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Show each visitor a phone number that's local to them

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Every visitor feels at home

We automatically determine every visitor's country and show them a phone number that's local to them - so they feel at home.

Boost your conversions

When visitors feel you are local to them they are more likely to trust and buy from you, boosting store conversions and revenue.

Get forwarding numbers

Not got a local number in every country? No problem! We offer forwarding numbers in 6 countries already (with more coming soon!)

About Worldphoneize

Automatically show each visitor to your online store a phone number that is local to them, boosting your conversions and making your customers happy!

Our incredibly easy-to-use app will automatically determine where visitors are located, attempt to match their location to one of your existing phone numbers, and - if you don't have a number in every country yet - even give you the option of adding a forwarding number in 6 countries (with more coming soon!)

You choose where on your shop you want this local number to appear - it can show up on product pages, in your site template, almost anywhere in fact; there's no coding required thanks to our clever 'magic snippets' approach!

What does it do for visitors to my shop?

  • Every visitor to your online shop can see a phone number that's local to them
  • This means they feel at home - and so they're more likely to buy from you

What does it do for me?

  • It helps you convert - because when visitors feel at home, they'll buy more
  • It does geolocation automatically and takes only a couple of clicks to set up
  • You can buy forwarding numbers in places you don't yet have an office

How easy is it to use?

  • We think it's incredibly easy to use; you'll be done in just a couple of clicks
  • Adding the local number capabilities require no changes to your theme
  • You don't even need to change your existing site content and there's no coding

Do I have to pay?

  • Nope! Geo-location to display your existing local numbers costs nothing
  • That's free for everyone regardless of store size, turnover, or pageviews
  • You'll only pay if you choose to activate any forwarding numbers

What are these forwarding numbers?

  • No office in a country yet? No problem! Get a forwarding number there
  • We'll automatically forward calls received on this number to your main number
  • You can keep track of the number of calls and their total duration
  • You can update your main destination number at any time
  • We forward calls on to most worldwide landline numbers and many mobiles

Will my visitors realise they're calling a forwarding number?

  • No, probably not - the dialtone is matched to the number and it feels fully local

Can I use my forwarding numbers elsewhere - eg in offline leaflets?

  • Yes! If you activate a forwarding number, it's only allocated to you
  • That means you can choose to use it in your offline materials too
  • To keep it running you'll need to keep subscribing to Shopify and to our app

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  • Geolocate visitors & show a local phone number

  • Add unlimited existing local numbers

  • No limits on store size or number of store visitors

Forwarding Number


Forwarded calls are charged per minute, from $0.08/min

  • Geolocate visitors & show a local number

  • Add a local forwarding number in any of 6 cities

  • Each local forwarding number costs $5

Toll-free Number


Forwarded calls are charged per minute, from $0.08/min

  • Geolocate visitors & show a local number

  • Add toll-free forwarding numbers in any of 2 countries

  • Each toll-free forwarding number costs $29

* All charges are billed in USD. Recurring charges, including monthly or usage-based charges, are billed every 30 days.

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