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Advanced Product Options

Advanced Product Options

Developed by MageWorx

81 reviews
Price: $14.99 / month Free Trial: 30 days More info
  • Save Time — create an UNLIMITED number of products options and their variations in a click!
  • Apply Conditional Logic — set flexible product option dependencies/ display individual option prices/ show or hide options based on what a customer selects.
  • Show Products At Their Best — display product option images/ colors, use a wide range of product visualization options.

4000+ installations (...and counting)


✅ The UNIQUE Turbo mode to instantly load any # of options.

✅ Enhanced stability — the app runs on a cloud-based hosting with optimized load balancer, which insures its flawless performance.

✅ Unlimited # of product options and their variations.

✅ 11 product option types (text field, text area, date, upload file, check-box, drop-down, radio-button, multiple select, swatch, multiple swatch and button).

✅ Convenient, time-saving product option templates - to ease the pain of adding custom options to multiple products.

✅ Advanced Conditional Logic capabilities - to show or hide options based on customer's actions.

Image/Color Swatch - to make each product option visually appealing.

✅ Individual product option pricing.

✅ Advanced product options customization.


Installation & Support: The app comes with FREE lifetime support and FREE installation. Need help? Just drop us a line.

User Guide: Check out the detailed User Tutorial to learn how the app works.

Live Demo: Test-drive the app on its Demo Site.



CLICK HERE to check real-life examples of the app usage.



Ultimate Stability and Flawless Performance

The app is equipped with the UNIQUE Turbo mode, which makes options load in a blink of an eye. This enhances customers shopping experience and decreases your site bounce rate.

Also, the app runs on a cloud-based hosting with optimized load balancer. This ensures uninterrupted workflow and guarantees the app's stable performance.

So, no matter how diverse your product offerings are, with the app, you can smoothly add ANY number of options, without slowing down your site performance.

Unlimited Product Options

The app significantly extends the default Shopify functionality and lets you overcome 3 options/ 100 variants limitation.

With the Advanced Product Options app, you can create an unlimited # of options and their variants for any product in your Shopify store.

Also, the app lets you select any of 11 product option types:

  • text field and area (including prices per character variations)

  • date (NEW)

  • upload file

  • check-box

  • drop-down

  • radio-button

  • multiple select (NEW with the ability to limit the number of selections)

  • Swatch

  • multiple swatch

  • and button (NEW).
  • In addition, Advanced Product Options app lets you define the main option's values, set an option's price and optimize any option in various ways.

    Summing it up, with the app you can:

    • add any number of values for each custom option

    • create and edit the options on a product level

    • link the option's values to products

    • NEW duplicate the existing options for easier options management

    • specify a price for each option's value (thus you can add extra to the main product price once this option is selected)

    • select each option's price type: fixed or percent

    • UNIQUE update the base price at the top of the page, when a custom option is selected

    • specify a title, description and sorting order for each option's value

    • mark custom options as required (customers won’t be able to add products to the cart without selecting the required options).
    • specify Image Mode for any option (can be displayed either beside the option, or when the option gets selected).
    • NEW & UNIQUE add price per character options (the feature will come useful in case you're selling printed T-shorts or chased jewelry and would like to charge for any printed or carved symbol/character).

    • NEW & UNIQUE add Custom Option Styles - assign CSS class for each chosen option right in the Admin Panel.

    • NEW & UNIQUE Weight functionality for product options - lets you optimize and calculate more precise order shipping costs.

    Custom Options Templates

    The templates ease the pain of adding custom options to multiple products at once.

    With this app you can effortlessly create any number of custom options templates and apply them to a selection of products in a click. The app also lets you manage, customize and optimize templates according to your needs. You can:

    • edit templates for specific products

    • duplicate the options templates

    • group custom options in the template to better organize them in the backend

    • find the products to assign a template to by filtering them by name, type, vendor, "tagged with" or by any keyword

    • check the exact date and time when a templates was created or modified

    • NEW view a template name next to each options in the back-end (this is done to separate the product and template options).

    • filter all products assigned to a particular template

    • and more

    Conditional Logic

    Add various types of conditional logic to product option operations.

    For example, you can display custom product options only when customers select the main (parent) one(s).

    With this feature, you can create a product with a range of options (e.g. storage, RAM, size, color, etc.) and display these options depending on customers' initial choice. Thus, you can offer products with the SPECIFIC set of options based on the initially selected option.

    E.g. For a red t-shirt you may offer S and M sizes only, while for a black one you may have all sizes available. Thus, depending on what a customer selects, you can display the corresponding product options.

    Summing it up, the APO app enables you to:

    • add dependency to any custom option

    • set the dependency in bulk (it comes useful if you have a big number of options that should be added as dependent)

    • quickly overview all created dependencies within a template

    Color/Image Swatch for Custom Options

    Imagine buying a pink T-shirt when the only image that is available in the product description is a black one. You will hardly feel confident about such a purchase, and you would rather see how the pink version of this T-shirt looks like, right?

    Hence, it's extremely important to create a visual presentation of each product's option.

