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Shoppers love a good deal. So why not create a memorable shopping experience by automatically adding a free gift to their cart? With EasyGift, you can thank loyal customers with a little extra something that’ll keep them coming back for more.

EasyGift is great for: all businesses, especially those looking to increase their average order value or offload products that aren't moving.

Gift it

Whether it’s a free sample, an add-on, or a gift card with purchase, make customers even happier by automatically adding an item to their cart.

Define it

Set eligibility for free gifts with cart-based rules. Add a free gift to the cart for orders over $200, or once someone buys 5 items.

Schedule it

Create a sense of urgency by scheduling rules for Buy One Get One and Buy X Get Y offers and only run them for a limited time.

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EasyGift is essential if you need customers to have a certain product in the cart as part of a package. It’s also great for upsell and cross-sell. Great customer service and a brilliant app!

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EG Auto Add to Cart Free Gift

Gift it to them.

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