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One-Click Shipping Insurance

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Freestyle USA

Route has been super helpful for us. Has cut down our customer service time and helped our customer experience.

Arrow Twenty Two

The Route team is GREAT to work with! My customers love this service! Definitely worth having this added on to any online store!

Addy & Ry Boutique

This app and service has been an amazing tool for both my clients and boutique. They have helped take the anxiety away from carrier issues away and know that Route will be there to step in if needed. The insurance is affordable for the customer and the customer service is responsive and claim process is easy to use. Highly recommend!

UB2 | Urban Baby Bonnets

Initial review (please read updates):

I used this app, and told my clients to buy the product to protect their shipment. When a long-standing client bought from me and her parcel was delivered to the wrong address (apparently, it was scanned delivered, but she never received it), Route forced her to submit a police report. I ended up having to submit the claim on her behalf. I don't know if it will be approved or not, but the fact that they require police reports for mis-delivered packages is ridiculous. Be aware that this is the policy.

UPDATE: after 24 hours, they still have not replied to my complaint and have contacted my customer saying they cannot cover the lost package unless she files a police report. This is absolutely insane! PLEASE do not use this app in your store. Your customers will be completely angry and you will end up paying for the lost order yourself.

FINAL UPDATE: After posting this review and contacting support again, I received a prompt reply that the company understood the problem and that they would take care of the issue. They refunded my client who re-purchased her hats. Furthermore, they agreed to exempt our store from the requirement for police reports. Customer service goes a LOOOOOONG way and I am especially thankful for their help and willingness to meet my clients' needs. Kellee was especially helpful and wrote me several very kind emails and even offered to jump on a call to discuss the issues further.

I am leaving Route in place on my store, and will continue to encourage clients to use the service, now knowing that there's no automatic requirement for a police report. I have encouraged Route to consider lifting that requirement and addressing fraud in other ways-- which is why they said the requirement is in place for all orders over $100.

Thank you, Route, for standing behind your product and for promptly and kindly addressing my concerns. It's very much appreciated.

Barn Chic Boutique

Super easy to get up and running, and I save so much on shipping costs bc I no longer need to purchase additional insurance. And the peace of mind is invaluable- so glad I don’t have to stress about a customer saying they didn’t receive their order anymore. They can file a claim with one click, and the cost of coverage is nominal (and paid by customer!). At no cost to you, it is crazy to not offer this to your customers. Highly recommend.

Agron LLC

Route has saved countless hours and headaches. Matt is a rockstar account manager as well! We are requiring our sales team to add Route to every order possible. It's a no brainer and has significantly helped with our conversion and trust.

Cali Tiger

Great idea but we do not understand why it has to be a physical product at checkout. It creates a multiple of issues. For example bundle discounts buy 3 items and save it counts route insurance. There is more always shows on what else would you like buy no way to exclude it. The headaches are too much to handle

Canoe Club

Trust me, if you were looking for shipping insurance, you want Route.
With the increasing problem of package theft after delivery, we were suffering from long and difficult calls with customers and carriers, and were never feeling like the outcome was ideal. Route Shipping Insurance puts the decision to protect your package in the hands of the customer, so they are able to add insurance at the point of checkout for a low fee, and also see that if they opt out, we do not cover that loss.
Sales and Support teams at Route are phenomenal and very responsive. It took minutes to integrate and from that moment we've been feeling secure in our deliveries and our ability to serve our customers better than ever in the case of lost/stolen/broken packages.

1of1 Card Shop

This is the app everyone needs; no joke. Insuring orders was what I had always needed and voluntary insurance was NOT the way to go. State Farm, All State would not insure any packages and the only way to feel secure sending USPS was to send registered mail which is a hassle.

Insert the Route App. On average my store will charge my customers $0.98 per transaction ($50 purchase) to guarantee delivery to their doorstep. If its not delivered, if its lost or if its damaged they get a refund, a re order or store credit.

Along with the technology the customer service is second to none. Installed the app on a Saturday and needed help implementing and was greeted by several emails saying they "had it covered Monday". Monday rolled along and at 5am eastern I was ready to go along with a phone call saying thank you for the download.

To say this solution is a big help is an understatement. Cant wait to explain the value add in an email to all of my customer base.



A company that will pay for all your customers' lost, stolen and damaged packages at no cost to you? If it sounds too good to be true, it might be. Over six weeks, Route paid five claims for lost and stolen packages. But our first damage claim—and more importantly, the company's handling of it—caused us to deactivate the app.

We sell luxury baby gear, so the safety and integrity of our products is of the utmost importance. A customer contacted Route when her $1,400 product arrived with a 3-foot gash and numerous holes in the box, which resulted in scratches and dents. Route tersely informed her that she was not eligible for a replacement or refund because the damages were "only cosmetic," not functional. Route instead offered a $150 refund, which would not come close to covering the cost of replacement parts. The customer was outraged and is planning to file a chargeback against us, which would quickly erase the financial gains we made with Route.

Route's website makes no mention to customers or retailers that claims may be only partially covered. Prior to implementation, the sales rep assured us repeatedly that Route does not meddle in the details of claims—he said their goal is to make these claims easy for both us and the customer. In reality, they are asking customers to file police reports for any lost item over $100, and their team is arguing with customers about the value of damaged products. Plus, our account manager on multiple occasions threatened to raise our rate from 1% to 3% because we had five claims in six weeks. Route will work for you some of the time or hopefully, even most of the time. But for us, the benefits did not outweigh the risk to our customer satisfaction and company reputation.

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