Trust Me ‑ The Trust Badges

Trust Me ‑ The Trust Badges

by Giraffly

FREE! Colour Badges + Mobile Responsive + No Code Needed

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Build Customer Trust

Inform customers that there are multiple payment methods. Build customer trust in you, and build good relationships.

Drive More Sales

The establishment of a trust relationship will lead to the conclusion of the transaction, eventually boost your sales.

Reduce Bounce Rate

The trust icons will keep your customers on store. Let them pay for goods with peace of mind, so that increase revenue.

About Trust Me ‑ The Trust Badges

Trust Building is The Cornerstone

If not displayed the Trust Badge, people will have a feeling of distrust and give up buying. Even if your product is likely to be extremely attractive to him. Trust usually comes from a sense of security, telling your customers which certified payment methods you have, and these are very authoritative, then you give your customers a great degree of security.

One-click Operation - Get started in a few minutes

Simply choose your badges, the styles, colors, and sizes you like. No extra buttons and feature pages, no professional action required. Easy to setup, just one-click.


The payment badges are also available on any mobile devices. You are allowed to customise the icon size for them to fit in any resolution. Get those badges ready on your store.

NO code

This app will not add any code to your store, so it will not delay the loading of the store. Customers will not have a bad experience when browsing any of your pages, which is very important for traffic.

Effect preview

The effect of the mobile phone and the deskbook, is directly displayed in the side position. If the style is not satisfactory, you can adjust it at any time to achieve the effect you want.

Show the badges quickly in your store

When you complete the trust badges settings, a moment, refresh your store page and then you can see the badges you have done just now.

Boost your sales

The display of a variety of payment method icons will reassure potential customers that your stores is considered legitimate, secure and trustworthy. Therefore, encourage your customers to checkout instantly.

Reduce Bounce Rate

As payment badges will give your customers a sense of security, so they will not leave your website right away and give them the reason to stay longer. Reduce Bounce Rate and thus Improve Dwell Time to keep your customers on your website. Increase engagement and boost more orders.

Complete Payment Badge Library

A large amount of payment badges in different styling (Original, Original Car, Mono, Mono Card) are available in our library. You can always find what you want.

Key Features

  • Header Settings - Edit text content, font style
  • Badges Settings - Choose badges, the badges style
  • Others - Alignment/Header size/Badges size
  • Customise the icon size on Mobile - Modify the size of the Header/Badges separately

Sincere service

If you have specific needs, you can contact us. If you have any problems during use, you can contact us. We will respond to you within 24 hours, answer your questions.

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Overall rating
5.0 of 5 stars
Based on 16 reviews

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I hope that the tools can not only solve the problems in a targeted manner, but also fluently. Although your app is currently very simple, I want to say that I like it


In my opinion, there is nothing special about this app, but it is unexpectedly, it make me feel very enjoyable. Perhaps this is the charm of it. It is very convenient, just a few simple operation buttons.

To me, the trust badge is like a lock that locks my order. I can keep a good relationship with my clients. No doubt it is important to me. And this app allows me to edit and set my trust badge to be displayed on my page. It's very simple. I am very satisfied.