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Advanced Shipping Rules

Advanced Shipping Rules

Developed by Bambri

16 reviews
Price: From $14.00 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Combine shipping rules for multiple groups of products into one or more shipping methods during checkout.
  • Great for recreating vendor shipping rates, Free Shipping with exceptions, setting different rates for heavy items, offering multiple methods like Ground, Express, Overnight; or Ships Separate/Ships Together type options between product types.
  • Rules based on items, weight, price, carrier rates from UPS, FedEx, USPS, Canada Post, or Printful. Zone Restrictions, Commercial address detection, Negotiated Rates, Split Packages and dimensions, and more

Formerly Vendor Shipping Rules

What is Advanced Shipping Rules?

Advanced Shipping Rules allows you to configure custom shipping rules for multiple groups of products that are combined into one shipping rate that is displayed during checkout.

It is ideal for shops that carry drop-shipped items from more than one vendor/drop-shipper and for shops with multiple products type that require different shipping rules.

Create rules for...

  • Multiple Vendors: Whether you have 1 or 1,000 dropship vendors, you can set the correct shipping rules for each one, and each of their rates will blended together at checkout based on what you customer orders. You can even use carrier rates and set your vendor’s “Ship From” postal code for perfect accuracy.

  • Big and Small Items: Are some of your products too small or too big to ship work with your current shipping rules? As an example, our app lets you ship your small items via USPS first class mail, your regular items via FedEx, and your big items ship via flat rate rules.

  • Free Shipping with Exceptions: Maybe you want the majority of your items to ship free, but you have a a few items that shouldn’t ship free. Or maybe you want to offer free shipping on just a few items for a special promotion, without needing to use discount codes. Our app will let you do both.

  • Custom Shipping Method Options: Now you can offer special shipping methods only on the products where applicable. Signature Required/No Signature Required; Regular/Lift Gate Truck; In Store Pick-up for only certain products; with/without Insurance. We’ll offer these options only when the correct products are present in an order. Read More

  • Shipping Zone Restrictions: Do you have some products that you are not allowed to sell to certain regions? We allow you to specify what products can’t ship where. If a restricted product is attempted to be shipped to a restricted region, we’ll return no shipping rate, and prevent the customer from completing their order.

  • Advanced Carrier Rates: Integrate with UPS, FedEx, USPS, and CandaPost with advanced features like: specify package dimensions for different product groups; split packages based on number of items; USPS Flat Rate box support; residential / commercial address dectection; negoiated rates; UPS pick-up type; set different ship from and ship to zip codes.

Flat Rate Rule Types

  • Table based rules for Item, Weight, Price

  • Percentage of Product Total within a group of products, with minimum and maximum ship charge

  • Price per item, and each additional item

  • Price per Lbs/Kg and each additional Lbs/Kg

  • Free Shipping over a product total for every rule type

Carrier Rules

  • Set "Ship From" Postal Code
  • Integrate with UPS, FedEx, USPS, CanadaPost
  • Mark-up/Mark-down by percent and/or fixed amount
  • Free Shipping over a product total
  • Append Text to Rate Titles, per Shipping Zone, per Shipping Method
  • Choose many methods when products in a group ship alone
  • Choose preferred method when products ship with other groups of products
  • Specify the number of packages and their dimensions based on # of items in a product group
  • Support for USPS flat rate boxes
  • Support for Negotiated Rates
  • Automatic Residential/Commercial Address detection
  • UPS Pick-up type.
  • Dual Layer Dropshipping - Set a fixed "Ship To" postal code.

Printful Integration

Advanced Shipping Rules allows you to combine real-time shipping rates from Printful with shipping rates for other products in your shop.

Ordinarily, when using Printful’s app in Shopify, you will only be able to get real-time rates from Printful if all the items in an order are from Printful. The moment there is a non-Printful product in an order, shipping rates from Printful will not be returned.

With our app, you can now combine shipping rates from Printful with shipping rates for your own products, and even with rates from a variety of different vendors/fulfillment services.

Learn more about the Printful integration

How Does it work?

The app uses Shopify’s “Fulfillment Service” field to identify the products in an order that ship from the same vendor.

