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ShipHero Inventory & Shipping

ShipHero Inventory & Shipping

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65 reviews
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  • The tools you need to run your e-commerce operation.
  • More than just software, we'll help you understand how to be successful in managing your operation.
  • Chat with the ShipHero team and schedule a demo.

Your Warehouse, Saved.

You know your product. You know your customer. ShipHero's platform & the ShipHero team empowers you to run your operation without the need for separate apps.

Key ShipHero Features

Smart Shipping

  • Use your multiple shipping carriers, with rate quoting for each label generated.

  • Ship a single order or many orders by batch using your desktop or mobile devices.

  • Bulk ship many orders quickly that contain the same items.

  • Ship how you want to, with customized rules and shipping methods.

  • Take advantage of barcodes, no need for additional software.

  • Know who shipped every order. Know what every member of your team is doing with activity tracking that helps you quickly know your best workers, or who are making mistakes.

  • Generate Pre-paid Shipping Labels in bulk.

Maximized Productivity

Get more done with less. ShipHero helps customers ship 5,000 orders per day with 4 employees, with other customers routinely shipping 10k orders per day. Take advantage of the features that improve your team productivity that include:

  • The live Dashboard allows you to instantly know at-a-glance what is happening with your orders and inventory.

  • Orders are automatically prioritized by required ship date, helping your team to avoid late orders.

  • Batch Picking allows you to pick and pack many orders at once, with smart prioritization that minimizes walking distance for your pickers.

  • Assign specific roles to your warehouse team by separating your picking and packing. Every action of your team is tracked and reported for you to continually optimize productivity.

  • Barcodes help with speed and accuracy. ShipHero provides barcode generation, printing and scanning without requiring additional software.

  • Voice Picking means less tapping and typing, and more picking and packing.

  • Create your own Automation Rules to quickly set order details as soon as the order is received.

  • Customer Service will love the ShipHero returns features that allow your customers to generate their own returns.

Always Accurate Inventory

ShipHero manages your inventory across your connected sales channels. No matter if you have 10 SKUs or millions of SKUs with custom variants. ShipHero helps our customers big and small to accurately manage inventory and track any changes.

  • Use Kits to quickly group your products and sell as bundles across your sales channels.

  • Always have accurate details on your products, with the flexibility to control reserves and sell aheads.

  • Purchase Order management means you can easily create, edit and receive inventory directly into your warehouse.

  • Powerful Reporting allow you to generate reports on inventory changes, inventory variance and stale inventory, so you can make smarter decisions on the products you sell.

  • Quality Assurance is built into every feature, which means you can operate faster with zero errors. ShipHero will help your team avoid simple mistakes that can cost money and customers.

  • Cycle Counting helps you avoid disrupting your business. Now you can count stock while processing orders, and with full reporting features, always know what is happening with your inventory updates.

Optimized Order Management

The most critical part of your business is making sure you can get customers their orders out the door, accurately and on time. Millions of orders have been shipped using ShipHero by thousands of warehouse team members.

  • Orders are automatically prioritized by required ship date, helping your team avoid late orders.

  • Quickly manage invalid addresses and fraud alerts with features to help validate addresses and flag an order with a Fraud Alert if invalid payment information is detected.

  • Handle single package or multi-package orders with ease.

  • Enable your team to effectively communicate questions or issues with orders directly within ShipHero, connecting your warehouse team with your customer support and sales teams.

Fulfillment By Amazon

No matter if you’re currently selling on Amazon, or plan to in the future, ShipHero allows you to connect directly to your Amazon sales channel.

  • Instantly know your FBA inventory levels.

  • Generate and track your FBA Sales reports, by individual SKU or across your entire inventory.

  • FBA restocking is now easy, with direct FBA restocking available directly from your warehouse.

  • Stop paying those additional Amazon fees. ShipHero generates 2D FBA restock barcode labels on your FBA boxes.

Features Our Customers Love

Since first being available for Shopify in 2014, ShipHero has helped hundreds of customers big and small drastically improve their operations. Our mission is to give you the tools to optimize your operations, in a single, easy to use platform.

  • 99.9% uptime and reliability means you can have the confidence to know your operations can run without downtime.

  • Stella Customer Support that’s there to help and assist. You can talk directly with customer support using our online chat, where we get to know you and your needs.

  • Growing documentation, help and best practices guides available in the ShipHero Help Center.

