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ShipHero Inventory & Shipping

ShipHero Inventory & Shipping

Developed by ShipHero

86 reviews
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  • Get the Best Shipping Rate for Every Order You Ship
  • Inventory Purchasing, Receiving, Barcoding, Location and Stock Management
  • Eliminate Multiple Apps with a Complete WMS

Selling Your Product Is Only The First Step

ShipHero takes your growing business the rest of the way. From inventory management to simplified shipping, easy returns and much more.

You know your product. You know your customer. ShipHero can help you solve the challenges of getting your orders to your customers, no matter if it's 50 or 5000 orders per day.

Key ShipHero Features

Integrated Shipping

  • Use your multiple shipping carriers, with rate quoting for each label generated.

  • Ship a single order or many orders by batch using your desktop or mobile devices.

  • Bulk ship many orders quickly that contain the same items.

  • Ship how you want to, with customized rules and shipping methods.

  • Know who shipped every order. Know what every member of your team is doing with activity tracking that helps you quickly know your best workers and who are making mistakes.

  • Generate pre-paid Shipping Labels in bulk.

Be Fast, with Less Mistakes

  • The live Dashboard allows you to instantly know what's happening with your orders and inventory.

  • Orders are automatically prioritized by required ship date, helping your team to avoid late orders.

  • Batch Picking allows you to pick and pack many orders at once, with smart prioritization that minimizes walking distance for your pickers.

  • Assign specific roles to your warehouse team members. Every action of your team is tracked and reported for you to continually optimize productivity.

  • Barcodes help with speed and accuracy. You get everything you need for barcode generation, printing and scanning without additional software.

  • Voice Picking means less tapping and typing, and more picking and packing.

  • Create your own Automation Rules to quickly set order details as soon as the order is received.

  • Built in returns management makes life easier for your customer support team, and happier customers who can generate their own returns.

Regain Your Inventory Confidence

ShipHero manages your inventory across your connected sales channels. No matter if you have 10 SKUs or millions of SKUs with custom variants.

  • Use Kits to quickly group your products and sell as bundles across your sales channels.

  • Always have accurate details on your products, with the flexibility to control reserves and sell aheads.

  • Purchase Order management means you can easily create, edit and receive inventory directly into your warehouse.

  • Powerful Reporting allow you to generate reports on inventory changes, inventory variance and stale inventory, so you can make smarter decisions on the products you sell.

  • Quality Assurance is built into every feature, which means you can operate faster with zero errors. ShipHero will help your team avoid simple mistakes that can cost money and customers.

  • Cycle Counting helps you avoid disrupting your business. With full reporting features, always know what is happening with your inventory.

Orders Shipped On-Time = Happy Customers

ShipHero is the fastest way to get your orders shipped, accurately and on time.

  • Orders are prioritized by required ship date, helping your team avoid late orders.

  • Quickly manage invalid addresses and fraud alerts.

  • Handle single item or multi-item orders with ease.

  • Enable your team to effectively communicate questions or issues with orders.

Fulfillment By Amazon

No matter if you’re currently selling on Amazon, or plan to in the future, ShipHero allows you to connect directly to your Amazon sales channel.

  • Know your FBA inventory levels.

  • Generate and track your FBA Sales reports, by individual SKU or across your entire inventory.

  • Easy FBA restocking with direct FBA restocking available directly from your warehouse.

  • Stop paying those additional Amazon fees. ShipHero generates 2D FBA restock barcode labels on your FBA boxes.

Trusted by Global Companies, Large and Small

Since 2014, ShipHero has helped hundreds of customers big and small drastically improve their operations.

  • 99.9% uptime and reliability means you can have the confidence to know your operations can run without downtime.

  • Stella Customer Support that’s there to help and assist. You can talk directly with customer support using our online chat, where we get to know you and your needs.

  • Get quick answers from the Help Center with videos and articles.

  • ShipHero enables you focus on growing your business, with a platform that allows you to customize your operations to suit your needs.

  • No matter what you’re trying to accomplish, ShipHero gives you extensibility to solve your operational problems. From customizable rules and workflows, to integration with the ShipHero API.

Solve Your Challenges Now

You can start using ShipHero right now. With simple pricing plans designed to scale with your need. We offer a 30-day money back guarantee giving you the time and resources you need to try without paying a penny if you decide we're not for you.

Install Now, or Schedule a Personalized Demo and finally solve your inventory, fulfillment and shipping issues.

ShipHero Inventory & Shipping reviews

86 reviews
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We are very happy with shiphero! We did tons of research on all the inventory apps available which led to shiphero and sku labs. We installed both apps and did a series of tests finding that shiphero had a lot more features for inventory management and shipping. Shiphero is great to get started with inventory management with plenty of room for growth. Their mobile app is great also for sending shipments in just a few clicks.

Here are a few things that we really like about the app:
1) We store pdf's within the sku's for technical drawings (would love it if we could upload other files, currently just have the ability for images and pdf's)
2) We have nested kits so we know every individual part that makes up our products. Also allows for effortless inventory tracking.
3) We have an automation rule set to use a customers shipping account when they place an order and our shipping account for regular customers. We also have automation rules set to prioritize shipments.
4) We set up vendors for different departments of our business to send purchase orders when we need to manufacture more of our products.
5) Any questions or help we need they are very quick to respond with knowledgeable people on the other end.
6) All outgoing orders are quickly barcode scanned for accuracy with visibility showing that the packer did his job correctly.

