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Federal Street Books

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A brightly lit tabletop display of new reads at Federal Street Books.

Located in the heart of Greenfield, Massachusetts, Federal Street Books is a women-owned independent bookstore with many of their products also available online. Leaf through the apps they use to keep their book business bustling.

Add to shelf

ISBNExpress lets Federal Street Books quickly add inventory using just an ISBN. This app automatically imports titles, descriptions, and cover images for each book, making it easier for staff to add new products and for customers to find their books online.

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Import books by ISBN to create products in bookstore
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Stock up

To supplement their book offerings, Federal Street Books uses Faire to purchase wholesale art supplies, journals, cards, and notebooks.

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Buy wholesale from independent brands worldwide
Built for Shopify

Set the right price

Using Retail Barcode Labels and their DYMO label printer, the team at Federal Street Books can create and print price stickers for their non-book products, helping staff smoothly process in-store transactions.

2.2 out of 5 stars 547 total reviews Free
Create and print barcode labels for your products

Table for two

With Sesami, Federal Street Books lets customers book private date nights in their cozy bookstore, which includes a table in their mystery section, along with access to exclusive discounts and even an in-store scavenger hunt.

4.7 out of 5 stars 411 total reviews Free plan available
Booking platform to sell services and experiences omnichannel
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We've relied on the Shopify App Store to improve our bookstore's online presence and to provide the best representation of our products and services to our customers. These apps have been reliable, stable, and efficient—and help us offer superior customer service.

Hillary Hoffman, Co-owner, Federal Street Books

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