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Traffic Booster by StoreYa

Traffic Booster by StoreYa

Developed by Storeya

Price: $29.99 – $334.99 / month More info
  • Get shoppers interested in your products straight from Google & Bing
  • Crazy low prices which include the set up, daily optimization, management and ads budget
  • One click setup and you get a team of marketers that will drive traffic to your site

Join StoreYa's 150,000+ Happy merchants that use our marketing and sales tools on a daily basis!

How does the Traffic Booster work?

Our expert marketing team has experience managing over $10M on PPC ad campaigns, creates personalized campaigns for your business on the largest ad-networks, like Google AdWords, Bing, and more.

Then our algorithm kicks in - optimizing in real time the bids and matching the keywords and ads with the most relevant pages on your site - all in order to get the most effective campaigns at any given moment.

In doing so we can achieve the lowest price per click in order to help your company achieve its goals. If you're looking to boost your sales, increase leads or generate high-quality traffic to your website, then the Traffic Booster is what you need!

One price = Setup + Ads Budget + Daily Optimization + Management


Get Shoppers

We drive only relevant customers interested in the products you are selling. We guarantee the amount of shoppers (highly targeted leads) driven to your store.

Smart Algorithm

Our algorithm was designed to get you relevant traffic from day one.

Automatic bid optimizer

Real time bidding, finds the most cost effective bid for your campaigns at any given time.

Geo Targeted Visitors

Drive traffic targeted to the countries you ship to. We can target any country in the world.

Dynamic keywords & ads

Real time adjustments of the keywords, ads and the most relevant category or product page at your store to the search queries seek on Google.

Learning machine

Constantly use the most suitable advertising method for your store.

Traffic Booster by StoreYa reviews (2)


After spending a fair amount of time and money on different services, we spent a small amount of money with the Traffic Booster and saw their AdWords campaigns converting through the roof!

We are seeing a 5x return on every dollar spent with Traffic Booster, and keep on scaling the campaigns.

They are incredibly responsive from the lower level team member all the way to the founders. They are focused on making their app the best in the market.


As a jewelry designer for the past 15 years, I mainly sold through chain stores and catalogs. A few months ago I launched my Shopify store in order to expand and reach private customers. It didn't take me long to find out that getting traffic is the hardest task for someone who's not an online marketing expert...
Luckily I found StoreYa that already generated more than $30K for my company!

I highly recommend you to try them out.
They offer an excellent product and amazing customer support.

$29.99 – $334.99 / month



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