First, you must create a "Fulfillment Service" for each vendor in the Shipping section of the Shopify admin. Then, you apply that fulfillment service to the appropriate products in your shop.

When you open the app, all the fulfillment services will be listed with the ability to add rules to each one.

Finally, when a customer places an order, the app will group products from the same fulfillment service together to calculate each vendor's shipping rate. Those rates are then added together for the final shipping rate during checkout.

Learn more about How it Works

Learn more about Set-up


When you first install the app, we place it in TEST mode. Allowing you some time to configure your new rules and set-up your products before showing rates to all your customers.

Read more about our helpful test mode


You MUST be on a Shopify plan that includes the real-time carrier shipping feature. This feature is available by default on the unlimited plan, OR you can add this featured a la carte to your basic or professional plan for an extra $20/month by contacting Shopify support, OR this feature is included for free if you switch from monthly to yearly billing for your Shopify account ( also done by contacting Shopify support ).

Learn more about the Real-time Carrier Shipping feature requirement

Free Trial

Take advantage of the 7 day free trial and install to your shop and run orders.

Free for shops in Development or Trial mode

For shops set-up in development mode, or in trial mode you will not be billed until you upgrade your shop to a Shopify paid plan. This means that you can use our app and all of its features for as long as you need while getting you new shop ready.

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Formerly Vendor Shipping Rules

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Advanced Shipping Rules reviews (15)


One of the best apps I have used, not only a great app but also, the customer support is top notch, emailed and within the hour my problem was fixed


Great app, support is on point, my previous review mentioned some confusion I had on pricing and it was fixed before I knew it.

This app has allowed us to offer free shipping to our customers over a dollar threshold, while adding surcharges for products that we can't afford to ship for free. Very user friendly to setup but complex enough that I haven't come up with any shipping promotion ideas it can't handle yet.


Absolutely fantastic app, very helpful Customer Service, made things perfectly simple for me as I would not be very technically minded myself, thanks again :)


Excellent app! Easy to install and configure! When I did my initial setup, I had some issues and called for support! I got immediate help and solved my problem within a matter of minutes! Tech support it top notch! I have products that are being shipped from five different vendors. That alone can be difficult, but Advanced Shipping Rules made it easy! One vendor in particular is a nightmare to ship from. Advanced Shipping Rules to the rescue.


This app EASILY takes the headache out of trying to figure out the right shipping combinations for your store! I'm using it with the Teescape app to create custom shipping rates depending on how many t-shirts are ordered and where in the world they are shipping to; couldn't have done it any other way with such simplicity.

The user interface/settings are super simple to navigate and even though it does require Shopify's Real-Time Carrier Rates feature, it's well worth the money. I started on Shopify's monthly basic plan and was already planning to upgrade to annual billing for the cost savings, but when you upgrade to annual billing you can also ask Shopify to give you the Real-Time Carrier Rates feature for free. Some reviewers don't like that this specific feature is needed to use this app, but realistically, any website owner that is seriously planning on being in business for the long run shouldn't mind making that decision anyway. It's a no-brainer when you realize how much this app can make your site's shipping work smarter and not harder.


great app for combining real time rates with manual rates if you dropship from different locations or carry a variety of dropshipped and stocked products.

one of the only apps that will let you combine your manual rates + printful rates.

would definitely recommend!


I absolutely love this app! I previously worked with a different ecommerce site and moved my store to Shopify because of this app. I work with a variety of distributors with different shipping requirements and locations (ie weight based, product based). Vendor Shipping Rules can not only offer different shipping rate options for each distributor, but they can also blend the rates to ensure accurate shipping costs when my customers purchase products from multiple distributors. I strongly recommend this app and the customer service is excellent!


An awesome add-on to any Shopify site. If you are looking to simplify the shipping process then Vendor Shipping rules is the answer. I have had a great experience using it in my Shopify Shop.


Great app! Much easier to use than other shipping apps. We used it to create a rule where products get free shipping if their weight is set to 0. The app offers many other possibilities!


Really great app helping me to apply shipping costs to my fulfilment companies in LA & UK... Lacking the option to currently setup multiple shipping options to each, but with the features update just announced this will make it indespensible for multiple shipping. :)

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