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Snappy Search

Snappy Search

Developed by Dogcommerce

14 reviews
Price: Free – $3.99 / month Free Trial: 5 days More info
  • Get the powerful search box live with unlimited support
  • Analysis of patterns of clicks by statistics
  • Definitely no configuration required

Instant search is a must requirement for almost every e-commerce site. Snappy Search provides customer a very convenient method to find out instantly, what he is looking for.

Writes and seeks to the instant

When you start typing in the search box, products begin to be deployed instantly automatically. The buyer can make clicking directly in them elements of search and find out what is looking for. the search in time real provides the image of the product, the title, the price, etc, all completely custom.

View instant searches

Search suggestions are in real time, that is to say instantly, without delay, its buyers deserve that experience.

Analysis of search data

You can find out and analyze all pattern search and history reports and control panel

  • Records monthly and weekly of search

  • keywords of search daily

  • page of destiny for several terms of search

  • terms of search
  • Easy installation and integration into your store

    Installs the application. Our team of programmers is responsible for everything to be automatic.


    We offer FREE INSTALLATION, CUSTOMIZATION. If you need any support from us, please email us at contact@dogcommerce.com

    Live Demo Store

    http://snappysearch.myshopify.com Just start typing in the search box...

    Snappy Search reviews

    14 reviews
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    5. 1 star (1 review)

    saving me tons from my previous search app. works great


    I love this application, the search for products is instantaneous, the price is accessible compared to other applications.


    I like the application, it is easy to use, it helps me to have more sales, I recommend it for businesses that are just beginning.


    I love, this application is easy to install, no doubt the sales in my store improved, the price is definitely worth compared to other similar applications.


    I love the application, easy to install, the installation was automatic, the search is instantaneous, with this application I managed to increase my sales, I am very happy.


    Excellent application, fast, fluid, you do not need to configure anything, is the best application that I could install so far.


    Best economical option I've found for improving the woefully bad default search on my shopify theme. In the default search some one searching 'large watch' would never see the products that didn't have those two words exactly together. So, products with 'large black watch' in the title would be left out.

    Snappy Search fixes this with the predictive search suggestion. It also does not force a whole new search results format onto the theme, which I like. While I think this should be standard in all themes, I'm happy to pay a few bucks a month so my customers can get accurate search results.


    Excellent app, works well and easy to use and was installed quickly and with no problems at all. This App increased our sales noticeably within days , I asked Alexander at Snappy Search if they could put a text box with search in so people would notice the search more , he did it straight away it made a difference , I asked later if he could put the words " Search what you want" in the box he did it and people are searching more and I have noticed an increase in sales value per order , people can find what they are looking for easily with this app as they are given excellent visual choices . it works well on mobiles and Ipads . First thing I asked was how long after I install it can I cancel if it did not work for us , expecting a year , it was for a month $ 2.99 , it was a no brainer after that to try it and I am glad we did . The shopify normal search itself held us back because it does not stand out , now our search stands out and gives excellent visual results that result in sales , I could not have asked for a better search app and the price made it good value for money as well . Mark Sutton for Photos in a Word


    Although a very basic product suggestions app and doesn't offer any extra feature unlike all other apps, for a starter store like us it's the best we can get in the current price point. Recommend it.

    EDIT: Downgrading the rating
    1. Slows down/freezes my pages. Incremental results takes too long to appear.
    2. Apps with advanced features are free, if you don't have thousands of products.
    3. Doesn't work if you change theme, on some themes looks very bad, doesn't work on mobile.


    EXCELENT app, it really works great! Thanks to this app it´s a lot easier and intuitive for my customers to search products

    Free – $3.99 / month

    You have a full 5 days to try it out for FREE and see the benefits for yourself. If you're not satisfied, simply uninstall before the 5 day trial is over and you won't be charged a single cent.

    5 days

    Support & Sales

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