! This is the app you can trust to grow your subscription business.

Recent Updates

New features and updates added almost daily!

  • Dynamic Shipping Updates (EXCLUSIVE) - When customers swap, add or remove products on subscription, shipping adjust properly with them having control.

  • Cancellation Prevention (EXCLUSIVE) - Custom cancellation flow that stops up to 30% of cancellations!

  • Product Swap - Allow customers to swap products on existing subscriptions.

  • Bulk Discount Codes (EXCLUSIVE) - Create thousands of random discount codes for email campaigns, Groupon, mailers, or anything!

✓ The most trusted Subscription app on Shopify, and officially the ONLY subscription app built specifically for physical products on Shopify! And with 64,000+ installs, Bold is trusted by more stores than almost all other app companies.

✓ From small startups, to Fortune 100 companies, this is the Subscription Order app trusted by them all.

✓ The first company so confident in their app that we gave it away FREE for 90 days to all users, and we still do to this day :-)

WARNING: Offering subscriptions is NO JOKE! If your subscription app goes down, your subscriptions stop running!

Not only does this app pack more features than any other subscription app, but Bold is Shopify's largest and most trusted app development firm. If your subscription app goes down, so do all your orders... We have the largest server environment, designed to handle traffic for Fortune 500 companies, SuperBowl commercials, Shark Tank appearances, you name it! When you use our app you'll get that too!

Dedicated account manager to help you succeed!

  • Free code installation & theme update ✓

  • 90-Day free trial, no gimmicks ✓

  • Free Setup call and support from a subscription specialist ✓

  • Why do we do all this? If you’re building your business around a subscription service, it’s absolutely crucial that you set it up properly and get the best advice possible. That's why we have Victoria! She's our subscription app specialist, and when you install the app she's YOUR subscription specialist! She'll spend time on the phone with you to personally make sure your subscription business takes off! Learn more about Victoria and this service we offer. (This is a free service. If you succeed, we succeed!

    Did you get stuck with another subscription app and wished you could switch? GOOD NEWS! We can import your subscriptions for you :-)

    See it in action on our demo store. (Product Recurring)

    See it in action on our demo store.(Cart Recurring)

    Here are live examples of real customers using the app:

    We've had hundreds of stores switch from other subscription apps for various reasons.

    For some, other subscription apps couldn't handle their traffic spikes. For others, they just wanted all the extra features we offer, or the dedicated account manager to help get them setup. In fact, it's so common we do it on a daily basis. If you'd like to migrate from another subscription app, here's more info on that.

    Here are a few of the features that make our app different :-)

    • * NEW * sell Pre-paid "Gift Subscriptions" (just like magazines! Learn more.) ✓

    • The only app that allows single product, mixed cart & entire cart subscriptions. ✓

    • The only app with a customer marketing export tool. Need to email everyone with a subscription for a certain product? No problem! ✓

    • The only app with proper cancellation management proven to reduce by up to 30%!! ✓

    • More payment gateways available than almost all over subscription apps. ✓

    • Does NOT force customers to login at checkout. Keep conversion rates high. ✓

    • Includes a customer portal that allows your subscribers to add, edit, pause, skip and resume subscriptions. Of course they can also change billing info, address, and much more! ✓

    • Works with Product Upsell. ✓

    • Only subscription app that works with Product Options. ✓

    • Allow fixed shipping day every month, or flexible based off when customer orders. ✓

    • The only subscription app with built in subscription "gifting" options. Think magazine subscriptions. ✓

    • "Subscription Only" option if you only want subscription orders on a product. ✓

    • Inventory Forecasting to let you know what you need in stock to fill upcoming subscriptions. ✓

    • The only subscription app with tools for mapping new products to a subscription if existing products become unavailable. ✓

    • The only app with "bulk update" tools for pricing on all products on all active subscriptions. ✓

    • Email notifications when you have low inventory for upcoming subscriptions. ✓

    • Integrated price change alerts. ✓

    • The first subscription app designed to work with Shopify Checkout 2.0 ✓

    • The first subscription app with a fully integrated Shopify customer admin ✓

    • The first app to allow customers to add items to existing subscriptions ✓

    • The only subscription app that offers free imports from others ✓

    • Only app with full language control built in. ✓

    • Full design control built in. ✓

    • The most robust Analytics and Reports.

