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Merchants highly recommend this app for enhancing user experience and boosting sales, particularly for stores with large inventories. They praise its flawless performance, customization options, and superior search capabilities. The app's seamless integration with existing themes and effective handling of specific categories and tags are also appreciated. The support team is recognized for their responsiveness and assistance with complex tasks and unique store requirements. The app is noted for improving site navigation, simplifying product discovery, and enhancing the professional appearance of a store.

Edited December 31, 2019

I've used EVERY filter app available on Shopify. Literally. All had things that made me iffy to use them such as non-multiselect options, jittery selection (where if I select a filter, it moves to the top of the page), not hiding subfilter options after a main filter was selected, refreshing the entire page after clicking a filter, opening the clicked item in a new page, the list went on and on. Not with Sparq. It may be new, but don't let fool you from the fact its a powerful search and filter app. I had an issue on initial install where my page ended up on a column to the left, so I emailed the support team...at 4:00 AM EST, and low and behold, I got a response back in 2 minutes! Really great, as opposed to waiting the next day as I had got accustomed to with other companies in the genre. Chris was awesome and kind and I truly couldn't be happier. He let me know it may take about 3 hours, and fixed it in 1. Not only did he fix the problem, he added filter selection to my collections lists as well. So now users can click on a collection page and filter through it without having to go to the main page. 5 stars all the way. They also have a free option which I believe covered 50 products, but I was so happy I decided to upgrade to the 100 product package because the filter is truly worth it and I don't think something this good should be free. Thanks to Sparq, I know my customer's shopping experience will be flawless.

United States
About 11 hours using the app
Sparq replied December 31, 2019

Thanks a lot for your review. I cannot say how glad is the team to receive this before we close 2019.

Looking forward to working with you in 2020. A very happy new year!

April 28, 2020

Good and usefull app for shopify, I used just filters, but this is the only one solution that I found for extended filters. Hence, there still some bugs, UX problems, and I would really like cheaper plan with only extended filters functionality.

Pyoor LLC
United States
7 days using the app
February 23, 2021

Just got started so I'll review accurately when I know more. This was the only way to clear the request

Beautiful Lies Boutique
United States
6 days using the app
Sparq replied February 23, 2021

Thank you there. I would love it if you can revise the review once you have used the product more :)

Thanks for choosing, Sparq Product Filters & Search

April 11, 2020

Great service and a nice application. A very positive approach to the customer, everything done expressively and reliably

Toner Experte
United Kingdom
About 2 hours using the app
Sparq replied April 15, 2020

Thank you Toner Experte. Our primary aim is to provide the best service with a beautiful filter and search application. We are happy to work with you.

April 9, 2020

Although I didn't end up keeping this app for other reasons, the staff support was amazing. Honestly, they responded really quick and supported me to see how they could get this to work.

Rusty Surfboards ME
United Arab Emirates
42 minutes using the app
Sparq replied April 15, 2020

Thank you Rusty Surfboards ME for such kind words, we at sparq believe in sharing and helping everyone with their requirements. We lost a store but we gained a friend. Happy to serve you anytime.

July 26, 2019

App keeps lagging and freezing. Do not recommend. Customer service has a pushy aggressive approach to marketing as well. Too little customizations, and where there are customizations they lack simplicity.
Needs improvement.

No, I won't remove my review.

Complete Archery
About 8 hours using the app
Sparq replied July 30, 2019

Hi Sebastian,

At the onset, I am sorry that we couldn't live up to your expectations. I also want to take this opportunity to address your feedback constructively.

I am sorry that you faced speed issues with our Shopify backend app and will work on it to improve for your location.

I am concerned if my customer support team came out as "pushy and possibly marketing" to you. I want to assure that the only intent is to be friendly and helpful to our clients. We provide onboarding services to all of our clients to help them use Sparq to best during the trial period which helps them understand the value we bring. This service is currently free of cost to all of our customers to make it easier for them to get on-board. I feel this probably could have created confusion for you that we are being pushy though the intent is to help you on-board easier.

Lastly, about the lack of features or simplicity of features, I partially agree about those. We are a growing product and definitely have a long way to go until we have all the bells and whistles. Despite that, we bring a lot of powerful features such as extremely fast search experience (under 50ms response time), Smart Dynamic Filters, Synonyms, etc which can be configured both from front-end and back-end (via customer support)

I hope we can work again sometime and get a chance to improve on this experience,

April 3, 2021

Be careful with this app.
After install this app, if you uninstall it, your search bar won't work anymore. I check the back-end of my store, there are full of back-up files created by this app that will still stay there even if you uninstall the app.
Really annoying!

About 1 hour using the app
Sparq replied March 4, 2022

Hello There,

I am sorry to hear about your experience but it seems you never configured the app. Sparq search needs to be integrated with your theme which can be done via your developer or we provide the onboarding support at no cost to all of our customers.

I do not see you ever reached out to the support for integrating Sparq for your store, though we send out multiple emails requesting if you need support with onboarding.

I would request you to reconsider your review as it does not reflect our services and app functionality correctly.

April 18, 2020

Don't like giving bad reviews but fed up with time wasted installing apps that don't work. Such a shame; it seems to be a good app but...

Hangs during installation. I tried on Firefox and Edge. After trying twice to install - uninstalling and reinstalling, I gave up after 15 minutes waiting for it to finish installing. I think it got to the part where they retrieve my customer personal data for their records. (Hopefully, they'll delete that data as per the shopify agreement to delete within 48 hours of uninstalling app).

I tried contacting their support but you need to book an appointment, according to their welcome email.

I received an email from them welcoming me the app and then mentions it is a 14 day trial but the blurb on the shopify app store says there's a free plan which, is conflicting.

Ards Animal Health
United Kingdom
30 minutes using the app
Sparq replied April 20, 2020

Dear Store Owner,

I am a tad disappointed in reading this review because we give serious attention to our customer service and have a full-time team available on live chat to assist store owners. I want to address your concerns here as our attempts to reach out to you have failed.

I gave up after 15 minutes waiting for it to finish installing - We sync data from Shopify stores and depending on the volume of data it might take a bit of time, but the app is usable after syncing in 250 items on the store.

I think it got to the part where they retrieve my customer's personal data for their records. - We never sync customer data, in fact, we do not even ask that data when requesting permission from you. I hope you can correct this statement

I tried contacting their support but you need to book an appointment, according to their welcome email. - The support is available almost full time via chat on our app and website. The book an appointment is free of cost service for merchants who want our services to setup Sparq for their stores and need help on that.

I received an email from them welcoming me the app and then mentions it is a 14-day trial but the blurb on the Shopify app store says there's a free plan which, is conflicting. - The 14-day trial is for our enterprise features which you can use free of cost during the trial. After 14 days, you can choose to downgrade to a Free plan or any paid plan as per your usage

I would have accepted your 1-star rating if you had given us a chance to serve and we failed you, but it seems like this rating is actually a culmination of other non-performing apps.

I hope you seriously consider updating your review because as a serious app developer, ratings are the only way for us to have better discoverability.

If you get a second chance to install the app, please do and drop us an email at hello@sparq.ai and we shall make sure this time your experience is better than last time