    Advanced Product Options app will be of great help with that. With the app you can:

    • upload images for each value of a custom option

    • set custom option's colors

    • create custom options of the Swatch type to display images/colors instead of the options on the frontend

    • replace the main product image with the one of the custom option

    • display product option images on hover

    • overlay the main product image with the one of the option

    • NEW display the title & price of the Swatch values right below the images

    • display a custom option image next to this option on the front-end

    • set the alt and title tags for custom options images (to improve SEO)

    General & Advanced App Settings

    Also, you can easily configure the app's general settings right from the Admin panel. That enables you to:

    • Enable/disable/delete/ custom product options in builk

    • define the default settings for Swatch Size, Hover Image Size, Option Description Type and dozens more

    • translate messages for custom options' messages and tooltips

    • and tweak the advanced settings for various types of selectors.

    Coming Soon:

    • Inventory functionality for custom options

    • SKU Policy functionality

    • One-time pricing for custom options

    • Edit CSS styles directly from the back-end


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    Latest App Updates:

      April 9, 2018:

    • Adds one-time options (the options that are added only once despite on the added product quantity)

    • Improves the Link by Variant ID functionality

    • Adds search feature for the options template in the back-end

    • Adds the keep options on unlink functionality to keep the template's options on the products even if the template was unassigned

    • Adds the meta-fields for the custom options for better design customizations

    • Improves the descriptions view

    • Fixes the default options issues

    • Fixes the edit functionality for the check-box options

      March 20, 2018:

    • Adds the weight functionality for product options

    • Adds the smart cache system to ensure high load stability

      January 10, 2018:

    • Adds the ability to copy option feature for easier options management

    • Adds Date option type

    • Adds a template name to the options in the back-end to separate the product and template options

    • Adds the ability to limit number of selections for the multiple-select options

    • Adds new better design of the swatch options

    • Adds the ability to display the title & price of the swatch values right below the images

    • Fixes a problem with dependent values in the drop-down options in Safari browser

        December 10, 2017:

      • Adds price per character option.

        November 30, 2017:

      • Starts supporting Custom Option Styles, which makes it possinle to assign CSS class for each chosen option right in the Admin Panel

      October 16, 2017:

    • Adds the Turbo cache mode (it makes the options load almost instant)

      October 13, 2017:

    • Adds the ability to link the option's values to the products

      October 11, 2017:

    • Improves the performance of the dependent options

    • Fixes the issue with option's values that contain "," character

    • Fixes the problem when the option's titles were still visible even the options should be hidden due to the dependency

      October 3, 2017:

    • Adds the ability to create and edit the options on product level

      April 12, 2017:

    • Adds the feature to filter all products assigned to a particular template.

      March 29, 2017:

    • Adds a setting to enable/disable the on-hover effect on mobile devices separately

      March 20, 2017:

    • Adds a new custom option button type

    • Adds settings to change the styles of the button options directly in the back-end

      February 15, 2017:

    • Description and "Display on Hover" pop-up improvements

    • Minor bug fixes and stability improvements

      December, 30 2016:

    • The option's images can overlay on the main product image now

    • The selected custom options are shown in an order view in a customer's account and in an order confirmation email

    • The hover image feature works with disabled image mode. It allows you to display an image as the swatch thumbnail and in the hover pop-up with the disabled image mode

    • Adds the "Tagged With" as the condition to filter the products in the templates

      November, 3 2016:

    • Adds the ability to mass enable/disable/delete any selected custom product options

    • Adds the ability to select product option's price type: fixed or percent

    Advanced Product Options reviews

    81 reviews
    1. 5 stars (74 reviews)
    2. 4 stars (1 review)
    3. 3 stars (1 review)
    4. 2 stars (1 review)
    5. 1 star (4 reviews)

    The support team was very helpful.
    I highly recommend them!


    The guys at Mageworx installed the app for us without hassle.

    Once they installed it we set up the custom feature for our products in literally about 2 minutes. No tutorials needed, it was so easy to use.

    Highly recommended app and great service by Mageworkx

    Andrew Leong


    Their communications and responsiveness is super fast! I am still trying to figure out the app but getting help has been really great so far with this company!


    This app has been perfect for our shop. We have been able to alter it to meet our needs exactly, and the support has been incredible! They were quick and accurate.


    super impressed with this app. not only does it do what it's supposed to do...but the support is incredible. they are helpful and kind and work until it's right. very very happy customer!


    I love this APP!! And their team is SO fast to help! I'm using this app on 2 different accounts and I love it! They helped me to copy all my templates from my first account to the second one, it saved me sooo much time!

    And their level of personnalisation is exactly what I need! I can't find it anywhere else! Thanks you so much, MageWorx, for developing this App!


    After testing several different Apps, Advanced Product Options is the one we stuck to and here is why:

    1. It is compatible on mobile devices (both iOS and Android). We ran into issues with other Apps in which the File Upload feature was not compatible.
    2. It has the Calendar option. If you need a date in your options, this App has it.
    3. It allows for Conditions on options. If you want to create options based on a previous option selected, this is a great App.
    4. The pricing is reasonable. Most Apps fall into this price range, but for the features it provides as well as the support you get, it's worth it.

    Hopefully this info helps in your selection process. There are a ton of great Apps out there, but you definitely need to test it out to make sure it fits your needs.


    The team was very fast and helped me perfectly. The application works very well. I recommend.


    I was ready to throw the towel in with Shopify, this app and the customer service saved the day!



    One of the worst app and worst support. Always some issues which affect sales directly.

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    30 days

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