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Shopify Power Tools Suite

Shopify Power Tools Suite

Developed by Power Tools

63 reviews
Price: $15.99 / month Free Trial: 5 days More info
  • Increase customer conversions by adding a filter menu, sort order selector, and sort by popularity for your collections
  • Enhance collections with powerful tools such as Smarter Collections, Auto Collections and more
  • Keeps your site running smooth with smart deletion, auto hiding products and global sort orders to name a few

Shopify Power Tools Suite - tools for your store

Power Tools unlocks the full potential of your store with tools that help your customers, help your marketing and help you!

Managing collections and products can take a lot of time and effort, as well as affect your sales and customer discovery. Power Tools can assist in basic tasks, automate processes and add new features to your store.

  • Create a filter style menu - Improve your site's navigation with a side menu similar to all the top e-commerce sites, such as Amazon and eBay. Help your customers filter down by product attributes such as color, size and price.

  • Create an automated pricing policy - save time and effort by creating a pricing policy for your store that will update your prices based on age, inventory and other rules. Great for running sales too!

  • Trending Products - put your best products first to ensure you get the highest conversion rate.

  • Smarter Collections - Frustrated by the limitations of smart collections in Shopify? Smarter Collections can help by allowing you to select a combination of collections to include and exclude. This gives you the ability to have multiple OR and NOT filters.

  • Customers can select the sort order for a collection - Allow customers to view collections in the sort order they prefer, from a list of sort orders that you choose.

  • Auto Collections - Automatically create collections for each product type and vendor, helping your SEO, branding and customer experience.

  • Sold Out Products - Manage sold out products by automatically hiding them, removing them from collections or placing them at the end of a collection.

  • Smart Delete - Allow un-delete and auto redirect when removing collections and products to help your SEO, user experience and save time.

  • Sort Orders - Globally enforce a fixed sort order for smart and custom collections, giving your store a consistent feel and allowing easy testing to find the optimal sort order.

  • Random Sort Order - Order a collection randomly, updating once an hour to keep your featured collections looking fresh.

  • Bulk Edit Tags (Free) - Easily edit your product tags.

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For a demonstration visit the demo store - password is password

An example of a live store is Jenn Louise Handbags Australia

Note: The video shows a mega menu, this is not an app, it may be part of your theme and is not added by Power Tools.

Shopify Power Tools Suite reviews

63 reviews
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I use this app on multiple stores. Great support. Clients love it.

Greg Carter, Webmaster


Absolutely worth it.

I literally use this app any time I am updating our website. The filter menu is in my opinion the best option for sorting products using SHopify.

The smart delete function I use all the time - it is invaluable.

The bulk edit tags has saved HOURS upon hours of time editing products for the filter menu. A customer literally every day thanks us for making our website so easy to browse.

This app is 100% WORTH IT.


We've had this application installed since January 8th of 2015. It is truly fantastic. We were really looking forward to seeing how our customers enjoy the superior shopping experience we can offer them with the Filter Menu application installed, because we simply couldn't imagine this change being anything but a sales-increaser. Well, I can now say that this app's performance on our site not only looks great, but I can also flat-out say our store is making more money because of it. Caveat: We were not able to install or configure the application on our own. We paid for the full installation ($150) versus doing it ourselves (free) or having a basic install ($50) which I think is sufficient for most stores that don't use tags as extensively as we do for products. Through the process, I'd say three of our team had about 45 hours combined in working to come up with the strategy to most effectively use the Filter Menu and other features of PowerToolsSuite, avoid mistakes that could cause our collections to become messy, and to communicate our needs and desires via emails to the app developer. Yes, a few issues came up during the install process, and 90+% of them were dealt with very promptly and to the best of our developer Brad's ability without any request for more money. We expect to be customers of this app for a long time to come.
Update February 2017: still happy customers, thanks to Brad and FilterMenu! Yes, there are other pieces to the PowerTools suite of apps but we don't really know how to use them or what they do. However, Filter Menu we do use and it is an integral part of our product merchandising strategy. Love it!


Brad is a powerhouse! Extremely helpful, responsive, and honest. There's a slight learning curve with this app (as with many things concering Shopify), but I couldn't have asked for a better ally!


We've been very impressed with this app, you get A LOT of functionality all rolled into one subscription. Keep up the good work!



This app is a must-have for anyone selling multiple products that need bulk editing/organization. I highly recommend the inexpensive custom install offered by the developer and he was helpful with all of my questions. The pricing is fair considering the functionality it brings to the "bare-bones" shopify platform, which requires plug-ins like this one for full customization.


They call it Power Tools for a reason, thank you for a great app.


This app is absolutely a must have for every large store! I would never migrate from Magento to Shopify without the Shopify Power Tools. It brings me an amazing filter menu and some other great features like the Trending Sort Order. I had some questions about the app settings but the support was just perfect - Brad replies within an hour or two and even on Sunday.


If you want:
* great support - someone who will help you instead of try to charge you
* incredible filtering and more
* increased sales
*overall better customer experience

Buy this app. Truly, the standard for how all app devs should be. Thank you for your company!


Your search has ended. Powerful sidebar filtering full stop. We integrated the app and hired Power Tools to perform the custom install. Great price and completed in 24 hrs. Rare find

$15.99 / month
5 days

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