  • ShipHero enables you focus on growing your business, with a platform that allows you to customize your operations to suit your needs.

  • No matter what you’re trying to accomplish, ShipHero gives you extensibility to solve your operational problems. From customizable rules and workflows, to integration with the ShipHero API.

Get ShipHero Now

You can start using ShipHero right now. We provide a 30-day money back guarantee, providing you the opportunity evaluate and use all the features of ShipHero for your business, with the help of our team who will work with you every step of the way. Get Started.

  • Alternately, if you want to learn more about how we help businesses big and small get control of everything that happens with inventory and orders once sales are made, you can explore our videos and Help Center.

  • Finally, we know your business is unique. ShipHero has guided many unique customers drastically improve their operations. Quite often, this process begins with your specific questions about how ShipHero could solve your specific business needs. You can request a demo, where a solutions team will work with you to understand your goals, and detail how ShipHero can help you achieve them.

ShipHero Inventory & Shipping reviews

65 reviews
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We've been using ShipHero for over 6 months and have had a few issues, but their customer service and tech support has always been very responsive and worked us thru any issues. We also like the fact that it updates inventory almost immediately between Shopify and then to our other channels. The iPad app is very useful for doing cycle counts, pick and pack online orders and managing inventory overall. We would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a comprehensive inventory management system for their multi-channel business.


I've had a few pain points with ShipHero but overall the experience has been very positive. The highlight for me has been their customer support team --- they offer live chat support and almost always reply within minutes, with a dedicated rep that's super knowledgeable about the platform. I've found a lot of apps within the Shopify store that have offered excellent CS support, but it's hard for me to think of one better than ShipHero so far.


I recommend ShipHero highly. Shopify + ShipHero is how we run our business and we're delighted with both. The software has the features we need to run and scale our business. The ShipHero team helped us get set up quickly (at no charge) and answered all our questions. Would give 6 stars if I could. Give ShipHero a try.


Great app to manage your shipping. It doesn't matter how complicated your set up is, the guys at Shiphero are with you every step of they way !


Love it! warehouse management at its best. guys over at SH help us all the time. incredible service and app!


This is the glue between my sales channels and my warehouse. I was impressed by the automatic shipping confirmation email that includes tracking which is sent through shopify as soon as orders are fulfilled. I didn't even have to configure that. It syncs for free with Xero so now my accounting workflows are automated, too.


ShipHero has been a great partner. The staff is always quick to respond, and the in-person training was extremely informative. It's been a wonderful tool and helped with all of our shipping needs. We can't recommend it enough.


ShipHero is a powerful software solution back-end for your e-commerce operations, highly recommended. Whether you are working in popular storefronts like Shopify or on Amazon, the best marketing, the best product, the best stores.. All of it quickly falls apart without integral fulfillment. Efficiently getting product out to customers, handling the organizational overload of multiple e-commerce front ends or hundreds of orders, interfacing with multiple carriers and tiers to keep shipping costs in check, maximizing efficiency in the warehouse, and most of all organization.. ShipHero brings all this and more to the table. Support has been excellent, we needed clarification and a feature change to meet the extensive customization in our e-commerce operations, ShipHero saw the benefit and expanded their API within a day. That kind of attention to detail, initiative and support when combined with an already stellar software product make for an unbeatable combination. Our expanding e-business needs a solid foundation, Shiphero has provided this for us.


Amazing App! Amazing support! This is by far the most efficient shiping and inventory option we have found. Love that you can run from Ipad intergrate barcode scanners for picking. Picking, packing and shipping orders is fast and efficient. It is not uncomon for us to pick, pack and ship orders in less then Three Minutes with the Shiphero System. Maintaining stocking levels, multiple vendors for same SKU, Kits etc are all a breeze.
Ship Hero also has the most responsive tech suport I've ever seen, a model that other vendors should learn from. With over a year of using ShipHerro, I can honestly say it's the most important app we have added to Shopify.


The best decision I've made is moving to ShipHero. The app is amazing, the integration with Shopify is perfect. Order import is practically instantaneous. ShipHero has replaced my previous inventory, picking/packing, and shipping softwares and works better than any of them ever did. This app works like you think every app should work. It does its job and it's fast. The most amazing thing has been the customer service. So quick and helpful, they've been a dream to work with. I wish I'd switched sooner.


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