    • Store owners can add products to existing customer subscriptions. ✓

    • Seamless Tax and Shipping integration. ✓

    • ✴✴✴ And finally, maybe most important, it is the only recurring order app built by Shopify's #1 app developer on the most robust server environment of any app on Shopify. Don't trust your checkout with other smaller developers and risk it going down. We are Shopify's #1 app developer and our server environment is designed to literally handle an unlimited amount of traffic. (see below for more details) ✓

    • Plus new features being released almost daily!

    ✴✴ FREE FOR 90 DAYS and FREE Setup! ✴✴

    Tired of your old subscription app and wish you used ours? Good news! We can import your subscription orders for free :-)

    Here's what it does in a nutshell:

    * This is a very long app listing (the app does a lot) But here's a short summary of it all.

    The Recurring Orders app allows you to sell recurring products, or even an entire recurring cart, on your Shopify store. Customers simply select how often they want their order to recur, and then every month (or time period they select) the app automatically charges the customer's credit card and generates the order in your Shopify order admin. You don't have to worry about a thing, the app does it all for you and you can just process orders as normal!

    You, and your customers, have full control over the orders by managing product quantities, updating credit card info, update addresses and even skipping orders if they're away on vacation. You, and your customers, will love it!

    [VIDEO] Click here to watch an overview "Getting Started" video

    Here are all the rest of the details:

    ✔ Same checkout flow for both "one-time" or "recurring" orders.

    When your customers checkout with a recurring product in their cart it gets added to the cart exactly the same as if it were a"one-time" purchase. When they checkout it uses a checkout flow that feels and looks exactly the same as the New Shopify Responsive Checkout. It uses your existing shipping settings and has a built in tax engine to charge proper tax down to the County and Municipality!

    ✔ "Subscription Only" & Fixed Shipping Dates.

    This app has all kinds of options, like offering free shipping only on subscription orders, special discounts, etc... But two of the most commonly used features are the ability to make a product "Subscription Only" and set a "Fixed Shipping Date. If you set a product to Subscription Only it will not have the option for a one time purchase. If you want all your subscription orders to generate on the 15th of the month, use our Fixed Shipping Date feature to set that.

    ✔ Offer discounts on recurring Orders

    The app has the ability to offer discounts if a customer makes a recurring purchase. Recurring orders can be a powerful way for you to create stability with month over month revenue. So why not encourage your customers to do so!

    Oh and yes, as the store owner you can apply a discount to any customer's subscription from your admin any time you like. Even after the order is placed. Yup, it's the only app that allows you to do that :-)

    ✔ Customers can add to existing subscriptions.

    One of the most important features! When a customer is shopping on your store they will see an "Add to Cart" AND an "Add to Subscription" button on products. Customers DO NOT need to enter a credit card and address again! This drastically increases "subscription" conversions by making it easy for customers to just add products on an existing subscription without filling out all the shipping and payment info again. This will of course increase your bottom line too. :-) * (Customers must be logged in to your store and have an existing recurring order for this to work)

    ✔ Customers get a full featured order management admin.

    We built in an order management admin for your customers to be able to manage everything themselves. Once a customer makes a recurring order they can log in and manage everything, so they don't have to bug you to make changes! PLUS, your customers will LOVE the control they have over their own orders. Some of the things they can do are:

    • Change the frequency of a subscription (i.e. from once every month to once every 6 weeks)

    • Update shipping address.

    • Update credit card & billing information.

    • Change product quantities on an order.

    • Add products to an existing recurring subscription.

    • View upcoming schedule of shipments.

    • Skip one, or multiple, shipments on a subscription order. (Great if a customer goes on vacation.)

    • Cancel a recurring subscription

    ✔ You get an even "fuller" featured admin!

    Yes we know, "fuller" is not a word ;-). In your "store owner" admin you can do everything your customers can do, and more! The main thing being the ability to change prices. If you need to change the price for one specific customer you can do that on their profile page.

    ✔ Inventory Forecasting ✴ NEW ✴

    Wouldn't it be nice to know what you need in stock to fill your upcoming subscriptions? Well thought so :-) Our exclusive inventory forecasting tool shows you want you'll need to have stock to fill your subscription orders for the the next 7, 30, 90 and 180 days. But that's not all, we also predict what you'll need on top of that based off your average sales.

    So let's say you have 10 items scheduled to be shipped next month but on average you sell 3 a month. Our predicted inventory needed then would be 13. Oh, and well always shoot you an email too if you don't have enough inventory for the upcoming week or month. We got your back!

