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Merchants appreciate this app for its ease in creating visually appealing pages and its seamless integration with Shopify. Many have seen an increase in leads and conversions, praising its superior blogging function and built-in analytics. The customer support team is noted for their efficiency and responsiveness. Features like A/B testing and integration with apps like One Click Upsell are also valued, saving merchants time and money while enhancing store performance.

March 26, 2019

This product is powerful and surprisingly easy to use (I am not a designer). Best of all is their customer support!

United States
21 days using the app
Edited June 3, 2019

Amazing. I loveeeeee this app! Kind of obsess with it! So easy to use and to publish to my store! There is so much you can do to create amazing pages, offers, and more

United States
20 days using the app
March 31, 2019

zipify pages support team, wow .. on a Sunday im in coffee shop frustrated on a liquid code error as i have very little time to get my page up for our new products launch on Amazon and fill bottles and; labels today .. then i see .. the support team will be back Monday.. i was like REALLY? to my dismay Karina a support team member pops her head in to my conversation and gives me the bold app switch solution.. i went through and made some changes and switched apps even to bold from Recharge app.. turns out Karina was the highlight of my day as we quickly solved this liquid error .. in short shes underpaid she saved my day and is very quick to the punch and id have her or any one of the support team members on my team to help my customers any day.. thank you so much Karina and ezra firstone. thnak for saving me the most powerful asset i have is my time.

20 days using the app
December 28, 2018

This and Zipify One Click upsell are two of the most instrumental apps we have on our store. We saw an overnight increase in both average order value and conversion rate! Thanks for the great apps and awesome customer service. Shoutout to Jorge!!

United States
20 days using the app
November 4, 2020

Amazing app, has all the features i need to make my shopify store look a lot better! Would 100% recommend this to anyone looking to make more revenue

United Kingdom
20 days using the app
November 16, 2021

I have been using Zipify Pages for around 10 months on my Shopify store This is my favourite Shopify storefront app. I would highly recommend it to other merchants. The powerful design features in Zipify Pages have enabled me to design eye catching and high converting product pages. It's fantastic that Zipify Pages lets me set up customized cross sell recommendations block and quantity volume discounts without requiring any other paid third party app. These awesome features and the amazing design templates definitely increase the % conversion rate, Average Order Value and customer retention. Considering that I plan to redesign product pages of more than 3000 SKUs, Zipify Pages is much more economical than other Shopify Landing Pages apps such as Shogun and Pagefly, which have a small maximum limit of product pages. In terms of cost, Shogun has an edge over Zipify Pages that it has a built-in feature which allows to embed your Instagram Feed into a Page. This is currently not a built-in feature in Zipify Pages. We will need to install a paid third party Shopify app and then integrate it using the HTML block in Zipify Pages. I hope Zipify Pages can roll out a similar built-in block. This will help Zipify Pages merchants to become more satisfied and reduce their monthly Shopify apps bill. The support team of Zipify Pages is amazing and very dedicated. It's the best support team I have ever worked with. Their support team has gone out of their way and beyond their scope of work several times to edit the Zipify theme files on my Shopify store to enable my requested integrations with other Shopify apps. Whenever I get stuck in customization of placement of other app widgets on product pages in Zipify Pages design template, their team has always assisted me and provided me an appropriate CSS styling code to fix this. I feel so grateful for their kind gesture of giving me free access of 3 more weeks after I identified a couple of glitches in their new features. I am glad that I could help Zipify Pages to improve in some capacity. Although I'm in love with this app, I think it doesn't deserve a 5 star rating yet because Zipify Pages is lacking the following three features that are essential for product pages conversion, which are widely available in both free and paid Shopify themes and other Shopify Landing Pages apps such as Shogun and Pagefly 1. We are unable to display the remaining inventory of a product and its variants on the product page. This required feature is crucial to instill Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) in customers, especially when the product inventory is about to run out. It also helps to convey to the customer the maximum quantity of a product may add to cart. I have installed 3rd party apps to display the product inventory on ZP product pages but none of these apps worked at the variant level so I uninstalled these. Display of remaining inventory only works correctly at variant level when using my paid Shopify theme. I am so frustrated that this feature is a built-in feature of my paid Shopify theme but I can't access it because I have redesigned the product page using Zipify Pages. Pagefly app has a very cool stock counter block with customisable features. I hope Zipify Pages can launch a similar built-in feature 2. The Search button in the dynamic header redirects to a new search page!
This is really primitive and annoying! This is currently the worst design function in Zipify Pages! I don't want my customers to be redirected from the product page or the landing page to a new search page. This can definitely reduce conversion rates and lower potential sales. A search bar appearing below or on top or on the side, etc on the same product page is a standard feature on both free and paid Shopify themes, even the Shopify app store and almost all modern websites! I have submitted a feature request for this twice but this has not been resolved for several months! Please put this on your development roadmap on a high priority basis 3. We are not able to set up nested / drop-down menus in any of the header blocks. This is extremely important, especially for my store which has around 3000 SKUs of numerous categories in stock. I am relieved by the fact that the Zipify Pages team has communicated to me that this feature is in development phase and is currently being tested. They were expecting it to be rolled out by end of September 2021 but sadly this essential feature still has not been rolled out Regarding problems no. 2 & 3 associated with the header features in Zipify Pages, I don't want to enable the theme's header as a temporary fix because other bugs occur when I enable the theme's header and footer I am paying a hefty amount to Zipify Pages every month so I really get frustrated about these essential features missing in Zipify Pages, whose slogan is conversion optimized. I have already submitted feature request forms for these 3 features and have been waiting for several months for this to be fixed. I am checking Zipify Pages almost daily regarding these features being rolled out but I keep getting disappointed! I would really appreciate if the ZP team could roll out these 3 essential features urgently. Please also consider maintaining an upcoming features change log on the Zipify Pages blog so that we can know which of our requested features are on your development roadmap

