AdScale ‑ ROI of 1000%

AdScale ‑ ROI of 1000%

by AdScale

Automated AI-Advertising on Google, Facebook & Instagram

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Gabe's Collectibles

Terrible experience. Product did not work for me. Google campaign took around 3-4 days to become active. Facebook never became active due to "payment issue" even though I have been running Facebook ads on my own and am currently doing so.

Turned off all campaigns before free trial was up. Was charged $190 anyways, asked for refund since they did not provide anything for me, and was denied. Avoid!

Princeton Glam

The Most Horrible Experience, What a huge scam, over two months and bad RIO (return on investment is so bad), It's waste of money and time. I don't even think their AI machine works, it's a bunch of lie.

I would kept using them even if I broke even on advertising budget, But nope.

IArt-For you

Verry bed experience, till add campighn is setting, just Google search take all budget, even that all others were in revew. CPC was 1.75$, which is insane

Developer reply

August 30, 2020

Dear Marlena, you just connected 2 days ago. Your store has 0 past orders, it takes time to bring customers to new stores. Furthermore, you have a budget of $5 per day and you are targeting 5 countries. Please answer our email and we will help you to set up the system correctly.

Beardy Goat

Absolutely useless.

Don't bother to respond to thing but spams your email. Useless service and set up one ad account and they used another and began billing card that was required for set up instead of what you would assume would be the damn ad account I selected. Wasn't even linked to the ad account that I selected it changed to another one that Shopify set up for their ads which have never used.

They must have heaps of money as they don't do a damn thing to respond to anyone but I can bet they will jump on the defensive and blame anything but themselves for responding or lack their off.

For the $15 I bothered to spend before turning off the cost was as high as. For a click. I can go and create my own ad in FB and get it for 1/4 of that instantly.

Messy to use on mobile also. Not set up well. Bad interface. Even on PC the layout is all over the shop. Plenty of better AI services out there that respond to emails and actually worth paying for that don't charge you 10% or 5%0of ad spend or something. Will be using their competitors now that only charge a flat fee and ALSO do AI.... Fancy that guys a company that is cheaper that works also and that actually bothered to have some decent service unlike service!


I used this app on my store and it was horrible experience so far from the past 4 days. 60 usd spent with 1.20 cpc!!!

All my regular manual cbo campaigns are doing fine and its not 1000% ROI it actually 0% ROI dude...

Developer reply

July 20, 2020

We apologize that you feel this way. As we mentioned, getting a positive ROI is something that can take more time, your campaigns were running for only 4 days, and that's not enough for the campaigns to start to optimize and come out of the learning phase, and it doesn't matter if you run it with AdScale or by your own,

Moreover, we noticed your ads setup was not optimized and you choose only a few advertising channels, what's limited the option to optimize your advertising.

We'll be happy to help you set up everything and guide you through to optimize your campaigns and help you succeed.


Hello, what you are saying isn't correct. we changed that daily budget to $25 before the campaign sent live. The $500 was removed and changed to $25 before going live on this campaign but your app couldn't detect the change and went and spend the unpublished initial budget that had been changed. Fix this bug in your app instead of making excuses and refund us the excessive spend caused by this malfunction in your app. hen did you ho u any log? Stop lying about these things. You never proffered any explanation about why your app went to spend the old, inactivated budget, which we clearly changed before the campaign went live. You chose to ignore the change and went on to spend the $500 in less than 3 hours.

On the $75, yes, show us the proof that it as deducted. As our account as charged the full value as follows: for the first campaign $69.
Then, for this your app's inflated budget campaign: $556. That's a total of $65 you deducted from our account for the Google campaigns. So, here a the $75 deducted from?


This app is worse than a scary NIGHTMARE! Use it to run google Ad at your own risk!

We activated a daily Google search Ad of $25 daily budget. "Adscale'' spent $556 in less than 3 hours of launching the search campaign without our authorization for an increase. Kindly refund us the Excessive spending caused by the BUG in this App.