    ✔ Customer Cancelation Management

    Getting subscriptions is cool, but keeping them subscribed is even cooler! We feature an amazing cancellation prevention tool that helps you keep your customers, even when they try to cancel! Depending why a customer wants to cancel, the app provides a matching incentive.

    For example if a customer says it's too expensive: it offers a discount. Customer says they don't need it anymore: offers a free product swap, and many more scenarios! It's the ONLY subscription app that has this amazing feature, and it's been proven to keep 30% more of your customers that you might otherwise lose!

    ✔ Global product & price management

    When you offer recurring orders on your store there are two main things you need to consider regarding product management. A - What happens if you delete a product in your Shopify admin? And, B - What happens if you change the price of a product on your store? Here's what we've done for you to be able handle these situations.

    What happens if you delete a product in Shopify?

    Hey, we're human and we forget things! If you delete a product in your Shopify store that's on existing recurring orders, the next time that order tries to generate it will get an error. So when you delete a product, that happens to be on a recurring order, you'll get a friendly email letting you know you need to deal with it. In the app there's a page dedicated to managing this, and you have two options there:

    Option A) You can simply select a replacement product that will replace the deleted product on all existing subscriptions. When you do this you can choose to use the new product price, the old product's price, or even enter a new price all together!

    Option B) You can simply remove that product from all subscriptions. If you have thousands of orders this can be very time consuming. So on your product management page you simply select to remove it, and it will update all orders for you!

    What happens if you change the price of a product on Shopify?

    If you change the price of a product on your Shopify store the price of that product on existing customer subscriptions will not change. Existing subscriptions will remain locked in at the price the customer purchased at. However, if you want to change the price of that product you can easily do so in the app. You can globally change the price to a new set fixed price, OR you can use our price modifier tool to increase or decrease the price a certain amount. This will be based off whatever the current price is on their order.

    Whether you swap the product, delete the product, or make a price change, you can choose to have the app automatically email all the affected customers letting them know about the update. Pretty neat hey? :-)

    ✔ Automated Emails

    Speaking of automatic emails, there are a handful of automated emails built into this app to make your life a little easier. All emails use merge fields that allow you to build templates that can be customized for each customer with their products and details.

    Some of the automated emails you can choose to trigger are:

    • Subscription Update. (Anytime a subscription is updated)

    • Credit Card Denied. (When a customer's credit card is declined with a link for them to update their card info)

    • Upcoming Shipment. (Send an email a few days before a shipment in case they want to modify or add to the order)

    • Price update. (Anytime a price on one of their products is updated)

    • Product Change. (Anytime you choose to make a substitution on one of their products)

    • Product Discontinued. (If you remove a product from a customers subscription order)

    ✔ Works with Stripe (our #1 choice)

    Stripe is a free payment gateway that anyone can sign up for in minutes. It is by far the best solution for recurring and subscription orders. If you don't already have an account you can create one here in 25 seconds.

    ✔ More gateways than any other subscription app!

    We're happy to announce that it now also works with Braintree (a division of PayPal), Authorize.net, Beanstream, Braintree, CyberSource, WorldPay, CenPOS, Checkout V2, Checkout.com, Fat Zebra, MasterCard Internet Gateway Service, MiGS, Moneris US, Payflow Pro, Paymill, USA ePay!

    Don't see one you're looking for? Let us know!

    ✔ Discount & Coupon codes

    It wouldn't be cool if customers couldn't use coupon codes on "one-time" orders but now "recurring" orders. At least we didn't think so! To solve this we built a replica of the Shopify coupon engine into the app. Simply replicate your coupon codes in it and that code will then work on any type of order, recurring or one-time!

    ✔ Handles declined transactions gracefully.

    With recurring orders, declined transactions are bound to happen as credit cards will inevitably expire. This app helps take care of that for you! If a transaction is declined you and the customer both get an email. The customer can simply click a link to update their credit card number themselves, or if you want, you can update it from your backend as well. As well, at anytime you can always view all failed transactions to make sure you're not losing out on potential orders!

    ✔ Customizable product and cart page widgets.

    The recurring widget on the Product page and on the Cart page are 100% completely customizable. You have complete control over how it looks with some basic design controls to adjust fonts, background colors, borders etc. Plus, if you like, you can also inject any custom css you want and take full control!

