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Notification Email Editor & Campaigns

Notification Email Editor & Campaigns

Price: $14.99 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Create beautiful Order Confirmations, POS e-Receipts, Abandoned Cart Emails, Shipping Confirmations, Email Campaigns + more!
  • Easy to use and customize templates - include your logo and branding, add special offers and social links
  • Measure results in real-time and learn how your customers interact with all your emails

Save time and send better looking emails! Using Spently, you can easily customize ALL your Shopify Notification Emails with your branding, colors, social links and measure results. No coding required! Learn how to get started with this free guide!

Easily Up-sell with Email Notifications

The only app in the Shopify App Store to support all the email notifications your customers receive! These are existing emails your customers get after every purchase, but come standard from Shopify in plain text. With Spently, you’re able to create beautiful templates and track these emails, giving your store a more sophisticated look, and your customers a shopping experience that extends beyond the purchase. These are the email notifications on Shopify you can customize with Spently to include branding and promotions:

  • Order Confirmations

  • POS e-Receipts

  • Abandoned Checkout Emails

  • Shipping Confirmations

  • Shipping Updates

  • Order Cancellations

  • Gift Card Notifications

  • Customer Activation Emails

  • Customer Welcome Emails

  • Password Resets

  • Refund Notifications

Include Offers and Social Media Icons

Enhanced email notifications provide great up-sell and cross-sell opportunities compared to standard email notifications in plain text. We have found that enhanced email notifications offer up to a 600% increase in clicks, up to a 125% increase in transactions, and up to a 360% increase in revenue per email.
You can include a special offer as an incentive for customers to return to your store after their purchase and include social links in your template (Spently supports Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, + more) so the conversation doesn’t have to end after the sale.

Personalized Content

Using the ‘Smart Ad’ component on your Order Confirmation email template, you’re able to easily configure cross-promotions within the email based on what was just purchased. For example, if a customer purchases a t-shirt, you can show an ad for a matching hat, and vice versa. By providing targeted recommendations, you’re able to increase your click rate and the potential for a repeat sale.

Take advantage of Spently's email campaigns

Send email campaigns & newsletters using the template builder for a consistent look across all messages. Spently automatically syncs all customer emails from your Shopify store so you can use your list to segment groups and send email campaigns. You can easily segment based on how much they’ve spent, where they are located, and a number of other parameters using your store data.

Better Metrics = Better Results

With Spently’s reports, you can view the results of your email marketing on all your store's messages instantly! We measure email open rates, click rates, sales, and more. Immediate insight into email performance will help you shape future communications to make the most of your customer touchpoints.

Free Trial!

Try Spently for FREE! After installing Spently, you receive a full 14 day free trial. Customize your first email notification and we’ll demonstrate how effective Spently is. Want to try email campaigns too? Sync up to 250 customer contacts for free.

How Pricing Works

The ‘Basic’ Plan gives you access to all the transactional notification email templates & analytics for only $14.99/month. You have the option to upgrade within the app to 'Premium' paid plans that start at $49.99/month up to 2500 customers with unlimited campaign sending and scales as your business grows. With Spently, you can make things a little easier by managing all your emails in one place at the most affordable rate.


If you have a suggestion, feature request, or need help, email us at support@spentlyhq.com.

A customer support representative will respond to your request within 24hrs (Monday-Friday).

Notification Email Editor & Campaigns reviews (71)


I was able to set up all of our emails in less than an hour! They look awesome and this app is so easy to use. Thank you for creating such a wonderful app!


My customer complained that her confirmation email didn't look legit. I than sent out an example to myself and saw that she was right. I had spent over 40 hours designing and perfecting my website, only to have my first sale complain and ask for a cancellation because she didn't feel comfortable or trust my store due to the email she received looking very generic and plain. I then immediately and frantically searched for a way to improve the visual appeal of my automated email response (the customer needs to receive an email that looks professional). That's when I found this app (Spently). Within 5 minutes I had designed a beautiful email confirmation template (they have templates for any situation, ex. refund notification, order confirmation, shipping confirmation etc.) Anyways when I sent the customer an email stating that she was my first sale and that I now improved the design of the email confirmation she received, she was so happy and she trusted me and my online store again, and she said that she didn't want to cancel her order anymore. So basically if you need beautiful and professional looking email templates for your eCommerce store you cannot choose anyone other than Spently. THANK YOU SPENTLY!


Great app, does exactly what is says, our notifications look great :)


Spently is a fantastic app for creating slick emails in a few clicks. After having tried a few different applications to mixed reviews, Spently is by far the most user-friendly and adaptable. We created cohesive branded emails that matched our theme to replace all of Shopify's default mailings in an afternoon. The standard templates are easy to use on their own, but the format also allows for extra customisations too with just a bit of basic coding.

Best of all, Spently covers everything so you have a cohesive feel across the board. Overall we're very happy and would definitely recommend this app..


3 click to beautiful email notifications. Fantastic app.


Best app for creating super clean and compatible transactional emails, along with nice things like analytics as well.

Support is very good too!


I LOVE what I can do with this app- turning those boring email notifications into something customers open, laugh and enjoy (hence building a relationship)! Fantastic app- easy to use.


We LOVE this app. Such a great way to put your best foot forward when dealing with your customers. No more boring auto-generated email notifications. Make the beautiful - EASILY.


Really REALLY great app! Very intuitive and super easy to use. You can't go wrong!


LOVE this app! It's very easy to use and the support from the team at Spently was AMAZING!!! This is a must-have!

$14.99 / month
14 days



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