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Developed by Zapier Inc

Price: Free – $100.00 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Save time by eliminating data re-entry copying from Shopify to other apps.
  • Save money by building your own integrations - no developers required.
  • Sell more by connecting Shopify to marketing apps (email, CRM, lead collection...)

Zapier provides a simple drag-and-drop interface for integrating Shopify with dozens of other web services. Simple to set up and you don't have to mess with APIs or writing any code at all.

Fully automate integration between Shopify and dozens of services. Want to get a text message for every now order? Easy! Want to get a message in Campfire each time a new customer registers? Just as easy. The possibilities are endless.

Just a few of the apps you can integrate with

  • MailChimp

  • Highrise

  • HipChat

  • SalesForce

  • Dozens more (see "Integrations" to the right!)

Zapier reviews (64)


Zapier is the perfect solution to control all our Order at eBay and Shopify with 2 different accounts. We are able to create a system based on a spreadsheet.
Affordable and easy to use.


I user Zapier for EVERYTHING and it's my favourite tool for automating almost every business task.
Shopify is no exception to this and syncing my sales to Google Drive, Google Cloud Print and MailChip is made a breeze with Zapier.


We use Zapier to link Shopify to our Slack account so that we can get live updates right in our communication hub as soon as new orders come in. Zapier is a lifesaver for sure!


Incredible app with a lot of flexibility!


amazing.... where has Zapier been all my (IT) life?
Zapier rocks!


Theoretically everything 'works' but it doesn't actually accomplish the task you need it to. They advertised a big Edgar + Instagram connection. I tried it. Instead of grabbing the picture, it just grabs a link to the Instagram picture. So it 'worked' but I can't use that. I can't post a link to facebook saying "click this link to see this picture" It should actually BE the picture.

After setting everything up, I couldn't find a ZAP that actually worked and made a difference, uninstalled


Zapier is the best app ever! Not only useful for Shopify but for any other platform. They have completely changed the way we work our social medias, leads, sales, etc. It almost becomes an addiction to try to automate everything, we are hooked!


Zapier is a great app. You'll need to make a bit of manual setup at first but once it get going, it can replace an low level employee that would be doing a lot of manual entry. So this is worth the money.

There are limitations but over all it's worth it if you find yourself wasting time or paying someone else for this kind of work.

On my end, I use it to add all my orders and details in a clean Google Sheet which automatically updates itself (something I would do manually before). Now that I'm getting a lot more orders this saves me so much time and money.

There are tons of other things it can do that you'll have to figure out or even create your own.

I think this app is a must if you start having a few orders per day and need to automate basic data entry.


Couple things, I LOVE this whole thing. Its like IFTT on sterioids. ONE issue is, you can automate an order to auto print which is pretty bad @ss, but the problem is IT WONT print out the Order Print like how you do it manually. You get a really ugly layout, it works but it could be much better if they utilize all of the API possibilities. They need to make it so it can be more shopify implementation. I dont see why they couldnt use the option of printing via order printer. Or maybe even some html coding for the layout.

Another issue is for quanity is in , so lets say they order 5 reds and 6 blues, in item line is shows what they ordered, then next line shows quantity: 5,6


The connection is great and really helpful. I would really love it though if the trigger actions could also be dependent on specific "TAGS" on products or customers as opposed to everything or triggered by inventory count. Sometimes my company just wants to pull certain customer types or certain products. It would definitely be helpful to have a trigger action kick off when a product reaches a certain inventory level. Right now we have to search, export then filter with both Shopify and the available trigger actions between Shopify and Zapier. So opening up additional more specific triggers would be incredibly helpful!!

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