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92 reviews
Price: Free – $100.00 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Save time by eliminating data re-entry copying from Shopify to other apps.
  • Save money by building your own integrations - no developers required.
  • Sell more by connecting Shopify to marketing apps (email, CRM, lead collection...)

Zapier provides a simple drag-and-drop interface for integrating Shopify with dozens of other web services. Simple to set up and you don't have to mess with APIs or writing any code at all.

Fully automate integration between Shopify and dozens of services. Want to get a text message for every now order? Easy! Want to get a message in Campfire each time a new customer registers? Just as easy. The possibilities are endless.

Just a few of the apps you can integrate with

  • MailChimp

  • Highrise

  • HipChat

  • SalesForce

  • Dozens more (see "Integrations" to the right!)

Zapier reviews

92 reviews
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I've used Zapier to automate pushing blog posts to all my social sites. It's freed up loads of time I'd otherwise be wasting. Support is great and the staff are awesome... even gave me a free t-shirt! :D

Highly highly recommend if you're wanting to automate anything in you Shopify store.


I litterally use Zapier every day. It is amazing and I would recommend it to everyone that looks for easy, intuitive automatization that doesnt require heavy programming skills.


Once you start using Zapier, you'll wonder how you ever managed without it. It's just the great thing, for Shopify and for everything else.


Works great! We use Zapier to enroll students in our online courses and it works perfectly.


Just started using Zapier and getting addicted. Need to hold myself back from setting up Zaps that are just for the sake of doing them. I had never heard of Zapier until it was mentioned in a forum and it's really extended the timeline for when we'll need to hire an employee with how much it's automated.

A small portion of our business is dropshipped. Zapier is now set up to automatically take our orders and email them to our vendor in the format they need to process it.

Also, we've set it up to take all of the receipts we have send to us via email, create a monthly Dropbox folder, and name/file those receipts appropriately. That's 80% of our receipts we now don't need to hunt for anymore.

This will definitely be a HUGE asset to our business as we grow and find more processes to automate.


Great app, works really well for us to get notifications of Abandoned Carts over a certain amount, which lets our sales team contact leads before they are lost!


Overall - Zapier allows our small team to work efficiently and automatic the simple mundane things. It is pretty simple to pick up but when you do have questions. the support team I have run into has been great.

Pros - have every app imaginable to connect your shopify store (every CRM I've looked at is supported). I was able to setup our first ZAP and get it tested within 15-30 minutes.

Cons - I wanted to run two 'Zaps' at the same time but according to their support it wouldn't be allow.
1) Form Submission --> Search & Update Customer
2) Form Submission --> Make a New Customer
Ideally, it would search to see if the customer is already in the database and if not, create a new customer. If the customer does exist, it will update them.


Glad I found Zapier, has really made connecting different programs to share info so much more efficient. Love them!


Zapier in general is amazing. I use it to stitch together multiple, fairly priced products to create an integrated system that would otherwise be too expensive for me to afford. Specifically with this integration, I use Zapier to create a new user in Intercom when an order is placed in Shopify. This saves manual re-entry, or batch importing between the systems.


Great, but it seems a little pricey until you consider the savings (the value)

Zapier integration does save time over the long run - make sure you have lots of things you want to automate to get the best value per zap. Also, consider how much the savings represent - for instance if it used to take 1 person 2 minutes to do something 3 times a day, how many $$ has that saved overall? Count the interruption in their process too - humans aren't multi-taskers.


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