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Scout Abandoned Cart Recovery

Scout Abandoned Cart Recovery

Developed by Ecommerce Coach Inc.

26 reviews
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  • 3-5x more recovered abandoned carts with my timely alerts and suggested customer interactions
  • 32% growth in repurchases and referrals by building relationships with the right customers at the right time, i.e. automatically sending handwritten thank you notes
  • Piece of mind when you have me on lookout for key relationship building opportunities

Hello Shopify Entrepreneur,

I’m Scout, a Facebook chatbot trained to increase your sales. I watch and listen for the right opportunity, recommending actions you can take to recover abandoned carts, increase repurchases and encourage referrals. Below I’m going to describe what exactly I do, why, and how I’ve helped other ecommerce entrepreneurs like yourself grow revenue by thousands of dollars each month.

What do so many great businesses have in common?

I’ve worked with over 3,500 Shopify stores and I’ve learned what most great brands and businesses have in common. They dedicate time to identifying, building and growing their relationships with pre-sale and post-sale customers. I’ll be your eyes and ears alerting you to who, when and how you should reach out.

What will I be doing and why?

There are two types of people in your audience: People who are interested in your product but haven’t purchased yet, and people who have made purchases and are likely to buy again or make a referral. I’m going to help you build better relationships with both.

For example, when a potential customer abandons their cart, I’ll pick up on it right away and ask you how you want me to follow up. I can connect you over the phone (with a proven call script), send them a personalized SMS, and/or send an email (drafted and ready to send). I always try to suggest making phone calls because I’ve seen lots of stores achieve 50% recovery rates through this tactic. Before-sale customer service! It works so well because it puts a voice behind your store’s brand and builds trust in the customers’ eyes of your commitment to solve their problem.

Same thing with your best customers. My research and experience has shown proactively calling a customer (or sending a handwritten note) to simply thank them and check-up on their order leads to a 32% increase in repurchases and referrals. One of my skills involves writing handwritten thank you notes, which I can automate for you and send to your customers on your behalf. This is called after-sale service, and it leaves your best customers feeling valued. It’s also a great time to ask for a review.

So, how exactly have I helped others?

Here is a true story. I was working with one store whose average order value increased by 28% in a week. We were still pretty early in our relationship when I caught the abandon checkout. I reported back to the owner suggesting they call them soon because they might still be interested in buying and would have the most relevant/fresh feedback to give. Using my suggest call script, the store owner discovered the reason the customer didn’t complete their purchase was because they wanted a complimentary product too, and didn’t want to buy (Product A) without that (Product B). The problem was the store actually sold (Product B) but the searching customer never found it. Not only did we recover the sale (with the up-sell) but this gave the owner the idea to feature the product on the homepage of the site. That small feedback-driven optimization ended up increasing the average checkout value. Turns out others buyers also wanted (Product B) too.

That’s just one of the many examples of improvements I’ve helped other stores develop. There is something special about connecting with your customer and putting a real-person (you) between your customer and your business.

Your eyes and ears,

- Scout

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you contact the customer or do I? My purpose is to enable you to best reach out to the customer because you’re the voice of the business and you need to learn from the feedback. But if I believe I can reach out, for example with my handwritten thank you notes, I will first get your approval.

Don’t people hate being contacted by businesses? Not when you’re reaching out to solve a problem for them. Just make sure you are calling to genuinely listen to them and get feedback to make your store better (the sale is the happy bi-product of you reaching out to build a relationship). As for my handwritten thank you notes, everyone loves those!

I’m too shy to call people. Most of the entrepreneurs I work with are. But building and growing a business goes hand in hand with the entrepreneur’s personal development, mental and emotional growth too. Growth doesn’t visit those who won’t step outside of their comfort zone and practice things they aren’t good at. There is a great book on this by Ryan Holiday, “The Obstacle is the Way.”

What do I say when they pick up? That’s a great problem to have. Luckily I offer an Enterprise version for stores doing more than 50 abandoned carts and thank you notes per day per day. My trained team of scouts make the calls for you. Just email me with the subject “Scout Pro.”

Scout Abandoned Cart Recovery reviews

26 reviews
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Scout is a must-have with so many functions abandoned cart tracking an the option of sending your customers a handwritten text Style thank-you letter. Scott has definitely save me from a lot of headaches and truly allow me to focus my time where it is needed.


I was so frustrated by not being able to immediately get a notification when someone abandoned cart. Those missed opportunities need to be jumped on ASAP. Scout has not only given me instant notifications, but also sends me all the abandon details I need, along with direct access to get in touch with the potential customer through whichever channel works best.


Truly an AMAZING APP ! Thank you :)!


Love Scout. Scout makes me feel good about talking to my customers. And I love that it focuses on customer relationships and not just abandoned checkouts. Every day I get an alert on my best customer, and Scout asks me if I want to send a handwritten note. I tried it, and got an amazing reply from my customer already. Anyone who wants to build brand loyalty should use this app!


Great app notifies me when I have an abandoned cart and reminds me to call that customer! What a great idea - I never thought to call abandoned cart customers.


Installed for about a month, it never worked (and I have tons of abandoned carts from the analytics)


Awesome app. www.allexpressnow.com


I love the app. I get a facebook message when there's an abandoned cart and then I call or email them back asap when they're still close to buying. It's free so it's a no brainer.


Totally LOVE this app and not just because its FREE... but because it allows my small business to have a 'customer support' feel to my business. Which builds customer trust etc. It is easy to use. And as long as I am using mobile data, or wifi... I can offer customer support wherever I am. Brilliant! A totally MUST have app for small businesses and if you are just starting out with shopify.


I really wanted this one to work. It started off sending me messages on any Abandon Cart for the first day. Then it was sending everything as an abandoned Cart which I contacted one and they said they paid.. looked and yes they did. Then it was intermittent on what came in and missed a lot then started to give me paid customers as abandoned. Hopefully it gets the bugs taken care of.



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