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Yotpo Reviews

Yotpo Reviews

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  • Boost your shoppers' confidence with tons of verified reviews
  • Automatically send review request emails to shoppers and allow them to leave a review from within their inbox!
  • Generate highly qualified traffic & more sales

You know the power of reviews. You’re using them to decide whether or not to download our app.

Go on, scroll to the bottom and see what customers have to say. You’ll find out why Shopify recently named us one of the top apps in its store. In fact, many of our features were specifically built with Shopify in mind.

Join the 100,000+ stores using Yotpo today. Here's what you get with the free version:

  • Automatically generate reviews.

  • With Yotpo, you can generate more verified reviews than with any other reviews platform. Our technology times our Mail After Purchase email to send to your customers when they’re most likely to leave a review, and it allows them to leave reviews right in the email body.
    Fact: For some stores, our review requests have as high as a 25% review rate.

  • Turn visitors into shoppers.

  • Check out the video above. Pura Vida bracelets improved sales with customer content marketing and you can too. With Yotpo, you can display reviews on your product pages or anywhere else on your site using our fully customizable widgets.
    Fact: Customers who engage the Yotpo widget are 4 times more likely to buy.

  • Optimize for mobile.

  • All Yotpo’s features are made with mobile in mind. When we send a review request, mobile users can leave reviews without ever leaving their email app.
    Fact: On average, mobile users arriving from a Yotpo click spend 37% more time on site.

    Love the free version and want to take your business to the next level?
    Try Yotpo's Pro or Powerhouse plans. Here's what you get:

  • Full Social Integration - Share reviews on Facebook & Twitter, and allow your shoppers to do the same.

  • Enhanced engagement - Respond to your reviews, publicly or privately.

  • SEO Success - Display review stars in paid & organic Google search results with our Google Seller Ratings and Rich Snippets integrations.

  • Community of Advocates - Answer your visitors’ questions directly on the product page, or automatically send questions to past buyers to let them answer.

  • Review Incentivization - Offer your shoppers coupons for writing and sharing reviews.

  • Smart Promotion - Choose products to promote and up-sell to likely buyers.

  • And so much more!

  • Yotpo Reviews reviews (804)


    Not working yet for us. Trying to fix it


    Not for small sites, under-featured, too expensive.

    The free version is under-featured and nearly useless (only 50 review requests per month.) The starter version at $25 per month doesn't add any features. You have to get the $300/month to get *some* of the features. And the good stuff is at the $500/month level.

    Additionally, even while testing the free version, it was not performing anywhere close to what they advertised. We were getting only 1% review conversion, when 10% was advertised as a benchmark. When I asked support if they had any resources to improve conversions, they told me to upgrade to paid plan. When I said that their core service was not performing like expected, and we would need to see that it was effective, they said that the Free plan only sends 50 emails per month, because apparently Yotpo support doesn't know what a percentage is.

    We use many paid apps, and every single one of them has a plan where we get a nearly full-featured service, with ability to implement and optimize, and pay for utilization capacity, rather then a brutally under-feature service which doesn't allow us to actually see if the service will have a positive ROI. Sorry, but I don't trust salespeople.

    It may be cost effective and have a positive ROI. If Yotpo believed this, and trusted it, they would *at least* give a trial period (They don't have any trial period!!)

    It's completely within their rights to not care about smaller sites, but if you're doing less than $1million revenue, there are more cost effective options out there.

    I don't have a complaint about the software, really. Even though it under-performed, I bet that could be improved. Their plan and pricing model is just prohibitive.


    The free version has more than enough great features for beginning sites.

    Another one of our sites gets a HUGE number of reviews, more than some competitors with 10x-100x the traffic, simply due to the follow-up emails.

    Hoping to see the same with this site.


    We have customized yotpo extensively. Their support has been fairly helpful and is responsive. There are some customization limitations but we are satisfied. A downfall of the platform is that reviews are not in HTML so it doesn't impact SEO positively in terms of content but it also isn't negative. There is a schema implementation with star ratings which is a great SEO feature so not all is lost. We are satisfied with Yotpo. Thanks!


    Great app!|


    I've been using Yotpo since using BigCommerce. We migrated to Magento and Yotpo made it a breeze to move the reviews from BigCommerce to Magento. We ultimately settled on Shopify and had gathered some reviews during that time, and again, Yotpo was able to make the migration process painless. Love how it's pretty much hands-free once you install it. The system emails customers 14 days from purchase, they leave reviews just by replying to the email they receive which is incredibly intuitive and encouraging for verified buyers to leave you a review. Love this app!


    We we're really interested in getting this app, as we believe customer reviews are important to any business, trying to make a difference. Unfortunately , We have requested help as there seems to be an issue creating an account, and getting the app installed properly. Every email, sent takes days for a response, and then once you reply to that email, it takes days again for another response and still nothing. So I will look into another app. Good luck to those that were able to get it up and running with no issues. Im sure if I wait a few months it might happen. But I need something Now.


    Super easy to install and great customer service. My only wish as a small business is that they would offer the social platform on the beginners plan. Would do it again in a minute.


    Awesome product! The support team is so helpful, so if your a bit of a novice in the 'IT' department, they will help! Thanks you and keep up the great work. I recommend this product:)


    I am very happy with this App. I get reviews on my products because the App sends out the request for review emails. I am thrilled. Thank you!

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