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Merchants highly recommend this app for its SEO optimization features, particularly beneficial for new store owners. It offers a product optimization checklist and an SEO score, enhancing search engine visibility and increasing organic traffic and sales. The app integrates with Google Analytics and provides image optimization at an extra cost. Merchants have seen significant improvements in visibility and sales. The support team is praised for their prompt responses, helpful advice, and availability for calls and live chats, offering personalized, easy-to-understand SEO strategies.

March 29, 2024

I’ve been using StoreSEO now for several months before writing a review.
What I’ve found is that the reporting of issues is poor, you fix what it says are issues in the product but when you look at the overview it still shows issues. After contacting support they say that even though you have met the criteria to resolve the issue, because the criteria is based on a range and you haven’t hit the top figure of the range then StoreSEO reports this as an issue, even though it doesn’t report it as an issue when editing the product itself. Come on StoreSEO it’s either an issue or it’s not an issue make you mind up.
An add-on for has just been released for image optimisation, great but there is a catch, this add-on is an additional cost and if you don’t opt in to the add-on then your products will now show an addition error because your images haven’t been optimised.
I was told on purchasing this App that collections were being added within a few weeks, as yet there is no sign of this.
The App is easy to use and install but it’s not accurate in what it reports and you shouldn’t have to pay extra when you have already paid for a year subscription for an add-on just so you can get your products showing as fully optimised. If this is a cost upgrade it should show the issue separately from the base product so your not seeing an issue for something you haven’t purchased.

Family Crafts
United Kingdom
5 months using the app
Storeware replied March 31, 2024


Thank you for your feedback regarding StoreSEO.

First of all, we sincerely apologize for the confusion about the issues shown on the product fix page. We had been discussing this matter (even before your review) when you reached out to our support. Since some ranges in our criteria had partial marking of the scoring, and we were showing the check mark there, but there still remains a chance to improve those criteria for better scoring, this confusion appeared, I believe. So, we are now deciding that we will show the warning sign in that case. I hope this confusion will not happen anymore. Hopefully, we will deploy this tomorrow.

Regarding the Image Optimizer Add-On we recently launched - since this is another vital part of SEO, and we added it to one of the criteria, it becomes one of the matrices to get some score. However, this is really up to user preference. StoreSEO always tries to suggest the criteria based on best practices that follow the latest search engine algorithms. But since you're achieving an 80%+ score, we consider this a good score for the search engine. So this is totally the user's choice.

Regarding the Collection Page SEO - We've just released an update (v3.3.0) today where we brought the Collection Page SEO. Click on the Optimize SEO menu item, and you will find the Collection Page SEO tab on the top. I understand that you needed this feature earlier. Sorry for the delay. But now you can finally optimize the SEO of your Collection Page.

I hope you will stay with us since we value your feedback and worked on it. Feel free to reach our support anytime when you need any assistance.

Thank you.

June 9, 2024

It's new to me and I'm not an seo expert. I like what the app does. I feel with time and knowledge I will appreciate the app more. And when you know how to do it's very user friendly.

United States
About 2 months using the app
Storeware replied June 12, 2024

Thank you for reviewing our app!

Please feel free to reach out to us if you need any help regarding our SEO app.

We also welcome your suggestions and feedback on how we can improve our app further.

Your suggestions and feedback are valuable to us, and we will use them to enhance our app. You can reach to our support channel and discuss about this.

Looking forward to hearing back from you
Thank you!

Edited July 29, 2023

Too expensive to justify the cost in my opinion. It shouldn't be subscription based, but rather a one time payment/purchase should suffice. It doesn't do enough to justify $11/mo or more. The support and developers are on their a-game for sure. The app looks really good, and allows the user to achieve what it's supposed to do, intuitively. If you're looking to bulk edit your products to have them rank better, then this is a good app for that. If you're just learning about SEO like I am, it's maybe a little bit too powerful to start with until you learn how SEO is done and what are the more common practices and all. I'm sure the support team would be able to help point you in the right direction, at the very least.

Giving 5 stars but there's definitely a good amount of room for improvement in the app.

About 2 months using the app
Storeware replied July 23, 2023


Thank you so much for your feedback and review. We truly appreciate all of your suggestions regarding our app. We work diligently on improving our app everyday, striving to make it even better with each passing day. Please keep an eye on our changelog for all the latest improvements and new features. And remember, we're here to help you whenever you need assistance.

Have a fantastic day!