Route ‑ Shipping Protection

Route ‑ Shipping Protection

by RouteApp LLC

Fuel Growth with Order Protection, Package Tracking & More

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Modern Package Tracking

Build trust and loyalty with Visual Tracking™ that shows shoppers where packages are in real time for the ultimate transparency.

Premium Order Protection

Reduce loss, boost your bottom line, and increase customer loyalty with best-in-class order protection.

Intuitive Engagement Tools

Encourage additional purchases by engaging your customers when buying intent is the highest.

About Route ‑ Shipping Protection

About Route

Route is the premier post-purchase experience solution for online retailers. Brands across the globe leverage Route to decrease costs, boost revenue and improve customer experience.

Best part? It’s free.

What is Route?

Route’s unique suite of products gives Shopify merchants unprecedented control over their entire post-purchase flow. Best-in-class brands leverage Route for order protection, real-time package tracking and modern customer communication and reengagement tools—all without coding or development skills needed.

  • Package tracking - Email, App, SMSOrder protection - Full suite of coverage options
  • Order resolution - One-click claim filing and reorders
  • Automated support - Instant resolutions and refunds
  • Customer reengagement - Promotional content

Route’s streamlined installation process makes it possible to get up and running on Shopify or Shopify+ in minutes.

Why you'll love Route

Our unique suite of products gives you unprecedented control over the entire post-purchase flow, which allows you to reap the benefits of a truly optimized and effective delivery experience.

  • We make it easy for you and your customers to protect their orders.
  • Order protection increases customer confidence at a pivotal point in the purchase process and encourages checkout.
  • Route covers the cost of all lost, stolen or broken items that have been insured which protects your bottom line.
  • Automate support and instant resolutions to keep your customers happy and build trust in your brand. *Route repurchases products directly from your site resulting in additional revenue.
  • Visual Tracking boosts transparency during delivery and decreases “where’s my order?” calls and emails.
  • Visual Tracking puts your brand front and center during delivery, drastically boosting brand impressions and overall awareness.
  • Engagement tools allow you to organically promote additional products during delivery and increase customer lifetime value.

What Route will do for your business

Decrease customer support costs

  • Unprecedented transparency during delivery, order protection, and effortless claim resolutions drastically reduce your customer support burden.

Increase margins and boost revenue

  • Order protection ensures every sale counts, by reducing shipping loss. Plus, with decreased support costs and additional purchases, you’ll take more revenue home.

Improve customer experience

  • Protected orders, real-time package tracking and improved communication all lead to a best-in-class experience that delights shoppers and brings them back time and time again.