    ✔ Customizable your language and "lingo".

    All the wording on the front-end that your customers see is customizable. By default it's standard English words, but you can change it to any language you like, or even spice it up a bit it to match your store's "lingo". ;-)

    ✔ Customizable customer order management admin.

    The customer admin is where the customer logs in to to manage their existing subscription orders. The default styling works for most stores, but if you like you can customize everything about the way this page looks too!

    ✔ Three awesome ways to offer recurring orders!

    There are three ways you can offer recurring products with this app. Maybe you want customers to be able to just buy one recurring product at a time, maybe you want them to make an entire cart recurring, or maybe you want them to be able to have a combination of both! You can do it all with this app. :-)

    • RECURRING CART - Customers can select whether or not to make their entire cart a recurring order. With this option nothing changes on the product page, customers add products to the cart just like normal. On the cart page the customer will have the option to make the order a one time purchase or select to make the entire cart recur at an interval they select such as weekly, monthly etc...
    • SINGLE PRODUCT - Customers find a product, select what they want their recurring subscription interval to be (weekly, monthly etc) and then checkout. With this method if they choose to order a product as recurring they don't add the product to the cart, it takes them directly to the checkout page. This is exactly the same way Amazon does it.
    • MULTIPLE PRODUCTS - This is similar to the Recurring Product method but when a customer chooses to buy a recurring product it adds it to their cart rather than take them to a checkout and they can continue shopping and add more products. They can add more recurring products at the same or different intervals AND they can add products that are not recurring all in the same cart.

    [DEMO] Example of Recurring Products

    Click here for an example of a store that has the recurring options on the product. You'll notice you can have various subscriptions and frequencies in the cart at the same time!

    [DEMO] Example of Recurring Cart

    Click here for an example of a store that has the recurring options on the cart. Add some items to the cart and you'll see yow you can make the entire cart recurring.

    ✔ Full Tax Service built in!

    Other subscription apps try to rely on your basic State by State tax settings in Shopify, or just use a standard tax rate. Our app has an up to date tax service built in with proper State, County, City and even municipal tax rates! So relax, our app takes care of that for you :-)

    ✔ Backed by Shopify's #1 App Company!

    When you offer recurring orders of any type on your Shopify store you should be aware that customers will use the app's checkout rather than Shopify's. This means you are relying on that app to stay up for customers to be able to place orders. If that app's servers go down, your customers can't check out. Nevermind your own traffic, there could be another store using that same app with a huge sale causing spikes in traffic which take down the checkout for everyone!

    We (Bold) are Shopify's largest app developer and one of the reasons we have become so is by having the most robust server environment of any Shopify app. Our servers are hosted in better environments that most Fortune 500 companies. We have been featured in articles by Rackspace highlighting best practices and were featured at their annual company kick off this year! We utilize a managed cloud environment that can scale at a moment's notice, nullifying the chance of downtime due to traffic spikes. Whether it's your traffic spike, or some other store using the app, you will not go down with our app.

    Common Questions

    Q - Will this app integrate with shipping, and order fulfillment and accounting apps?

    You bet! This app uses your regular products in the normal way they're used everyday. The only difference if an order is recurring is the app generates it every month rather than the customer. When it generates it though it becomes a regular order in your Shopify admin. So if your orders are getting pushed somewhere else it will do so whether it's a recurring order, or regular order.

    Q - What about Taxes & Shipping?

    This app fully integrates with your existing shipping settings. You don't need to do a thing! The only thing to note is that when you install the app sometimes it can take up to an hour to sync everything. For tax, unlike other apps we don't rely on a 3rd party. We built a fully integrated tax service that the app uses to ensure up to date rates.

    Q - How does it handle my Google analytics and conversion tracking?

    We've got you covered! The app has a special "Scripts" box you can enter all your conversation and analytic tracking scripts into.

    Q - Is there liquid code I need to install to use this app?

    Yep there is. But not to worry, if you're not good with code we're happy to install it for you for free. :-) In the app there's a Help tab where you can click a button to request on of our experts to set it up for you.

    Q - Will customers need multiple accounts for this app?

    Nope, they all tie into their existing account on your store. It's a beautiful thing. So customers will need to be logged in to make a recurring order, this is to tie it to their account. If they're not logged in they'll still see the recurring options but when they try to make a recurring order it will ask them to log in.

    Q - How does the pricing work with this app?

