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Edited June 22, 2022

I wrote a very positive review about ShippyPro back in may 2019. Over the last few months things have changed quite a bit for the worse - so I wanted to update the review, partly for the benefit of other business owners, and also in the slight chance that somebody at ShippyPro is taking the time to read feedback.
When it's working, the App has and does save an enormous amount of time in creating shipping labels. I'd say that it is the most beneficial app we use.
About three or four months ago (perhaps a little more), ShippyPro stopped allowing customers to open a support chat directly on their platform. to put this in context, before this you could open a chat and ask questions when you had a problem - BUT - even before, the responsiveness of the support was not good. Often you'd open a chat, ask a question, and it would be minimum 30 mins before somebody answered you - sometimes hours. Now, you can't easily open a chat - they direct you to a BOT chat and help pages - eventually you get the opportunity to write a message with your problem - but you'll be lucky to get a reply the same day.
If you are lucky enough to get a reply, you will have somebody answering your questions after a few hours - so trying to resolve business and time critical problems is incredibly difficult.
To summarise - amazing App when working - customer support terrible.
I never thought I'd get to this point - but I'm actually looking at alternatives now. FYI ShippyPro - yes customer support is THAT important. With good support your App would get the five stars it used to - with the current support, I'm afraid it's a generous two stars.

The Revive Club
Over 3 years using the app
November 9, 2021

too many munual operations to perform, e.g no possibilities to setting rules to split or merge order automatically

About 3 years using the app
February 24, 2021

La app funziona complessivamente abbastanza bene ma con Shopify non si riescono a mostrare i punti ritiro nel live checkout. Per avere tale funzionalità avevo sottoscritto un piano Fast Growing di Shippypro ed effettuato un pagamento annuale a Shopify, come indicato nelle loro guide, spendendo soldi inutilmente. Il supporto tecnico è praticamente inesistente, non risponde né in chat né per email. Numero di telefono nemmeno a parlarne...

About 2 years using the app
May 23, 2022

The app itself is okay, but the team is very bad!!
We have been over 6 hours in the live chat, as the plan was not working suddenly, without getting any answers. Hundreds of packages are waiting for fullfilment because of their service -.-

Almost 2 years using the app
Edited October 31, 2019

OK so, third update to the review......

The first review was 1 star as we had no technical support and arranged meetings with ShippyPro, which they failed to attend and have admitted this in emails. They only reached out to me once I'd posted a 1 star review!

The second review was 4 stars for the reasons below.....

After a bumpy start, the support has been very good and on point.

I've not given it 5 stars as we use UPS, DPD & Royal Mail for shipping. UPS is great as we only have to input our account details and it automatically pulls over all the rates, which is great, works as advertised.

DPD on the other hand, we have to input all the different rates for weights and zones for the whole world! This is going to take at least a few full days of data entry to accomplish and not a pleasant job. We haven't done this yet so, cannot use all the functions of the app. Will update when we've done so.

Royal Mail does not work at all. Support have said that they are in negotiations with Royal Mail at the moment, but they really shouldn't advertise that the app uses them if it cannot.

The UI is easy to navigate and reasonably intuitive to pick up. We only wanted an app like this to instantly provide customers with tracking numbers as soon as their order is fulfilled. This alone will save us between one and two hours a day!

Will update once we've got all the feeds up and running used it for a couple of months.....

Third review....

So, I ended up deciding to give ShippyPro a shot and went ahead and bought a monthly plan, wish I hadn't for the following reasons.....

I needed to input all the DPD rates manually. This meant setting up around an extra 30 couriers, even though they were all DPD, one for every different rate. The problem is that to be able to add more than one courier you have to purchase their monthly or annual scheme. I went ahead and did this so I could enter all the extra DPD rates. I then fell ill and did not get to complete the task. I then went to enter all the details two weeks later and found I couldn't any more! Turns out you have to purchase your units (one unit is one shipping label etc) in advance, but if you don't use them that month you lose them, they do not carry over! This means any that you have purchased and not used, you lose. This model is totally flawed as you have to buy more than you think you might need depending on sales. You're always going to have surplus that you've paid for, but not used so, you're losing money every month.

I complained about this and they said they would carry it over for one month for me, but were quite emphatic in saying this will never happen again.

And still no Royal Mail even though they're still advertising as usable on their platform! I wonder how many others don't actually work either.

I've now deleted the app and chalked up the lose of money up to experience.

Sorry, but I cannot recommend this app at all.....

Ultimate Modelling Products
United Kingdom
6 months using the app
July 6, 2021

If you want to import the orders to generate the labels, you have to pay the annual subscription, that is, the monthly subscription is useless.
The customer service is robotic, you ask something and they answer what they want.
I give it 2 stars because I imagine it will work, but I have not been able to verify it. After paying 70$ subscription for 500 shipments they tell me it's no good, that I have to pay the annual subscription.

Les Santes
About 1 month using the app
ITALIAN VALLEY SRL replied July 7, 2021

Thank you for your feedback!

Once you have connected Shopify to your ShippyPro account we confirm that an annual subscription will provide you the added benefit of importing all orders automatically while a monthly one will allow you import only the last 25.

However, it is possible to easily import the rest of the orders that were present on your Shopify account before its connection to ShippyPro by uploading them in an Excel, a CSV or a TXT file. Here you can find the relevant step-by-step guide.

We hope that this clarification helps and we encourage you to contact us if you have any further questions. We'll be happy to assist you!

November 4, 2021

We installed the APP for managing domestic and overseas shipments with UPS...but unfortunately the API don't send the VAT code of my Company on the paperless documents UPS needs for customs, in few words: USELESS.
We contacted the customer service and all I got was: "It's our fault, but don't know when it will be solved, thank you". Please please, just fix this issue

29 days using the app
March 30, 2020

The biggest problem is that this app will not add weight to all products like in their PRESTASHOP app. That's a huge downside because there's no such thing as "automation" if I need to fill 1000 orders by hand and check all of their weight.

7 days using the app
ITALIAN VALLEY SRL replied March 30, 2020


The features for each marketplace are listed at the following page

As you can see parcel import is not available for Shopify

However you can obtain the same result by uploading an excel file with all the dimensions and weight for each SKU

July 31, 2021

Before I downloaded this app, I checked their official site and it clearly stated they supported my courier but after downloading it, it turns out it does not and it is still on the page which is very misleading.
I emailed them and they responded quickly but it does not seem like they communicated with each other, 3 different people sent me emails about the same issue.

Fake Plastic Love
Hong Kong SAR
3 days using the app
May 15, 2020

J'ai telechargé cette ap car c'est la seule qui gère Delivengo mais malheureusement cela ne fonctionne pas, impossible de créér une etiquette

Santa Muerte Paris
About 23 hours using the app