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Traffic Booster by StoreYa

Traffic Booster by StoreYa

Developed by Storeya

27 reviews
Price: $120.00 – $1,500.00 / month More info
  • Get shoppers interested in your products straight from Google AdWords, Facebook and Bing
  • Our experts will set up your campaign and our algorithm will automatically optimize it driving the right shoppers to your store!
  • One click setup - no hassle, no marketing skills required

Join StoreYa's 200,000+ Happy merchants that use our marketing and sales tools on a daily basis!

How does the Traffic Booster Work?

Our expert marketing team has experience managing over $100M on PPC ad campaigns, creates personalized campaigns for your business on the largest ad-networks, like Google AdWords, Facebook and Bing.

Then our algorithm kicks in - optimizing in real time the bids and matching the keywords and ads with the most relevant pages on your site - all in order to get the most effective campaigns at any given moment.

In doing so we can achieve the lowest price per click in order to help your company achieve its goals. If you're looking to boost your sales, increase leads or generate high-quality traffic to your website, then the Traffic Booster is what you need!

All of our plans include: Setup + Ads Budget + Optimization + Management = One price

Get Shoppers

We drive only relevant customers interested in the products you are selling. We guarantee the amount of targeted visitors driven to your store.

Our smart algorithm was designed to drive targeted traffic within 72 hours to your business. Below you'll find a few of the features it includes:

Automatic bid optimizer

Real time bidding helps us to get the most cost effective bid for your campaigns at any given time.

Geo Targeted Visitors

Drive traffic targeted to the countries you ship to.

Dynamic keywords & ads

Real time adjustments of the keywords, ads and the most relevant category or product page at your store to the search queries seek on Google.

Learning machine

Constantly use the most suitable advertising method for your store.

What makes us different from the competition?

We do everything from set up to optimization - you don't need to do anything! This is not any other PPC management software where you still need to manage your campaigns, once you finish the short set up process we do all the heavy lifting for you!
We will set up, manage, and optimize. The price includes the ads budget in any plan you select.

The days of paying for set up or retainer fees to PPC agencies are over, with the Traffic Booster you can start with a small monthly budget and grow when you see a positive ROI!

Go ahead and give the Traffic Booster a try!

Traffic Booster by StoreYa reviews

27 reviews
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  5. 1 star (8 reviews)

We debated for several months over whether to spend money on the traffic booster software in addition to our Adwords spend. Our ad spend is currently pretty small at between $1,500 - $2,000 per month. We knew we were wasting our money in Adwords, because we "kind of" knew what we doing, (translation - we didn't know at all), but we didn't realize how much of our budget was being wasted before signing up

We have only been working with the traffic booster for a few months so far, but our cost per click and cost per acquisition has decreased dramatically. Monitoring results has also become easier. The team at Storeya regularly updates and improves their software; they also provide us with Bing support and they let you modify and monitor all platforms in one place. We would advise anyone to sign up to this app, you'll save a lot of time and money and would be able to focus on your business.

This company really changed our business. We're selling much more products and making a lot more money.


As a jewelry designer for the past 15 years, I mainly sold through chain stores and catalogs. A few months ago I launched my Shopify store in order to expand and reach private customers. It didn't take me long to find out that getting traffic is the hardest task for someone who's not an online marketing expert...
Luckily I found StoreYa that already generated more than $30K for my company!

I highly recommend you to try them out!!
They offer an excellent product and amazing customer support.


Delivered approximately 10-15% of the advertised traffic and sales. Team advised that ideally they want to fine tune things over 2-3 months so you'll need to be prepared to invest several months. After they delivered such low numbers in my first month I decided I wasn't going to invest further - I felt they didn't prove the value they advertised, not even close.

Additonally, I saw that they were creating ads that were misinforming customers. One of the ads mentioned everthing in my store was on sale for 10% off, which wasn't true. I am not in the habit of misleading customers. Their other ads really showed that they weren't able to familiarise themselves with the types of products I sell which showed me they probably wouldn't be able to attract the right customers for my store.

Customer service is adequate.

UI needs to be updated and more feature rich.

It really is a 1 star product for me.


So far so good! Customer care has been attentive and overall, happy with use of this app. You should not just depend on this app for sales as it is more of a complimentary tool to an already positively moving store. It's important to pay attention to your analytics and evaluate the performance. Reaching out with questions has been a good experience.


I like these folks! They are attentive, responsive and friendly.

Most importantly they are successful. Our traffic and sales have been increasing steadily with their efforts.

As such our revenues are increasing as well.

We are going to increase our budget and see what they can do!


Very Disappointing result !! For the 1st month, I pay $1000 for the ads and they gave me "642" visitor and "0" sells. Think twice before giving them your money.


So far so very good. I think we’ve generated $12-15k in sales and have upped our budget to 1k/month. Yoni is very accommodating and responds quickly and explains everything very well. I couldn’t have done this on my own account - now they need Facebook ads and they’ve got a customer right off the bat. Very impressive and hope it continues. (Only qualm is the dashboard needs to be abit more informative like others have said, also the ad design can sometimes need tweaking)


1. The traffic that I see from my Storeya dashboard is inaccurate. It did not match the Shopify and Google analytics traffic. I emailed Storeya and they told me they see no issues.

2. When I click on the Storeya app link from within Shopify using a safari browser. I get a warning message saying the connection is not private and that there is a problem with Storeya’s certificate. Storeya tells me they see no issues on their end.

3. My monthly budget in TWO weeks. For the next two weeks I would have no traffic from Storeya. I have new products throughout the month that would benefit from a relatively even distribution of traffic.

4. Storeya’s dashboard is inadequate. I need a lot more feedback in terms of keywords to see what is actually bringing the traffic to my site. I used Google Analytics as best I could but I still do not have the kind of data I would be comfortable with.


There are a decent bit of comments from people saying there is not enough info given. While they may be able to implement a better system for this, I will comment that they definitely know what they are doing.

StoreYa basically bids on where to show your ads.

Also, you're able to track all data from Store Ya and how many sales you're getting from them. So, if you're not getting sales, there may be something else there.

Keep at it, StoreYa!


Had a few issues, but company working to resolve them - will update review when things are sorted.

$120.00 – $1,500.00 / month



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