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Scout Abandoned Cart Recovery

Scout Abandoned Cart Recovery

Developed by Ecommerce Coach Inc.

20 reviews
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  • Talk to the right customer at the right time for 3-5x increase in recovered carts
  • Get feedback from abandoned cart customers as well as your best customers
  • Too many abandons to handle yourself? We also offer calling services for Enterprise

Hi Merchants! My name is Ahmad and I helped build Scout. Below I'm going to describe what Scout is, and how it helped me recover 55% of my abandoned carts.

Scout is a Facebook Messenger bot that will proactively notify you, as the merchant, as soon as a customer drops their shopping cart. World-wide online data shows that 68% of all shopping carts are abandoned, that means whatever you earn each day, twice as much of that number is potentially being lost.

The good news is, of those in the 68% who have a serious intent to purchase they leave personal information in your checkout forms. Scout enables you to call them at the right time, with the right supporting data so you can develop a relationship with your customer and close the sale.

Here is why you should be calling your abandoned cart customers:

  1. Most importantly, you’re getting in front of your customer and closing the feedback loop. Why did they end up abandoning? In one example of feedback, a customer didn’t know I offered a complimentary product they needed. It was difficult to find. After that feedback I optimized my site to feature that product more, and almost over night my average cart value increased by about $20. Customer collaboration is key.
  2. It feels personal. If they have gone as far as to fill in their shipping information and/or their billing information it tells you they were highly intent on purchasing. They won’t get mad for receiving a call if you’re proactively trying to solve an issue for them. The key is, don't try to be a pushy salesperson - genuinely thank them for taking the time to consider you, and what you could do to improve their experience - the sale is just a natural progression from that point.
  3. It makes your brand authentic. As a small business owner, and as a sole proprietor, my customers get to know who I am and get to understand my business and my operations a bit better. This builds a relationship. And they are quite likely to talk to their friends about it too! Zappos utilizes this tactic and it was wildly successful for them!
  4. It provides you an opportunity to up-sell. Recently I had three abandoned carts; and two had left their phone numbers. One of them recovered their cart after I addressed some of their concerns; and the second one recovered their cart while also increasing their cart from $60 value to $240 value. This happens all the time.
  5. It’s built my confidence in talking with potential customers. Now I look forward to abandoned carts because I get to talk to them!

So don't delay. Set up Scout for your store now, and you're ready to go. The best part is, it's free to use!

It's natural for some people to have concerns. I've listed our top concerns below, with my answers :)

  1. How many people actually leave their phone numbers? About 3/4ths of my customers provided it (this may be because popular browsers now auto-fill a lot of this information for them). Since I’ve had success with calling, I’ve changed the phone number field from “optional” to “required.” If your current setting is to keep that field “hidden” you’re definitely leaving money & feedback on the table.

  2. I get way too many abandon carts per day to be calling each one! Ahh - that's a great problem to have! Luckily we offer an Enterprise service where our dedicated and experienced staff make the calls for you! You'll just need to contact me and I'll get you set up with that.

  3. Im too shy to call people. I was too! But building and growing a business is about the personal struggle too. Growth does not come to those who do not step outside of their comfort zone and do things they weren’t good at before. There is a great book about this by Ryan Holiday, “The Obstacle is the Way.”

  4. People don’t want to be bothered over the phone. Incorrect, they are OK with it if you’re about to solve their issue. Just make sure you are calling to genuinely listen to them and get feedback to make your store better (the sale is the happy bi-product of you reaching out to build a relationship). Again, if they took the time to fill out those forms on your website, it means they are interested. It’s not a cold call, it’s a HOT call.

  5. What do you say when they pick up? Scout has a feature which will customize a relevant call script for each customer!

  6. Why do I need the app if I can just get the information from my Shopify dashboard? Glad you asked that question. What I found from my store was calling my customer within a 6 hour window was key to unlocking my crazy high 55% recovery rate. For example, the people who I ended up calling 5 days later, didn't have fresh relevant feedback, and were unlikely to buy (in many cases they ended up finding a similar product on Amazon which was annoying because I still had to pay for their traffic). I found I didn't have time to always keep checking and refreshing my Shopify Abandon Cart tab and scrolling for their info and then dialing their number. I just wanted the info to show up within an hour on my phone and make it easy for me to make the call. That's the value Scout provides. It saves you time, keeps you in the loop, and educates you.

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20 reviews
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Awesome app. www.allexpressnow.com


I love the app. I get a facebook message when there's an abandoned cart and then I call or email them back asap when they're still close to buying. It's free so it's a no brainer.


Totally LOVE this app and not just because its FREE... but because it allows my small business to have a 'customer support' feel to my business. Which builds customer trust etc. It is easy to use. And as long as I am using mobile data, or wifi... I can offer customer support wherever I am. Brilliant! A totally MUST have app for small businesses and if you are just starting out with shopify.


I really wanted this one to work. It started off sending me messages on any Abandon Cart for the first day. Then it was sending everything as an abandoned Cart which I contacted one and they said they paid.. looked and yes they did. Then it was intermittent on what came in and missed a lot then started to give me paid customers as abandoned. Hopefully it gets the bugs taken care of.


I am noticing on my dashboard that I have abandoned carts yet Im not receiving a notification message from Scout???


I had customer that was going to buy a black beaded bracelet from us. We ended up closing the sale because of this app. Kind of cool.


Can't get the app to work.
Sometimes it sends the msg and sometimes it does not.


Works great! It does exactly what it says that it will do!


This is truly an amazing smart app, perfect for small businesses.
Congratulations to the developer for creating such an amazing app.


Does what it says it will do. Works well.



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