I highly recommend this app. Their product and service is so great that I had to take the time to give them a great review for all their hard work!


I would give ShipHero 6 stars if I could!

Easy to use software right out of the box. Same look and feel as Shopify, so there's limited training needed.

It fits the needs of our large 8-figure turnover company with 50+ employees, covering everything from Wholesale, Goods In, Barcode Readers, Different User Access Levels, iPad App for even easier access and use, easy plug-n-play with Shopify, and the best help and support you could wish for. Fast, prompt and genuinely helpful.

We looked at all of the other solutions, and ShipHero was by far the best value for money. They're difficult to beat.

DW, CMO, WigOutlet.com


Having used Shipstation, Stitchlabs and several others before ShipHero, I cannot recommend ShipHero more highly.

ShipHero is a complete system for running your ecommerce operation. It is powerful, the system is fast and it's reliable and accurate.

There are a ton of features in ShipHero that we did not expect to find, it's a pretty comprehensive solution.

If you're shipping more than 100 hundred orders a day, you won't find better software to run your Shopify business than ShipHero.


ShipHero is the answer to all your inefficiencies in your warehouse!

Are you looking for a complete, "out of the box", Warehouse Management System (WMS) to improve your business?

Do you want to enable LIVE inventory quantities that are pushed to your sales platform, organize your warehouse inventory with product locations, improve picking/shipping speed and accuracy, lower shipping costs, have the ability to cycle count inventory on a regular basis without closing your store, create purchase orders and receive inventory with the click of a button, and continuously track warehouse performance and metrics in real time?? ShipHero can do all this and MORE!

Our business was growing at such a rate that we could barely keep up with the volume of orders each day. We were in need of a system that was much more efficient and accurate compared to the current system we were using, which was basically "Stone Age" technology. We needed a system that controlled our inventory across our various sales channels, IN REAL TIME, to prevent running out of stock, causing customer back orders. We wanted a system to seamlessly purchase products from our manufacturers, receive them into our warehouse inventory, and make them available for sale on our channels. Picking and shipping orders with paper invoices, one at a time, was just not efficient any more. Trying to determine the cheapest and fastest shipping carrier ourselves was slowing our throughput with shipping. We were tired of manually taking metrics and entering them in an excel sheet to create reports on our progress within the warehouse. The list when on, and on, and on...

Once we found ShipHero, it was game on! It seemed as though every thing we needed to improve upon to grow our business, ShipHero had an answer for. The ShipHero Support staff was instrumental in assisting in the implantation of their system. They stayed in constant communication every time we had questions about how to use or implement the system until we had a solution. With a very useful support web page, YouTube videos, LIVE webchat, and the rest of their solutions support team, setting up ShipHero was not that hard at all.

In a little over 6 weeks, our warehouse went from the stone age to the 21st century and we couldn't be happier! The warehouse used to be a focal point of our attention, now that we have ShipHero in place, we can focus our entire attention on continuing to grow our business!


ShipHero's functional features are exactly what all Ecommerce stores/shops need to run a organize and successful business. Once you are familiar with the platform and have all the functionalities tailored to your company's needs, the work flow becomes more fluid.

However, we hope to see a stronger on-boarding demo, maybe more youtube tutorial videos in the future. Setting up Shiphero is a process. It is discouraging to seek assistance and be sent a link to an article to resolve the issue. I think we can all agree that nowadays businesses run on immediate answers and solutions, this is the reality of the industry we all work in. Whether it is demanded by business customers or buying customers.

ShipHero support team has been AMAZING through the process. Not to discredit anyone on the team, but I would like to acknowledge AMANDA & MARTIN for providing great customer support. It takes TREMENDOUS PATIENCE to deal with 1000's of customers with countless questions & concerns on a day to day basis. These two have been exceptional and HOPE THEY BOTH GET RAISES!
(hope that helps =) haha )

Looking forward to seeing ShipHero's IMPROVED & NEW FEATURES in the near future. We look forward to our longterm partnership with ShipHero.



Amazing platform! Our fulfillment process has really been simplified.

Their team recently held our hand through an otherwise tough migration and it couldn't have been any smoother.

Thanks ShipHero!


If you want a full system for running your e-commerce business, you found it.

ShipHero does a lot. If you have odd requirements, give the ShipHero team a call, they'll explain how to accomplish what you need.

We do custom embroidery in bulk for schools.

We do subscription boxes.

We sell on Amazon, Walmart, eBay.

We do FBA.

We ship from multiple-warehouses.

We can sell over 1,000 units in 24 hours during our sales.

We receive orders by the 40' container with about 10,000 units coming in at a time across multiple sizes and colors which are received by several people simultaneously.

ShipHero handles all these things extremely well.


Thank you for very good customer service!

The service and software they deliver are very good and the best we have seen in the market so far. Unfortunately, were not ready to switch to their system at this time but we will definitely be back as customers at a later date.
Highly recommended to anyone who wants control over their shipments and inventory.

Once again thank you for brilliant follow-up and customer service!


We've been using ShipHero for years. I highly recommend the software, it's powerful and does a great job of managing inventory, purchase orders, orders, returns and is amazing in the warehouse. A+


WE LOVE SHIPHERO!!! From order fulfillment to inventory management, could not ask for anything better. The iPad/iPhone integrations make life easy and reduce packer error like nothing else. Great team, great support, couldnt ask for anything more!

From $499.00 / month

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