Tadabbur Books
Over 1 year using the app
Zipify Apps replied November 19, 2021

Hey Tadabbur Books! Thank you for such a comprehensive review! This is amazing feedback that the team has seen. Everything you've requested here has been added to the roadmap as these are valuable features for most merchants. While I don't have firm dates the Instagram widget is looking like it will be before the end of the year...along with a dynamic header. We've added the stock counter to make sure can get that in the pipeline. Thank you for helping point out some features we greatly need to add! If you need anything please reach out!
-Team Zipify

November 20, 2018

This is a great app, but not a perfect fit. It has solved many of my problems with funnels and lead pages. It also allowed my to drop other apps to consolidate into one. It helps drive better SEO and analytics too.

It does not seamlessly work with some email programs. The ones they do use are limited in scope. But, you can word around by laying in html. And, their blog feature does not allow you to brand your blogs independently for multiple products, which I was hoping for. It's an extra cost feature I that is not worth the money. Otherwise I would have given this app 5 stars.

United States
Over 1 year using the app
September 1, 2019

Great app. Has cool themes and very easy to edit. Beginner friendly. I highly recommend this app to anyone........

United States
19 days using the app
May 20, 2020

I love this app. It is very straightforward to use. There is barely a learning curve, because let's face it... I want to get my store up and running fast, not learn how to use software. Zipify's drag and drop features are convenient, but what I mostly love is that the developer, Ezra, has already done the testing work and figured out which layouts convert best. So all I need to do is use Zipify's templates. I keep finding smart ways to use the app. I love that Zipify is not just mobile responsive, it mobile optimized. I know that most of my customers purchase on their phones so I need to make sure that their experience is fast and there are no quirky layout issues. I was able to answer 2 questions so far with their help section, but also heard back from their team in 20 minutes when I couldn't find what I was looking for in help. Can't say enough about this app, and excited to pair it with one click upsell.

United States
19 days using the app
December 26, 2019

Exactly what I was looking for! their support team has been amazing to work with. They have updated the platform so you can use your Shopify stores headed in their pages.

Dr Jess
United States
19 days using the app