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3.9 of 5 stars

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Most recent reviews

Organic Climbing

Let me start by saying this is a super cool idea and I applaud Route for it. Its something that in concept would be a dream for our company so thanks for dreaming this up Route!!! We started using this App October of 2020, to be honest it felt a bit like a good used car salesperson was selling this to us and everything seemed WAY To good to be true, but we were promised no this is for real. We signed up and it worked amazing for first 2.5 months as insurance. That being said the "used car salesperson" who sold us went dark after we set it up, when we finally located them they got very defensive and seemed hurt that we called them out for not helping us after they sold us the service, and we had 100 percent no support or anyone to reach out to till we continued to be a real squeaky wheel and then were assigned a "Customer Success Manager" "Customer Success Manager" felt a bit like going to the orthodontist where everyone is SOOOO Nice, and has the most amazing teeth you have ever seen and you are like Is this real??? Well like a really good yoga teacher our "Customer Success Manager" was great at platitudes and making it clear they were soooo sorry for the issue and would get it taken care of right away....then would be on vacation for long stretches and not take care of anything... once they returned they would forget our companies issue and we would spend considerable time bringing them back up to speed (mind you this is during a pandemic when our company is short staffed and stressed out trying to make outdoor gear safely in our workshop) And our CSM at Route would get very stressed out that we were frustrated with needing to invest MORE OF OUR VALUABLE time into something we had already told them about. The more we worked with Route the more it almost felt like a needy Child who we were needing to discipline and help shape but at the same time had to tread lightly as to not make them feel bad or to cause them to much work cause then it derailed the whole conversation and things we needed done would not be able to get done. We have been in E commerce 17 years. And as a Small business our customers expect responses from us fast, over the time we have been in business we have seen customers go from a 24 hour email response being seen as fast to them needing it instant through text or chats. When we were sold Route as a solution to our Shipping customer service issues (which to anyone in E commerce we can all agree are lots of the questions we all handle daily) we expected to have quick and reliable customer service from Route as well since they were selling an e commerce experience. Anyone reading this in e commerce can predict when the most shipping is going to be happening and hence the most Customer service needs : ) Well a very large issue for us with Route was Dec - Jan of 2020 much of the Route Team was out getting rad (skiing and doing great things with Family) that I would have loved to be doing myself albeit there was a pandemic and I was stuck triaging to my customers why their claims where not getting processed and my questions to Route where getting auto responses of being out on vacation. While I applaud work life Balance not being able to balance your staffing needs and that is unacceptable, especially for a company to be selling a product to take customer service stress from small businesses and then not really follow through. As I was told my the used car salesperson in our initial sales person "E commerce never sleeps" I could not agree more and as a company servicing that sphere you should structure your claims and customer service people so there is always someone available to help customers 24-7 Late in 2020 Route also changed their terms of use policy very discretely and stopped reimbursing the merchant for the cost of shipping which is very large on our products. This was never publicly addresses in any emails to clients and just processed by changing their website page where they have their terms of use, when I asked about this our rep got very angry and said it was our fault for not paying attention to their terms of use changing. On top of this they also changed how they processed the claims, prior they would sit on them until approved then someone would reorder from route, on their route credit card and we would see a new order with a route billing address to know it was a claim, then without any notice (Aside from the aforementioned change of use policy page on their site) they started putting every claim through as they were filed and we would see an order come in but sometimes paid for other times not paid for, our team would ship an item assuming it was a new order or had been approved as the old route claims worked only to see the claim denied and not paid a week later. To keep training our team to watch for the changes in Route became to much to handle for us. I was told in March of 2021 that this changed back perhaps again so they are reimbursing shipping but honest I don't know anymore and got tired trying to keep up with these folks. Last straw was when we uncovered a glitch in Route. As of March 2021 we have put 1.5 months into working with them on it to have a response that they don't know what is going on. This glitch will overcharge clients double or more in the insurance on occasional orders so we see a $389 Route on one order charges $4.95 for insurance and then a customer reorders and sees insurance of $10.95 or so. I run my business by honestly and while I understood there may be a glitch will say Route did nothing to fix it or address this or to publicly admit there was a glitch to their customers. In fact again they threw this back at us (Actually our customers) for going to fast through checkout and that this was the only way they could replicate the issue and had bigger problems to fix than this, Literally this is what our CSM told us! So apparently its never routes issue, always someone else's fault, and oops don't give them real life feedback or they get their feelings hurt, and they own this huge business but don't have to take the same stress the rest of us business owners do cause, they don't want to? In the days of big tech, VC Capital etc as a USA Manufacturer of High Quality goods perhaps I am just Old School but if I had this much investor Money I would be racing to address these glitches before I continued to push my Used car salespersons to keep collecting more and more accounts, clearly there is not enough roots behind the growing tree above and its becoming more and more unstable. Giving 1 stars instead of 0 only because I do really think Route is onto something but needs to grow up and learn customer service and hard work but then could be a super awesome product and I hope someone with time makes their own shipping insurance company as its a great idea if you have the backbone behind it to support it. In closing I want to note Route has given incentives for others to give them good reviews and this I find dishonest and did not do, instead this is our real life experience

crystal cavern imports

Absolute rip off. My customer received her crystal which was damaged in transit at the tip. They claim it is only "cosmetic" because the item is still usable but that would mean any of my crystals technically would never be covered as all of the damage would be "cosmetic." Now my customer has paid for a service and they are being ripped off since Route won't cover it. Personally I feel like this is a big oversight on their part. Not all items damage the same way. Be cautious when downloading this and helping your customers be ripped off.

United Apparel Liquidators

Loved it at first, but I do not like the new way they handle claims and refunds. We got the app to take some of the burden off of our small team when it came to filing claims. Now they have made more work for us on the reporting end. Looking for alternatives.