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Illustration of a woman holding a shopping bag in one hand and a potted seedling in another surrounded by trees.

Appeal to eco-conscious shoppers with an app that lets you donate a portion of your sales to tree planting initiatives.

Sprout is great for: earth-friendly brands of all sizes who are looking to differentiate themselves with a mission that’s good for the planet.

UI showing a dropdown of a tree planting limit. The price reads $0.33 USD per tree
Buy 1. Plant 5.

Choose how many trees you want to plant based on how many products a customer purchases. You only pay for the trees you plant—and that’s just $0.33 USD per tree.

UI of an order becoming a tree.
An embedded experience

Access Sprout directly in admin, and automatically get billed for trees through Shopify.

UI of a website with a banner reading 428 trees planted.
Illustrate your impact

Display the number of trees planted to date and showcase the impact of shopping with your store.

Skilled artisan hands weave one of Hamuhk’s products with vibrant purple thread
We love using Sprout and having it be a seamless part of our online and in-store experience. Hammocks need trees, so this app has made it a lot easier to return the favor to the environment. To date we have planted 4199 trees.

Colin, co-founder, Hamuhk

Good to know

65% of US shoppers said they want to buy from sustainable brands.


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Sprout: Plant Trees Grow Sales

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