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Developed by Zapier Inc

Price: Free – $100.00 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Save time by eliminating data re-entry copying from Shopify to other apps.
  • Save money by building your own integrations - no developers required.
  • Sell more by connecting Shopify to marketing apps (email, CRM, lead collection...)

Zapier provides a simple drag-and-drop interface for integrating Shopify with dozens of other web services. Simple to set up and you don't have to mess with APIs or writing any code at all.

Fully automate integration between Shopify and dozens of services. Want to get a text message for every now order? Easy! Want to get a message in Campfire each time a new customer registers? Just as easy. The possibilities are endless.

Just a few of the apps you can integrate with

  • MailChimp

  • Highrise

  • HipChat

  • SalesForce

  • Dozens more (see "Integrations" to the right!)

Zapier reviews (46)


I installed this to integrate new orders with google sheets (create new google sheet line for every order).

For many Shopify owners this could be the "holy grail" app integration as different departments and managers could be notified separately if different products were ordered and they could access a separate google sheets for a single SKU (or group) using a filter. The notification and reporting power of this is huge let alone the ability to drop shop for a separate sku as this would allow you to create a filter for product "Engraved widget" and every time the engraved widget ordered zapier would email the engraver and create a separate google docs. When the order is finished the engraver updates the google docs. So powerful and while so many apps do some of this the cost of third party apps to accomplish what this Zapier/ google sheet integration could possibly do is prohibitive to most.

And while the integration works it GROUPS all the line items into a single row. So if a customer ordered 5 different products all the line items are grouped in a single line - worthless.

Zapier has the BEST interface of any of these types of companies and their brand is slick and support normally friendly and responsive. Reason for this 2 star is the response from support on Google doc integration. "This integration isn't high on our list to add right now" Visionary company with not a very visionary method to prioritize. Not expecting support to understand every shopowner needs but at least ask about the "end game" on the need when making the priority list.


Zapier made my life so much better. I can automate so many tasks like adding new customers to a specifc mailchimp list, even putting them into a certain group based on criteria. I can send out emails when someone places an order, etc. Well worth the money to get the pro version to integrate with shopify.


i am unable to configure app with my shopify account

so i can not say any good for your app


Great app, works well, easy to set up, and has lots of integration for every use.


A good, albeit a bit pricy for a small store, solution to automatise some tasks. We use it to export Shopify orders to a google spreadsheet for simple accounting, tweet new products and add new email addresses to Mailchimp.

When Zapier will have support for Etsy then it will really kick ass. :)


Zapier is one of the most genius tools for growing your business. Whether is managing customer data, marketing automation, to save time and to scale your operations, Zapier offers an almost infinite number of ways to hack your way to growth. Plus it's super simple to use... no tech knowledge required!


Zapier is a great tool for those who don't have the knowledge or time, in my case, to do any custom API integrations. Zapier has allowed us to automate our workflow on everything from marketing to shipping & delivery. Great tool to save some time and optimize your workflow.


Zapier is super intuitive, efficient and reliable.
It is critical for a lot of our business systems (linking shopify with xero, mail chimp and desk) and we would be lost without it! Highly recommended.


With Zapier, I am able to integrate tasks between my favourite apps without costing me thousands to hire a programmer! A lot of them even say its impossible to do what Zapier can do.

Simple to use, reliable and best of all, a great support team that would give you suggestions on how to effectively use Zapier.

Congrats to the team! I'm a fan. :P


Easy set-up, very intuitive, and saves us hours!

Before we were having to manually export and import order data which impacted lead time and sometimes created data entry errors. Now we can focus on delivering the best possible customer experience. Thank you Zapier!

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