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Stocky Inventory Management

Stocky Inventory Management

Developed by Vinderbit Pty Ltd

63 reviews
Price: From $29.00 / month Free Trial: 30 days More info
  • Plan what stock to order and reduce guess work
  • Find variants losing you revenue when out of stock
  • Create purchase orders and sync with Shopify upon delivery

Make more money

By knowing how much stock to order you'll lose less money when products are out of stock and waste less on buying more stock than you need.

Free up cash held up in inventory that isn't selling. Stocky tells you what's not selling and gives an estimated depletion date so you know which products need to go on sale.

Save time planning purchase orders

Don't waste your time calculating how much new stock to buy, Stocky does this in real time using two methods:

Forecast based on seasonal trends

Stocky is able to look at last seasons sales to give purchase order suggestions. It will also factor in any growth for the vendor over the last year.

Forecast based on recent performance

The other way Stocky can suggest purchase orders is by looking at the recent sales performance of each variant over a given sample period. This works best for non-seasonal products and items that were not available last season.

You can then create a purchase order in just two clicks which can be downloaded as a PDF or CSV for emailing to your suppliers.

Stocky allows you to view by vendor or by supplier (if you order multiple vendors from a particular supplier).

Save time updating your stock levels

Once your new stock arrives Stocky can sync your order with Shopify, which means in just one click Stocky will update your Shopify stock levels, saving even more time!

Who this app is for

Stocky is for all growing businesses but to get the best out of Stocky we suggest your shop has been up and running for 3 months and has at least 10 SKUs and over 50 orders per month.

What else can Stocky do?

In addition the stock prediction and purchase order management Stocky has many handy features that can help you grow your business more efficiently:

  • Show product images on purchase orders

  • Input your supplier SKUs (called supplier codes in Stocky)

  • Input cost prices to see total cost of stock on hand

  • Total value of stock held based on the retail or cost price

  • Download CSV to print your labels using a Dymo printer

  • Run stocktakes either from a computer or load it up on your iPad

  • Log stock adjustments and record the reason and employee name


Stocky's pricing is tiered to grow with your business.

  • 0 - 100 products: $29/month

  • 101 - 3,000 products: $49/month

  • 3,001 - 6,000 products: $79/month

  • 6,001 - 10,000 products: $99/month

  • 10,001 - 100,000 products: $149/month

  • 100,000+ products: $249/month

Note: Pricing is based on products not variants/SKUs.

30 day free trial

Get to know Stocky with a 30 day free trial, just uninstall the app before the end of the trial and pay nothing.

Money back guarantee

If you're unhappy with Stocky in any way, we'll gladly refund your last invoice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Visit the FAQs page to see some of our most frequently asked questions.

In response to the negative review!

To answer some of the points addressed in a negative review.

Please always ask us if you can't find something, there's normally a way to do it! Many options are switched off by default because not all stores need them.

Stocky Inventory Management reviews

63 reviews
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With more than 9000 items in our inventory part of the reason we changed shopping cart systems was specifically to use this app. It has not disappointed. Stocky has revolutionized our ordering and inventory system, and massively simplified accounting.

If we could give 10,000 stars I would.

Additionally support has been amazing. A sincere thank-you to Stocky and highest recommendation to anyone considering this app.

We are located in Japan, and the use of Japanese characters has not been a problem either. 日本語の名前を使用することは問題ありません。在庫管理をするためのアプリとして最適です。とてもオススメのアプリです。


Mondays used to be "inventory day" and we'd go through formulas on spreadsheets and integrate them with reports from different places and manually prepare POs in Excel. The whole process took all day Monday and sometimes all day Tuesday, too.

Now, every day is inventory day with Stocky. We can glance at it and see what we need, where there's a trend, what we've got coming. It has most of what was on our wish list plus some things we hadn't thought of. The few things that we've expressed a desire for, they've added pretty quickly or promised to work on it.

One of the best parts of Stocky has been the responsive support. Our rep always seems to grasp what we need and answer us fairly quickly. I can't speak for all the staff, but we really enjoy working with our rep.

If you really want to organize your stock and streamline your supply chain ordering and tracking, I highly recommend giving Stocky a chance to whip you into shape. I don't think you'll ever want to go back.


Great software to manage your shopify stock. the developpers try very very hard to make sure you are happy and seriously go out of their way to find a solution to your problem.

It has saved me soo much time trying to figure out exactly how much inventory was in our warehouse linked to my shopify store https://www.rusticfurnitureoutlet.ca ! Seb is fantastic, nothing but positive words and comments about Stocky.

Thanks guys!


Stocky is just the go to inventory management app to use and it's so affordable ! They reply to support requests within a few hours and even can add you some neat features on the fly !! If you are not using this app, you are simply missing out on something awesome !!


Great app! We had some thing that this app was lacking and Seb had restructured the app so it will suit us. Also Seb works non stop to answer all questions and queries, awesome help!


Great app! Simple and easy to use with great support!


Stocky has helped me beyond measure. The feature that you can go to a vendor, click generate PO, tell it how far out you want to go and it automatically generates everything is awesome. But NOTHING has saved my business like the "current Cost of Goods Sold" report has done. It has single handedly helped me and my accountant find pitfalls of what was going on.

The only thing I could suggest as a feature/improvement. When selecting a vendor and telling the system to generate the PO, can we somehow tell the system to generate a large enough PO to be over a certain amount of money? I say this because I have some suppliers who have free shipping if I order over $500.00 for example. That isn't that common, so I totally understand if that is not possible.

Again, this app has saved me from ordering a whole bunch of inventory and just looking at it on my shelves to making sure my perishable dog treats are always fresh on the shelves and my customers and the human ones too, love it. Can't say enough good things about this app. thank you so much!

The hardest part about this app is "relax...stocky will tell you when you need to order stuff...don't freak out and start ordering a crap ton of product just because you are getting "close"" LOL Just relax, Stocky has this....that should be your new motto.


New Update: It is still the best thing in the world. This thing is so smart...it orders products right when I need them. The reports are insanely easy to use and make a lot of sense. In addition they give me a lot of information that is very useful to my business. If you have physical products in inventory. Stop what you are doing and get this app now.


If you have a store with a large inventory like ours, this app is essential. I'm not sure how we survived without it before! Seb has been so helpful with getting us set up and making sure we are using all of the features. From inventory management, ordering, profit review and supplier management, this really is a must have app.


Very Simple to use, very intuitive for our forecasting as it learns our sales patterns all whilst making managing stock for our shopify store very quick and easy, there are new features being added all the time.


Such a great app, we have a bricks and mortar shop as well as an online website and it is invaluable in keeping on top of stock and making orders. Seb is really helpful and easy to get hold of. I asked for a certain feature that wasn't yet included and he had implemented it within 5 days- that to me is excellent service.

From $29.00 / month

Up to 100 products: $29/month
101 to 3,000 products: $49/month
3,001 to 6,000 products: $79/month
6,001 to 10,000 products: $99/month
10,001 to 100,000 products: $149/month
Over 100,000 products: $249/month

Note: Pricing is based on products not SKUs.

30 days

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