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September 27, 2020

The purpose of this app was good but this app was very buggy and only allowed customization on mobile phone. This app was too difficult for my customers to sign up

Frosty Chainz
United States
About 12 hours using the app
King Commerce replied September 27, 2020

Hi Frosty,

You're making some really good points here.
One thing you may have noticed about our app, is that we are trying to integrate directly with any given site's theme - meaning the Community Pages should have the exact same header and footer - out of the box - and all your existing plugins should also work directly on your Community Pages.

One of the challenges of that approach is that each site has totally different styling - both on desktop and mobile.
Hence, it may take an extra couple of days for our developers to review how the app looks on your specific theme, and then tweak anything that needs tweaking to make it fit your exact brand styling.

I understand your frustration - since you also took time to set the Header and Icon Images, and add Tags.

So, the ball's in your court.

If you'd like to re-install the app, and then just not link to it in your header, we can have our developer's customize the styling - at no extra cost - before launching the Network to your community.

Either way, thanks for your valuable feedback, and for giving it a shot.

May 23, 2023

Not a lot of options to make this a true forum tool. It's like a blog extension. I'm sure you could do some really cool things if you're a expert Shopify developer but this won't let you hit the ground running.

Garifuna Graphics
United States
About 4 hours using the app
King Commerce replied July 9, 2023

@Garifuna Graphics, what kind of Features would you expect for the app to meet your needs?

June 28, 2021

2 Stars - Reason: Excellent concept. However, I don't believe it is quite ready yet. Unable to format text in an easy and intuitive way. Had a few members of my community immediately drop it and move on after I asked them to test it. Will watch this app, but as of right now it is not for me and my community.

Wizzle World
United States
About 3 hours using the app
King Commerce replied August 26, 2021

Hi Wizzle World,
Thanks for the honest feedback.