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Watercolor by Kristal Serna

Super happy with the responsive customer service! I had a billing error that they resolved immediately. I received a good amount of traffic and would have continued if I could afford it. To reap the best results, I think you really need to be able to give it 60-90 days, which I'm unable to do at this time. But I hope it give it another try in the future.


This app advertises my store on Google, Facebook, and Instagram.
I do nothing in terms of optimizing the account, it's all on their end, it's a dream come true for me.
God knows how many hours I spent on Google and Facebook, for short period of times I did ok, but my ROI was around 2-3X with the Traffic Booster my results are much much better and best of all I have more time to do other things in my business :-)


I'm a very happy client!
They always provide me with the support I need, they will go above and beyond to help you with your business.
In our case for every $100 we invest we get about $900 back!
If you take your business seriously, if you're already generating sales and looking to scale it, then this is the partner you need. They deserve 10 stars.


I usually don't write reviews, but for me and my business this is not just another app, it really made a huge impact!!

They run different ad campaigns for us, but the biggest change came from the Shopping campaigns, ROI of 13X, it works, it just works!
I tried Google ads in the past with different companies and agencies but never reached such results.

Customer support is great, the product is amazing, its everything you can ask for.

If you're reading this and serious about your business then I recommend to give it a try.

Nava Zahavi

As a jewelry designer for the past 15 years, I mainly sold through chain stores and catalogs. A few months ago I launched my Shopify store in order to expand and reach private customers. It didn't take me long to find out that getting traffic is the hardest task for someone who's not an online marketing expert..
Luckily I found StoreYa that already generated more than $30K for my company!!

I highly recommend you to try them out!!
They offer an excellent product and amazing customer support.

Yoga Zeal

We debated for several months over whether to spend money on the traffic booster software in addition to our Google Ads spend. Our ad spend is currently pretty small at between $1,500 - $2,000 per month. We knew we were wasting our money in AdWords because we "kind of" knew what we doing (translation - we didn't know at all), but we didn't realize how much of our budget was being wasted before signing up. We have only been working with the traffic booster for a few months so far, but our cost per click and cost per acquisition has decreased dramatically. Monitoring results has also become easier.
The team at StoreYa regularly updates and improves their software; they also provide us with Bing support and they let you modify and monitor all platforms in one place. We would advise anyone to sign up to this app, you'll save a lot of time and money and would be able to focus on your business! This company really changed our business. We're selling much more products and making a lot more money!!

Kinky Toy Store

Great app idea. It did not bring in the kind of return I expected. $30 in sales does not cover the cost of the tier 1 subscription.

Developer reply

August 25, 2019

Hi There,

Thank you for your review.

1. You paid us $120 and according to your store Google Analytics users segment, we have gained 2 sales for you for the total sum of $1,568 (we shared the screenshot via email).
The users segment is the right way to track conversions since, by default, the source/medium report of the Google Analytics is only crediting for the last click, and so in your case for example, a person that we introduced your store to, made the purchase on his second visit through Google organic, but he wouldn't have known the store in the first place without being exposed to it by our ads.

2. Even by the default source/medium report, our conversion rate is higher than your own Google/cpc, excat numbers were shared via email.

If you have further questions, feel free to reply my email at


This app is extremely deceiving. We started using the app in the middle of June and chose the second tier which estimates around 14-20 monthly sales. The first month with the app went great. However, the second month has not shown to be successful at all! So far this month the app has NOT brought any new traffic to our site and no sales and we paid $500 this month, since last month went so well.
Another thing that is so deceiving is the weekly emails this app sends to get you to spend more money and keep using the app. Each week this app sends you an email summarizing "your week" but it actually is showing what you're sales/traffic has been since using the app. This weekly email is extremely deceiving and makes it seem like the app is bringing in sales and traffic but it is not.

Developer reply

August 22, 2019

Hi Amy,

We are sorry to hear you are frustrated with our app.
The first month was successful and in the 2nd month, we spent only 28% of the budget so far. I'll elaborate a bit more below.

Regarding the number of visitors we've driven, we are in a stage of optimization that we are looking for what works best for you and do not want to waste the marketing budget on traffic that is not the highest of quality. Since your last payment, we have decreased the daily spend and so far from your last payment, we have only spent 28% of your marketing budget. We share the same goal of growing your business. When you generate more sales, we get to keep you happy for a longer period of time. Our business is built upon happy customers who use us for years. For this reason, we are optimizing your campaigns towards sales, even if that results in us driving less traffic for a couple of weeks until we learn what works best.

Reviewing your store's performance we see that it is has a low conversion rate, we recommend on our free site audit offered by our Benchmark Hero app which will pinpoint where there is room for improvement.

In the weekly email, we provide the total sales and traffic since sign up and the updated amount each week with the plus sign (similar to Google's reports).

I'll be happy to further assist. Feel free to contact us at


They are my go-to partner for Google ads.
The past years have been the best for us in terms of growth!
Our ROAS is ~6X, and the most success we've seen is from Google Shopping, and Youtube ads.


2 star for easy installation and OK interface]. On May 30th, signed up for the basic package [$120 that claims 250-500 visitors] to test this out and then determine what package we would increase to; as needed. It said to give it up to 90 days to run and gain traction, which we were prepared to do, but after running for about 18 days, it literally paused on its own with the below message requesting more money to continue.

Results: No sales [except one visitor asking for free samples] and today we got the below message after it claims that it drove 160 Visitors driven (last 30 days) and 1.7 Ad avg. position (last 30 days) :
"Your Campaigns Were Paused.
Due to the nature of your target audience (demographic and geographic) required in order to convert a visitor into a paying customer, we had to drive traffic to your website which was more expensive and exhausted your marketing budget. Your campaigns will be reactivated upon your next recurring charge which is set for 30-Jun-2019 or if you'd push forward your next round of payment please contact us."
So basically it stopped itself from running and will only run again if we upgrade the plan now to $250 or above. Or until the next billing cycle comes around on June 30th, though it has only delivered 160 targeted traffic [much less than the 250-550 estimation for this plan].

Conclusion: Willing to try this again in the future and upgrade the rating...once we can figure out how this really works. But for now we will remove it; since the app took $120 for 30 days and then decided to pause itself after 18 days, is defeating the purpose of it adjusting/learning and building/ramping up traction and traffic [So it just ate $120 and looking to be fed more at our loss]. Thanks.

Developer reply

June 20, 2019

Thank you for your review.

We have spent on your behalf on Google Ads more than you have paid us, you paid us $120 and we spent $127.
We drove very targeted traffic to your store as reflected from the high CTR (Click Through Rate) we shared with you via email.

Google Search traffic of potential customers seeking your products are the most targeted customers that can be driven, however, your store still needs to convert them into paying customers in terms of its flow, pricing, products, competitions - all factors that we cannot control from our end.
Your store's conversion rate is very low and we highly recommend you to improve it. You are welcome to contact us and we'll create a free site audit for your business.

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