SEO Get Clicked! SEO Tools

SEO Get Clicked! SEO Tools

by Adolab

Get More Sales! Rank Tracking, Track Competitors, JSON-ld SEO

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My shop organic traffic is down 45% year-over-year just in time for fall shopping! Thanks AdoLab! I had hoped that this app would be increasing my traffic after giving it the 6 months they suggest. Support was responsive, but not sure that this app does what they claim for SEO. They also suggested blogging every 2 days. I'm no author, and need to spend my time producing and fulfilling orders. Researching and writing every day is great for any website's SEO if you have the time for that, but I don't so I hired AdoLabs only to find out that I also need to commit 8-15 hours a week to make quality content for a blog that maybe will get noticed after 6 months building it, instead of my products. That's why I uninstalled this app in a nutshell. If you install this, put a monthly reminder in your calendar to watch your year-over-year sales/traffic/etc. and uninstall this if it doesn't perform. Their marketing seems to be somewhat like a gym membership -- you'll see results if you work at it. Meanwhile a year goes by and you don't go to the gym, but get billed monthly.

Chester Leo: The Puppy Dog!

Before I installed this app, I was slowly increasing my daily organic traffic. It wasn't a huge amount, but that's why I installed the app. Unfortunately, within days of installing the app, my organic traffic dropped to 1 visitor a day - and there are days when I have zero organic visitors.

This was before I even began to work on SEO - so it wasn't a matter of choosing the wrong keywords, etc. I contacted tech support, and do appreciate their amazing effort to solve the problem. I took their suggestions and gave the app more time, but now after two months, I still have 1 or 2 daily organic visitors. But unfortunately, the app completely destroyed any organic traffic I was getting.

In fact, I've had zero organic visitors in the last two days.

Gives you 7 days free trial and promises result in 3 to 12 weeks? what kind of none sense is this. How am I suppose to evaluate the app? what is the purpose of the 7 days trial if i can see results only after 12 weeks?