    Given the amount of time spent on developing this app and all the features packed into it, the app should definitely be more than $19.99/month. However, we really wanted to make this affordable for everyone so we priced it at $19.99 with a 1% payment processing fee only on recurring orders. If a customer makes a normal "one-time" purchase there's no processing fee.

    Q - Do you have enterprise pricing for large accounts?

    You bet! We cater to many large stores, even Fortune 500 companies! If you'll be doing high volumes of subscription orders we have enterprise pricing that does not have the full 1% processing and is designed for large accounts. Click here for pricing details. Not only do we have enterprise plans, we are the largest app company on Shopify with the most robust server environment designed to handle huge amounts of traffic with zero downtime. Don't trust your traffic and sales to smaller apps that risk going down when you need them most.


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Recurring Orders & Subscriptions by Bold reviews

638 reviews
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  2. 4 stars (36 reviews)
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  5. 1 star (18 reviews)

Great app we use on our website www.vetalogica.com.au


Super nice and easy app! I get an appointment super fast after contacting the support to get some extra feature for my website. They were incredibly fast to help me, they also take time to explain me with screenshot and video so I'll be able in the futur to do it by my self. I'm really really super happy with this app! GO FOR IT!


had to request install 3x
Confusing interface full of ads trying to upsell other products

Subscriptions don't support product variants - so you have to create SUPER clunky options for every variant.

I have a service business, and it's already tough to work around Shopify's myopic focus on Ecommerce.

They offer a lot of customer support but ultimately I'd rather just use something else that's less aggressive


Best app ever for a Marketplace


Recurring Orders & Subscriptions app has been a staple in our store. From the moment I installed this app, I knew that I made the right decision with Bold Apps. They got the app installed and working perfectly on my site and customer service has been awesome. The dashboard is easy to use. My customers love the ease of account setup and management. Recurring Orders & Subscriptions has been the top app in my store. Thank you Bold Apps!


So easy to use and set up, really impressed and they installed the code :)


Anytime I have had an issue, support at Bold has gone above and beyond (and quickly) to provide solutions and break things down (Raj is the man!). Even little issues can feel daunting when you don't have time to add another thing to your list—and Bold seriously eases my concerns, quickly, every time. 6 stars.


Newbie Bliss !!

Let's face it, we've all had to start at the beginning in everything we do. Going into business for yourself is no different.

That first day, when you sit at your desk, tuck in your chair, flex your wrists and then stare at your screen waiting for some insight into what you are going to do next.

It's a frightening prospect. When you run your own business you are putting yourself our there to be judged. Will people like my products and services? Will people like me? How to I structure my catalog? How do I deal with buyers from different states and countries? How do I retain my customers?

All the thousands of questions you have to answer it is this last one that is perhaps the most crucial one.

We need to WOW our customers. We need to create an unbeatable customer experience and a large part of this can be achieved through the purchasing experience you have.

Imagine running a business, where you rely on customers buying from you month in, month out, or quarter in, quarter out. Then imagine the frustration from those customers if you insisted on sending an invoice for payment for each transaction cycle.

That is one FAST WAY to lose your customers.

The buying experience that is enabled by the BOLD RECURRING ORDERS means that I can offer my customers the SUBSCRIPTION EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME.

It puts all the control into my hands, while creating total ease of purchase and tracking for my customers.

It wouldn't be possible for my business to operate without a recurring order feature. Believe me, I did the research and BOLD offers the best. A powerful, fully supported, totally integrated subscription solution that I couldn't live without.


So far so good.
Support is very helpful.
Highly recommend
Only wish we could add a short term free trial period


Using BOLD Apps 'Recurring Orders & Subscriptions' App in conjunction with their 'Memberships' App is an awesome (and automated) way to create a passive income stream by creating 'members only' content & products that can also help build loyalty to your brand.

Having the Bold Apps Team install the apps, configuring them in the Shopify admin is VERY Quick & VERY Easy.

At first I was worried about the cost of running both apps ... but then I realized I was only self-sabotaging the growth of my business with those thoughts ... and after crunching numbers and planning things out properly ... I quickly realized how much value I can add to my business ... and my customers.

Now I dont have to worry about the programming side of things, Im looking forward to finishing up my membership site and focusing back on traffic!

Great apps BOLD, have your techs install your apps for FREE was a great move by you guys, well done. - AJ - BIGBoyz


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