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Notification Email Editor & Analytics

Notification Email Editor & Analytics

Developed by Spently

Price: From $19.99 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Easily customize ALL of your Shopify Notification Emails (Order Confirmations, Shipping Confirmations, Abandoned Checkout Emails + more)
  • Automatically include Recommended Products, Unique Discount Codes, and Smart Ads
  • Measure the ROI and customer engagement of your Shopify Notification Emails

Save time and send better looking emails! Using Spently, you can easily customize ALL your Shopify Notification Emails with your branding, colors, social links and measure results. No coding required! Learn how to get started with this free guide!

Easily Up-sell with Email Notifications

The only app in the Shopify App Store to support all the email notifications your customers receive! These are existing emails your customers get after every purchase, but come standard from Shopify in plain text. With Spently, you’re able to create beautiful templates and track these emails, giving your store a more sophisticated look, and your customers a shopping experience that extends beyond the purchase. These are the email notifications on Shopify you can customize with Spently to include branding and promotions:

  • Order Confirmations

  • POS e-Receipts

  • Abandoned Checkout Emails

  • Shipping Confirmations

  • Shipping Updates

  • Order Cancellations

  • Gift Card Notifications

  • Customer Activation Emails

  • Customer Welcome Emails

  • Password Resets

  • Refund Notifications

Include Unique Discount Codes, Social Media Icons + more

You can include a 'Discount Code' component that generates unique discount codes in every email to encourage customers to purchase again within 2 weeks. Each discount code is one-time use.

Include social links in your template (Spently supports Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, + more) so the conversation doesn’t have to end after the sale.

Personalized Content

Using the 'Recommended Products' component on your Order Confirmation email, you're able to feature additional products from your store to upsell to your customers automatically. The suggested products are unique for every customer, based on our data-driven algorithm.

By providing targeted recommendations, you’re able to increase your click rate and the # of repeat sales.

Better Metrics = Better Results

With Spently’s reports, you can view the results of your email marketing on all your store's messages instantly! We measure email open rates, click rates, and ROI shows how much money your emails generate. Immediate insight into email performance will help you shape future communications to make the most of your customer touchpoints.

Free Trial!

Try Spently for FREE! After installing Spently, you receive a full 14 day free trial. Customize your first email notification and we’ll demonstrate how effective Spently is.

How Pricing Works

The ‘Basic’ Plan gives you access to all the transactional notification email templates, components, and analytics for only $19.99/month. With Spently, you can make things a little easier by managing all your emails in one place with all the features you need.


If you have a suggestion, feature request, or need help, email us at support@spentlyhq.com.

A customer support representative will respond to your request within 24hrs (Monday-Friday).

Notification Email Editor & Analytics reviews (115)


Very useful App!

You can reduce costs via a better management of your Notifications. We are an Austrian settled shop, even though the Template is in English you can change everything easily to German.


We were more than a little surprised at the rudimentary appearance of Shopify's canned email notifications. So, we were very pleased to find this Spently app. It's easy to use and creates some very nice looking emails. It includes all the email variables available through Shopify so we can easily make the modifications we need.


Customer service is excellent. Thanks to Ren for fixing my problems.


Great App! Easy to use and especially great for those (like me) who don't have the time or the know-how to create professional looking forms.


We have only just recently moved across to Shopify and so far love it. However, we were surprised by how limited their email templates are and the ability to easily modify them. Without an app like Spently there’s too much coding required compared to how simple everything else is in Shopify. Being able to modify email templates to match the look and feel of Scott’s brand as well as have a nice easy to use interface that matches the rest of Shopify was a must. We landed on Spently, and while it’s early days, we’re liking how easy it is to modify and change the templates and still get a professional result.

We’d like to see more ability to drill down into the data (e.g. rather than just total numbers of opens, who actually opened the email), but these updates I hope will come.

Really delighted with the Spently app so far and looking forward to being able to cross-promote products and drive repeat sales. Well worth the addition and an essential first app to add to your Shopify.


Wonderful app en very user friendly ! Keep up the good work Guy's!


Great app!!! User-friendly, I improved my e-mail notifications in a second. Highly recommend!


The Shopify email templates are so dry and basic. They just don't match the vibrancy and color of our brand. With Spently, we can make sure that our customers have a branded experience, not only on our website, but in their inboxes as well!


I love pretty much everything about Shopify, but I'm surprised at how basic their email templates are. I was so happy when I found Spently as my emails are all branded and professional looking now. There's a slight learning curve to use it, but it's extremely slight and well worth it!


the emails look really good now, had struggled a bit with the interface and choosing what email template set up would convert on my store and contracted the guys to set the templates up for me with images I provided, good personalised service and responsive to changes.
got a 130% open rate and a 23.6% click through rate so far resulting in a $332 ROI so far.

From $19.99 / month
14 days

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