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Schema Plus

by Uppercase Brands

Enable Search Engines to Rank Your Page Better

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Add more for your SEO

Adding Schema markup enables search engines to rank your shop better. With Schema, search engines will display rich content for your shop.

Automate Content Markup

Schema Plus creates advanced markup based on your content, making it easier for Google and other search engines to understand your site.

One-Click Install

No coding or developer time necessary! Schema Plus is installed with one click, and markup is added to all your pages automatically.

About Schema Plus

Help Search Engines understand your content better

The Schema Plus app is the most advanced automatic schema installation service in the world, with more features and more web elements indexed than other Schema services.

Schema Plus app increases the visibility of your site for the search engines.

What is Schema?

Schema is advanced markup code added to your website. Websites with Schema are easier for search engines and other crawlers to index, meaning it’s easier for them to understand the content of your store, and serve it to more relevant people.

Studies show that adding Schema to your website can increase your organic click throughs.

It also adds rich content to your website, which means elements like your reviews or product descriptions can also show up in search results.

Which elements does Schema Plus for Shopify index?

  • All products, descriptions, photos and product variants
  • Blog posts
  • About pages
  • FAQ pages
  • Product collections and categories
  • Reviews and ratings

How do I use the Schema Plus App?

Installation is super simple! Once you add the app to your Shopify store, all you do is click the setup button and Schema Plus will begin indexing your site. You'll see a status bar indicating your progress, and we'll let you know when we're done. That's it!

Why should I use Schema Plus?

Schema Plus indexes more types of pages than any other Schema installation app. Try it for free for 18 days to see the boost in your SEO!

Installation and Uninstallation

SchemaPlus will install itself automatically when you sign up for a free trial. During this automatic installation process, SchemaPlus creates exact copies of your theme files before it writes anything to them. When uninstalling, you can examine the content of these files and revert your files to their previous status.

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  • Most Comprehensive Schema

  • Google Integration

  • Bing Integration

  • Increase Your Rank In Search Engines

  • Increase Your ClickThru Rate

  • Awesome Support

* All charges are billed in USD. Recurring charges, including monthly or usage-based charges, are billed every 30 days.

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5.0 of 5 stars
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Most recent reviews

Zayla New York

Schema Plus is great! I had used other Schema Apps before and I didn't like how you couldn't really tell where they added the Schema to my site. I like how Schema Plus makes that easy! I've had the app installed for a few weeks now, and I've noticed an increase in organic traffic. My listings look much better on Google search results. Thank you!