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Accentuate Custom Fields

Accentuate Custom Fields

Developed by thorup.io

19 reviews
Price: $11.99 / month Free Trial: 30 days More info
  • Extends your store with custom fields to match your business
  • Define text fields, numbers, checkboxes, images and more + cross-references between Shopify objects
  • Integrates directly with your design theme using Liquid

The #1 metafields management app for Shopify

Easily extend your Shopify store with custom fields

Building on Shopify's powerful metafield concept, Accentuate Custom Fields provides you with advanced and unprecedented options
for enriching and personalizing your Shopify content — including advanced image handling features

Accentuate integrates seamlessly with your Shopify admin giving you a simple yet powerful interface to define custom fields
and to edit values for your products, collections and more in their right context.

Define custom fields for

  • Products, Variants and Collections

  • Pages, Blogs and Articles

  • Orders and Customers

  • Your shop

A wide set of field types are available

  • Single line text

  • Multiline text

  • Rich Text / HTML

  • Numbers

  • Number ranges

  • Checkboxes

  • Selection lists - for selecting one or multiple values from a set of options defined by you

  • Tags - enter multiple non-predefined values for any Shopify object

  • Dates - with support for various date formats

  • Images and PDF files

  • Color selections

Link content together

Easily define custom fields to cross reference products, collections, blogs, articles, pages and even link lists with each other. Great for building
related products, image galleries, linking an article to a product and much much more.

Advanced image handling

Accentuate supports advanced image handling such as resizing, cropping and rotating images as well some more exotic options
such as flipping and applying of filters. Take advantage of an easy-to-use integration with Google's Image API directly
in Liquid. Stop resizing and cropping your images for different purposes and do the work dynamically in your design template

Edit values in their right context

All of the different object types in Shopify (products, collections, pages etc.) have a "Details" page - on these pages you
will find a “More actions” button in the menu bar with an entry labeled "Custom Fields". This will show you an editor
for that specific object and show you the set of fields, that you defined for the type. You determine the sequence of
the fields and headers for each type.

Let your customers edit their own custom fields

It's easy to define fields for your customer's profile, such as size attributes, birthday, color preferences etc. Then set up a form for your customers' accunt page in your theme and let them take charge. Also supports update of a customer's email, name and marketing opt-in

Use custom fields in invoices

Selected custom fields for products and customers can be made available for your invoices e.g. via the Order Printer app.
Print detailed invoices where the ordered lines displays e.g. origin country of manufacture, materials, size information etc.

Import and export custom field values in bulk

Export CSV files with your defined custom fields for products, collections, pages etc., edit
the file's contents and import it back into your store for bulk updates. Even supports import of native Excel files.

Secure storage

With one exception, all your custom field definitions and values are stored as metafields within your Shopify store. Metafields
are an integral part of the Shopify platform and provide secure storage for your data. Images and PDF files don't fit into metafields and are therefore stored
on our secure Google Cloud server and served to your visitors via a global CDN for optimal performance.

Easily display custom field values via Liquid

Using metafields as the underlying storage for custom fields makes them very easy to integrate into your design theme using
plain Liquid. Please see examples on our support page

Customer Service

Please get in touch, if you have any questions before or after you install Accentuate.

Accentuate Custom Fields reviews

19 reviews
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Excellent app with added value - good support. Clean and simple UI. Wide range of application. In combination with line item properties and cart attributes you can do a lot with it.


Excellet app that's very easy to use and configure. Helped me replicate custom fields across three different stores. When I had a small hiccup importing values, the developer was prompt in replies and quick in resolving the issue! Must-have app for anyone in need of accentuating their store!


Best custom fields app at the moment! Simple clean interface.


When evaluating if Shopify would work for our business, field customization was my one concern. This app solved that problem. Support was great and Ole was very responsive and helpful. We could not have launched our site without this app.


Great app! It has a really nice UI and it works perfectly!. The support is great! We needed a way to update some metafields and they guided me and actually were on their way to release this feature. I really recommend this app.


Great option for custom fields, very user-friendly and straightforward. Can be a bit fidgety and is not entirely doable on your own if you need certain features enabled, but support was really helpful in helping set everything up for us and we were good to go in less than a week.


Tried a few metafield apps but this one is by far the best. Also very user friendly in the admin, which is important when our staff uses it.

Ole is very helpful and listens to your questions well.

Only reason why this app isn't more popular is probably because of the organic ranking in the shopify app store, it's not one of the first results when you search for "metafields". Maybe rename it to Accentuate Metafields?


Easy to configure and Integrate.Best app for custom fields. Would highly recommend this..


After trying a couple of other Metafield apps, Accentuate was the only one I felt comfortable handing off to clients. It doesn't (appear to) send you to a separate website, or require a fragile browser javascript plugin. The user-interface is simple and clean. That's very important to me. You can add metafields to Pages and Blog Posts (not just products), and fields can be assigned to separate blogs (so an "Events" blog can have different metafields than a "News" blog). There are many types of fields available, and the interface for building fields is simple enough that non-developers could use it easily. And the price is fair and affordable.


Very good app! My developer installed it for us to manage some custom fields on our product page... highly recommend

$11.99 / month

Try it for free. If Accentuate is not for you, uninstall free of charge within 30 days
Completely free for trial and development stores

30 days

Support & Sales

+45 28902021
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