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August 29, 2021

If I could rate 0 stars I would! This app was the biggest waste of time for me! To start with everything was working well with the app at first, or maybe it never really worked and I never noticed... After a few days on setting everything up with the app and the distributor, I got to importing products. Now my store is very simple. I focus on one vehicle model that is relatively new. There are maybe 50 direct-fit products available for this vehicle. So I have my vehicle filtering setup to import or sync all products specific to that vehicle that is specially ordered, out of stock, or in stock. About 3/4 of the products import that I know is on the distributor's site. I thought or maybe a glitch, I reached out to DHTT and they just gave me basic robot responses in other words NO HELP. So I figured the rest of the products would just take more time. So I turned off all sync settings besides sync for the UPC code. That way I can edit product titles and descriptions so these products can follow my site's standard formatting. Well, Long story short my mistake for not saving a backup. But the DHTT app actually imported the rest of the products that haven't been imported yet. But in the process, it removed all of the Brands for the products I have already edited (lost all data on those products) So I reached out to DHTT with a few example SKUs that got deleted and a brief description of what I did to help them troubleshoot what had happened. I went back and forth with DHTT for over a week and kept getting the run-around answer that the devs are still looking into it... It got to the point that my emails were being ignored and Id have to email everyone in one thread to try to get someone to respond. This was a big waste of my time and money. Wouldnt recommend this app to anyone! On a side note, If you plan on jamming all of your products into one collection and not have any type of organization or category filtering, and no ability to change titles and descriptions. This app will probably work fine for you. I did a lot of research on this app. Just look at the other companies that left reviews, look at how their products are organized on their site and also notice that non of them have their own titles or descriptions either... If you want a proper app that can do more for you and be more efficient and effective id highly recommend looking for a different app.

Bronco Bastards
United States
27 days using the app
Data Here-to-There replied August 29, 2021

To summarize, the main issue was with customizing the titles and descriptions then removing the products with a filter. To help with this scenario we have added a new "Disable removal of filtered products" option in the Filters tab. This will allow the user to preview the filter report before enabling the automatic removal of products. Please try this out and let us know if it helps. Note that store owners who simply want their catalog to 'flow' with Turn 14 should not use this new feature.

We do not feel that your comments about the team ignoring you or sending robot responses were fair. The support team is definitely human and we sometimes need to ask for patience on complex issues.

Edited March 28, 2023

Firstly, Turn 14 is an amazing company. However, Data-Here-To-There has been giving me issues since the very beginning. They seem to have had no issue taking my payment, but when it came to providing the actual service and products, they disappeared. Like other reviewers, I have had issues with products missing from my store. I reached out multiple times throughout the span of 2 or 3 weeks, and they just ignored me. They would not answer my calls or respond to my voicemails. It seems like they would rather communicate via email, which is not efficient for anyone as a business owner.
At this point, I am simply paying for a product that I can't even use. This was a complete waste of money and time as I haven't even been able to publish my store. I really wish they could rectify this issue, but Stephanie at DHTT has made no effort to do so.

*In response to their comment below my review, I'd like to mention that my review is not the only one who has had issues with communication from your team. I shouldn't have to call you multiple times to attempt to get a response to resolve issues, where your team STILL would not reach out. I have an email from your team member telling me that my money will be refunded because they don't feel like they can provide the level of attention that I need and that they have a heavy workload. Which is strange, since I wasn't looking to being refunded, your team made that choice themselves because they couldn't resolve their issues. Your team still had the opportunity to call me, yet you'd rather reply on here. Therefore, I am no longer your customer and I look forward to my refund as stated per the email. Thank you.

*& to clarify, Yes, I paid for this service, you provided the service, but there were many issues with the products being available in the catalog, which means that I had to get the issues resolved, but since that didn't happen, I could not use it for its intended purpose.

Modified Motorsport
United States
26 days using the app
Data Here-to-There replied March 28, 2023

The comments about taking payment and not providing service are not true. Our support team responds the same business day for phone and email. We also provide a way to schedule more in-depth meetings with our advisors.