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Yotpo Reviews

Yotpo Reviews

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  • Boost your shoppers' confidence with tons of verified reviews
  • Automatically send review request emails to shoppers and allow them to leave a review from within their inbox!
  • Generate highly qualified traffic & more sales

You know the power of reviews. You’re using them to decide whether or not to download our app.

Go on, scroll to the bottom and see what customers have to say. You’ll find out why Shopify recently named us one of the top apps in its store. In fact, many of our features were specifically built with Shopify in mind.

Join the 100,000+ stores using Yotpo today. Here's what you get with the free version:

  • Automatically generate reviews.

  • With Yotpo, you can generate more verified reviews than with any other reviews platform. Our technology times our Mail After Purchase email to send to your customers when they’re most likely to leave a review, and it allows them to leave reviews right in the email body.
    Fact: For some stores, our review requests have as high as a 25% review rate.

  • Turn visitors into shoppers.

  • Check out the video above. Pura Vida bracelets improved sales with customer content marketing and you can too. With Yotpo, you can display reviews on your product pages or anywhere else on your site using our fully customizable widgets.
    Fact: Customers who engage the Yotpo widget are 4 times more likely to buy.

  • Optimize for mobile.

  • All Yotpo’s features are made with mobile in mind. When we send a review request, mobile users can leave reviews without ever leaving their email app.
    Fact: On average, mobile users arriving from a Yotpo click spend 37% more time on site.

    Love the free version and want to take your business to the next level?
    Try Yotpo's Pro or Powerhouse plans. Here's what you get:

  • Full Social Integration - Share reviews on Facebook & Twitter, and allow your shoppers to do the same.

  • Enhanced engagement - Respond to your reviews, publicly or privately.

  • SEO Success - Display review stars in paid & organic Google search results with our Google Seller Ratings and Rich Snippets integrations.

  • Community of Advocates - Answer your visitors’ questions directly on the product page, or automatically send questions to past buyers to let them answer.

  • Review Incentivization - Offer your shoppers coupons for writing and sharing reviews.

  • Smart Promotion - Choose products to promote and up-sell to likely buyers.

  • And so much more!

  • Yotpo Reviews reviews (768)



    As of September 1. 2015. the premium version will send all of your reviews to google! Without moderation or being able to eliminate negative reviews placed by customers or former employees, etc. So expect to do battle with Google if you want bad/fraudulent reviews removed. Bad move Yotpo.


    Despite our original concerns, this company does seem to be quite legitimate.The vast majority of its users are free users with access to limited services. The $12 million + it has raised in funding is being used effectively to produce an app that has interesting features. Some of the features are still in BETA stage (which is not mentioned in its ads), while most others are fully functional.

    We have purchased the PRO version. The sales tactics are a bit aggressive. The introduction people are located in Israel so it is best to contact them in the early morning. They do assign someone to all prousers to help with installation, problems, etc. which is very impressive..

    We did get over 80 reviews in the last few days -- as Yotpo send review requests back to January (without our permission and to our surprise). We are happy with the number of reviews, Some were great, some were helpful and we got a few rants as well. No surprises here.

    The google benefits are too early to test/review.

    Overall, the company is impressive. When we know more about the Google/SEO benefits we will update our review. I am not sure about the concern that Yotpo may be technically spamming our customers but will investigate. Our customers have not complained. We cannot give 5 starts because of the way they dealt with the initial signup. And also the fact that some of the benefits are in beta worried us. When we know more, we will update our review.

    Original Review:

    We are a little scared of this company. A couple of weeks ago we signed up with the free app. We sent out 50 review requests and then were promptly cutoff. We got 6 reviews so we thought this was good! Being cutoff after sending 50 reviews is to be expected in the free version. However we wanted to send 750-1000 review requests a month.

    So we started to investigate the price tag of over $2000 USD per year. We felt it might be worth it if it really worked. So we started to look at Shopify sites that gave Yotpo 5 star reviews to see how the google results were going. Most of the companies that gave Yotpo 5 star reviews do not exist or do not use Yotpo for reviews. So we became very concerned. We couldn't find one Shopify site with Yotpo that had their review listed in google. Not 1.

    So we called Yotpo. They gave us the name of two companies and showed us how they got 5 stars showing up in google by having us login remotely to their computers. They said we would not see the five stars from our google search because the companies were from New York. We believed this. The salesman, Kunal Khemlani seemed very convincing.

    On Thursday they offered a 20% discount to try to get us to sign up. We agreed but they said we had to pay for 3 months in advance. They said we were committed for a year. They would send us a contract and on Saturday we would be walked through the signup and procedures.

    We haven't heard from them since. I wonder if they are scam artists? I feek rather foolish.


    Easy to install and great UI! Didn't have problems tweaking settings. Great app!


    Not sure how this is such a high rated app. It is very glitchy and support is almost non existent. We waited over 2 weeks to have reviews imported from old site and still nothing. Why can't we import a simply csv rather than wait for someone else to do (or not) it?


    The App is great. I used it when my store was a WooCommerce store. I recently changed to a Shopify store. The migration of my existing reviews was done quite easily with some wonderful help from the Yotpo team.

    The Premium Plan is a little expensive which is a pity.


    A good app that works as advertised, but can't justify the cost of the premium version. I've been in touch with a salesperson and they say they want to work with small business but they don't offer any plans to support small business. They offered me an annual plan for $3,588 which certainly isn't supporting small business. It would be nice if they offered a pay per review plan or such for us users who are just starting out. Going to have to start looking for other options


    This app works really well in terms of what it does - but it's not UK compatible. I stopped the premium service as the dates could not be customised into a UK format. I will look at an alternative because I don't want emails sent to my customers with US dates on them. I have followed up with YOTPO and they can't amend this feature. If at some point they do, I would consider using it again.


    Amazing! Very easy to install with the idiot-proof step by step guide in the website! Once installed it automatically generated an email to my customers inviting them to create a review, which I found very handy.


    We loved using the "forever free" plan for Yotpo for the past year. Turns out "forever" didn't last too long. What a lie. I just got an email saying they are getting rid of our free plan and will switch us to their "new" forever free plan which eliminates almost all the functionality of our current plan. If we want to keep the functionality we currently have, we will have to pay $500 per month. That's more than 2x as much as our entire shopify plan. I'd be willing to pay something, but this is ludicrous. Yotpo's pan is to get you hooked then screw you.


    Yotpo has been a great app for us. It has helped us to get high quality reviews over and over again. And, it's helped us promote those reviews through our social channels which drives new traffic to our store. Which is why when we moved to Shopify I had to be sure that Yotpo was available before I made the decision.

    This app will be great for your store, I recommend it to everyone I know. And, their service is great.


    The app is very good and so much function for me to choose.
    Thanks the designer's group!


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