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Advanced Product Options

Advanced Product Options

Developed by MageWorx

8 reviews
Price: $9.99 / month Free Trial: 30 days More info
  • Save time — create custom options for any # of products in a click
  • Diversify product offerings — set flexible product option dependencies & specify individual option prices
  • Show products at their best — display images/ colors for any product option, use a wide range of product visuilization options

[A BIG Update - 10 NEW Cool Features]

All-in-One Product Customization Solution

Waste NO time when creating custom product offerings. With the app you can quickly and easily equip your products with any number of custom options.

This have-it-all toolkit will enable you to:

  • create an unlimited number of custom options for any product or group of products

  • customize and optimize product options in various ways

  • set various product option dependencies

  • use custom options of the Swatch type to display images/ colors

  • conveniently manage all product custom options in the back-end

  • NEW customize the advance display, appearance, language and other custom option settings

This is how it works.

Custom Options Templates

The templates ease the pain of adding custom options to multiple products at once.

With this app you can effortlessly create any number of custom options templates and apply them to a selection of products in a click.

The app also lets you manage, customize and optimize templates according to your needs. So you can:

  • edit templates for specific products

  • NEW duplicate the options templates

  • group custom options in the template to better organize them in the backend

  • find the products to assign a template to by filtering them by name, type, vendor, "tagged with" or by any keyword

  • track the date&time of templates creation and modification

  • and more

Product Options

The app significantly extends the default product option's functionality.

With the software, you can create custom options of 9 types: text field, text area, upload file, check-box, drop-down, radio-button, multiple select, swatch and multiple swatch.

In addition, Advanced Product Options app lets you define option's values, set option's price and optimize any option in various ways.

With the app you can:

  • add an unlimited number of values for each custom option

  • specify a price for each option's value (thus you can add extra to the main product price once this option is selected)

  • NEW Select each option's price type: fixed or percent

  • specify a title, description and sorting order for each option's value

  • mark custom options as required (customers won’t be able to add products to the cart without selecting the required options).
  • NEW specify Image Mode for any option (can be displayed either beside the option, or when the option gets selected).

Dependent Custom Options

Display custom product options only when customers select the main (parent) one(s).

With this feature, you can create a product with a range of options (e.g. storage, RAM, size, color, etc.) and display these options depending on customers' initial choice. Thus, you can offer products with the specific set of options based on the initially selected option.

Example: For a red t-shirt you may have S and M sizes only, while for a black one you may have all available sizes.

With the app you can:

  • add dependency to any custom option

  • set the dependency in bulk (it comes useful if you have a big number of options that should be added as dependent)

  • quickly overview all created dependencies within a template

Color/Image Swatch for Custom Options

Imagine buying a pink T-shirt when the only image that is available in the product description is a black one. You will hardly feel confident about such a purchase, and you would rather see how the pink version of this T-shirt looks like, right?

Hence, it's extremely important to create a visual presentation of each product's option.

Advanced Product Options app will be of great help with that. With the app you can:

  • upload images for each value of a custom option

  • set custom option's colors

  • create custom options of the Swatch type to display images/colors instead of the options on the frontend

  • NEW replace the main product image with the one of the custom option

  • NEW display a custom option image next to this option on the front-end

  • NEW set the alt and title tags for custom options images (to improve SEO)

General & Advanced App Settings

NEW With the latest version of the extension you can easily configure the app's general settings right from the Admin panel. That enables you to:

  • NEW Enable/disable/delete/ custom product options in builk

  • NEW define the default settings for Swatch Size, Hover Image Size, Option Description Type and dozens more

  • NEW translate messages for custom options' messages and tooltips

  • NEW and tweak the advanced settings for various types of selectors.

Coming Soon

  • Inventory functionality for custom options

  • SKU Policy functionality

  • One-time pricing for custom options

  • Edit CSS styles directly from the back-end

◈◈◈◈◈◈◈ User Guide ◈◈◈◈◈◈◈

Check out the detailed User Guide to see how the app works.

◈◈◈◈◈◈◈ Live Demo ◈◈◈◈◈◈◈

You can test-drive the app on its demo site.

Installation & Support

Need help? Just drop us a line.

This app comes with FREE lifetime support and FREE installation.

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Latest App Updates:

    December, 30 2016:

  • The option's images can overlay on the main product image now

  • The selected custom options are shown in an order view in a customer's account and in an order confirmation email

  • The hover image feature works with disabled image mode. It allows you to display an image as the swatch thumbnail and in the hover pop-up with the disabled image mode

  • Adds the "Tagged With" as the condition to filter the products in the templates

    November, 3 2016:

  • Adds the ability to mass enable/disable/delete any selected custom product options

  • Adds the ability to select product option's price type: fixed or percent

Advanced Product Options reviews (8)


This app is beyond awesome!
It helped us reach the next level by providing more valuable services to our clients.
And their customer service is a dream.
Highly recommended addition to your store!


This is a great app! It makes adding lots of product variants very easy. It is very simple to use, well laid out and easy to understand once you read the instructions.

Customer support is excellent. Not a techie myself, I had trouble adding some code to a snippet. No problem! I notified customer support and they jumped right in and took care of it. Very Friendly folks!


Awesome service! And the app works great with lots of options and features. Very easy to use too. http://www.MagaRing.com


Awesome app, great support! I love how the app works. Can't wait for the future updates!


Dear Team MageWorx,
Thank you so much for your support,
I am trying to put products with the app. it works very well so far.☺


I'm very happy this exists. It's easy to use for me, and the end user. Their support was quick and concerned.

I hope one day they give us the ability to clone templates. My product options were very similar, except for one option, so I had to start from scratch with each one. Cloning and then modifying one option in a template would save tons of time. Also, if the swatches popped-up or were zoomable somehow, this would crush it. One final dream wish is the ability for including blocks of text in the options stack of a given product for descriptions and explainations, like other option apps that I have used.

Nonetheless, I find this one the best indeed.


Fantastic options app that has everything I was looking for. Having tried every other options app and not been able to find the features that I needed, Advanced Product Options was the one solution that is perfect for my store. In my particular scenario, I needed swatches with configurable images for each option and set prices for each option. Easy to use and can't speak highly enough for the support. Needed quite a few specific alterations and support helped every step of the way until the setup was EXACTLY what I wanted.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommended this app as the best options app on Shopify, and would certainly use on other stores I create. If you're sitting on the fence, give this app a try, you won't be disappointed.


Great product customization tool! I worked with a few other product customization apps before coming across Mageworx, and they just didn't work out. Our Shopify store needed a lot of customization for a specific item (up to 10 fabric choices with multiple swatch images with multiple prices, multiple chair upgrades and size options and so on and so forth) and whenever I ran into issues, Mageworx team was there to help me figure out the problem. After about of week working with the team I got exactly what I wanted, with prompt responses on a regular basis, something I wasn't getting from a few of the other app companies I was originally working with. Highly recommended!

$9.99 / month
30 days

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