Sent multiple mails to the App support about this and has not received a single response for the past 36 hours. The most terrible experience we've had with any application on here. If you want to run google ads, do yourself a FAVOR AND LAUNCH YOUR OWN CAMPAIGN.

"Adscale''NEVER honored their welcome offer on their campaign. Claimed they will give you $75 toward your campaign - which they never deducted as they claimed. They went to charge us at the full value of the campaigns, without deducting the $75 they offered when installing the app. This is despite the fact that their buggy app messed up the campaign daily budget and charged 2,224% more than what we stated as the daily budget. [Deducted $556 from our account in the second campaign, instead of the $25 daily budget we had set]. Adscale, kindly refund us the Excessive charge you applied to our account due to your app error and fix the BUG in this App!

AdScale never gives you access to the Google ad account if you want to optimize your Google ad campaign on google, so how on earth will this work?

Adscale gives zero ROI on the Google Ad spend. For the total google ads, this app spent a total of $625 on Google ads unilaterally with zero result on their self-boosted google campaigns. Very Terrible Experience!!!

Developer reply

July 19, 2020

As mentioned to you in the last conversation, the reason you reached this spend is because you've set a daily budget of $500 and your advertising spend changed accordingly. We presented to you the activity logs of your actions on the platform.

The $75 Google Ads coupon was added to your account and deducted from your advertising spend. I'll be happy to provide you with a proof if you'll like.

As for the result, we see that there were ads and campaigns with configurations that were not optimized. We'll be more than happy to help you set up everything right to maximize your ads performance.


Why would they try to charge me even if its 14 Days for free ?
What kind of scam is this please ?

Developer reply

May 28, 2020

No one charged you. We don't make the charging; it is done automatically by Shopify after 14 days. You installed our App and asked to advertise on Google. Google rejected your credit card. The notification you got from Google is about the credit card you entered - which isn't accepted. I'd appreciate it if you'd be so kind as to remove this negative review that harms us for no reason.

Le Coin Intelligent

doesnt worked well. customer ervice doesnt reply after 5h ( suppose to be 10 min....) no coupon as advertised well bye bye

Developer reply

March 17, 2020

I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. If you experienced difficulties setting up the app we will be happy to assist you. Please note that the $75 Google Ads Coupon is credited to your account once you complete the AdScale installation.


I used this add to help my shopify store and used 14 days trial but after adscale charged me without my activation any plans and not refund my money...
I don't suggest anyone to use this app

Developer reply

February 18, 2020

As mentioned to you in our communication, you installed and used the app beyond the 14-day free trial and therefore couldn't be refunded. Your account was active and you received orders coming from the app before uninstalling it.


Horrible expereince with them! They take over all your advertising medium and make it next to impossibe to reclaim access to them. It's been over a month since i've been trying to regain access to my advertising platform from AdScale. I've reached out and was told they couldn't simply disconnect. I went into their settings and unchecked them from my google console, as soon as I hit save, it rechecks it and they still has control of it. I am unable to disconnect my FB from their setting. I am now in the process of deactivating my facebook ads account in it's entirety in order to remove adscale. Sam goes for my instagram. This is a nightmare and purposely done like this to continue to bilk unsuspecting customers. Their ads weren't the best, my ad spend increased but the sales did not, I ended spending more money on ads and when I did make 1 or 2 sales the profits from that went to Adscale for the most part.

Developer reply

November 19, 2019

I sincerely apologize for your experience.

As mentioned, AdScale doesn't take over any of your existing advertising account. It actually create new and separate ad accounts in order to avoid such situations.

As for the Merchant Center claim, I do see you requested to reclaim your URL to run your own Google Shopping campaigns and we provided you with instructions on how to do so.

Unfortunately, we cannot transfer the claim to you from our side, it needs to be done by you, the instructions provided tells you how to do it. It's very simple.

I again apologize, and I would be happy to give you a call and help solve all the issues you had in person.

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