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Size Matters - Hassle-free Size Charts

Size Matters - Hassle-free Size Charts

Developed by Eastside Co

93 reviews
Price: Free More info
  • Easy-to-create size guide tables within the admin panel
  • No advanced code needed - Simply use a code snippet and product tags to include the size chart on the product page
  • Fully customisable with CSS - make it fit right in with your existing theme



Eastside Co are incredibly proud to release our first totally free app for the Shopify platform! Size Matters is an extremely simple way to create multiple size guides and use them for different products.


★ Simple with minimal code ★

We know how frustrating it can be to have to edit and hard-code size charts into your theme, so we’ve made creating a size guide as easy as possible.

In order to tell the app where to place where size guides should appear, you need just one line of code:

<div data-app="eastsideco_sizeGuides" data-shop="{{ shop.permanent_domain }}" data-tags="{{ product.tags | join:',' }}"></div>

Add this to your product page template and then you’re ready to create size guides! (Detailed instructions and support available after you add Size Matters to your store.)

You can create a size chart using the table generator within the app, then just add the guide to a product via product tags. Size guides can be easily edited and expanded.

Unlimited size guides ★

That’s right, create as many size guides as you need! It’s incredibly annoying, as a customer, to have to scroll through a long page of size guides for different products. With Size Matters, you can create many size guides, and make it so that only the relevant size guide shows on the product page.

★ Customisable ★

It’s really easy to make the size chart fit into your Shopify store using CSS, just use the following classes:

  • div.esc-size-guide

  • h5.esc-size-guide--title

  • table.esc-size-guide--table

  • tr.esc-size-guide--row

  • th.esc-size-guide--heading

  • td.esc-size-guide-cell


We offer support for installations and any help you may need using Size Matters. Simply drop us an email.


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Size Matters - Hassle-free Size Charts reviews

93 reviews
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  5. 1 star (3 reviews)

Amazing minimalist app. Although it was a little confusing at first but the support team did well in helping me throughout. Thanks once again!


Amazing app.Initially I feel problem in and I emailed to support and they done a great job by guiding me all the way through.Thanks support team


Very Professional. I HIGHLY recommend. Copy your manufacturer charts into this and make your brand look better.


I am happy that I download this software...nice and easy to setup
Please visit my website for quick demonstration


Super stoked on how easy it is to put together unique size charts from different manufacturers of mine!


12 bucks just to have someone help install your crappy app? No thanks


We've been using this app for about 2 weeks, and we think it is ABSOLUTELY fantastic! First, let me start off by saying that we were using another sizing app which we thought (and still do) was great. The problem was that due to the way that app worked, we could not use a product zoom on the product page. So, we searched for another size app, and found Size Matters. After setting up our first chart, I knew this app would be a winner.

Before I continue, here are two examples of how we've integrated this app into our product pages (inside the "SIZE & SHIPPING GUIDE"):


Being able to connect each product style to a size chart makes my job very easy. After creating a new product, I just add the size chart name as a 'TAG' on the product settings page, and that product automatically gets the sizing chart shown in the above two examples. The hard part is figuring out what your size chart will display. Once you've done that one thing, you never have to worry about that chart again. Awesome!

For the shoes, we chose to create a fit graphic and add that image before displaying the size chart. I read in the comments here someone said that the ability to add an image should be included. Those boxes above and below the size chart can be used for any HTML you want. We added images and tables in ours, to provide more details about each product for our customers.

For the shirts, we added some comparison sizes to other brands in the chart itself. This was something that a lot of people told us would make them more likely to purchase an online product if they could compare what they currently own to what we sell. Since we just launched our site last week, we'll have to wait to see if this helps our customers. Either way, Size Matters allows us to add things like that to a chart which is great. I hope our review helps anyone trying to decide whether or not they should use this app.



Hi guys.
Royi here.
Your app is awesome.
There should be a chance to leave a small png / jpg file under the chart, for clarifications. That would be a good add-on.


Check it out,
If you sale clothes online in any niche, you really need this great app.
This neat app let's you create size charts very easy.
Avoid customer returns due to wrong size. With this app you can easily create custom size charts and the really great part is that is free.

Like I said... Check it out.

Thanks Size Matters, you've made my life a lot easier.
Mike at Girl Store Cafe.


This app is AMAZING! I searched for hours for a way to make a size chart for my shop before I found this app. I recommend this to anyone that needs a quick and easy way to add a size chart!


★★★ Size Matters is free forever! ★★★

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