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Merchants find this app beneficial for managing complex product configurations and numerous variants. It's user-friendly, integrates well with inventory systems and website themes, and enhances product selection efficiency. The support team is responsive and often exceeds expectations in resolving issues. Despite some negative feedback, most merchants have positive experiences with the app's performance and support. The developers are open to feedback and implement requested features.

February 13, 2023

This app USED to be great! It was the only one I could find which was able to handle the advanced product configurations that I needed for my store. However, this past week apparently something happened which caused items which were configured with the Advanced Product Options app to not be able to be added to the cart.

I had no idea there was an issue with the app, I only noticed that my sales were down 90% this past week compared to the week before and I couldn't figure out why. It wasn't until I had some customers contact me saying they weren't able to add items to their cart that I realized there was an issue, and when I contacted Shopify they told me it was an issue with the Advanced Product Options app. I emailed Mageworx support and it took them 3 days to get back to me (during which I had $0 in sales, at a time when I'm normally selling about $1,000/day), and they told me that Shopify had changed the way the "Add to Cart" button works and so the old version of the app will no longer work.

You would think that if they were aware of the issue they would have been proactive and emailed all of their customers who are still on the old version of the app to let them know there was a problem, but no such luck. I had to rely on my customers reporting the issue and then contacting Shopify to learn that it was caused by this app.

Mageworx offered to move me to the new version of the app, but I've already tested the new version and it doesn't work the same as the old version and therefore doesn't meet my needs. So I'm basically screwed for now and stuck with a non-functioning store until I can find an alternative and spend hours reconfiguring all of the complex product options and dependencies for my products.

This issue has literally cost me THOUSDANDS of dollars in lost sales in the past week, and will continue to cost me about $1,000/day until they either fix it or I can find an alternative.

Single Length Golf
United States
Over 5 years using the app
September 21, 2023

As many others say this app USED to be great. For the second time in a row now we tried to update the app to the new version and the second time was as bad as the first. And mind that every time it doesn't work our configurator is down, which means our products are worthless.

So comes the second try they send me again instructions how to do this and I am getting ready at a little down time and as per instruction I delete the old app. The moment I am clicking the link the provided I am getting an error message. And now I am in absolute panic mode because our website is basically broken now, I contact support one time, two times, three times...no response. After about two hours I am getting a reply and it basically says "well you should have done that at 10:00am our time" which is 01:00am my time!!! Great, right? Now my site is broken and nobody helps me. Shopify really needs to come up with an insurance against developers like this because if they'd be in the US I would sue them for damages.

CherryTree Inc
United States
Over 2 years using the app
Mageworx replied September 22, 2023

I'm sorry you had a bad experience with the migration. Migration to the new app version is a delicate matter, especially for complex app configurations. Therefore, we always ask our customers to initiate the migration within our working hours, so that we could react immediately in case of any issues.

In the migration instructions that we sent you, we specifically underscored the following: "You can start the migration any time Monday - Friday between 10 AM - 6 PM (GMT +2)". Meaning you could have started it in your morning, not at 1:00AM as you claimed above. But you started the migration way outside our working hours, therefore we were not in the position to provide you with timely support. 

If you'd be willing to agree on a specific time for migration within our working hours above, we'd be happy to give it another try.

Edited February 14, 2023

It's a real mess with the currency change. The app does not change the currency correctly, so it keeps the value in swedish crowns but changes the sign to USD, Euros or whatever but the value is the same. Ridiculous. They say it's the theme, but it's not. Not only that, the variables cannot be changed / sincronized with translation, so your variable names will remain the same, meaning customers in other countries will not understand anything. Besides, those copies that are constantly done by the app create trouble in facebook, etc. I get no support, only short messages that they have plans to make it better. Update: the problem with the currency is not our app converter, it's your app., because it converts but does not keep the same currency, it keeps going back to the original currency as you add choices. After reading the previous review about the changes in Shopify, why haven't you contacted us regarging this issue and update your app in our store. Do so, because you need to update.

Pauly Beds Scandinavia
About 1 year using the app
Mageworx replied December 19, 2022


We appreciate your feedback and do understand your concerns.

But unfortunately, no app provider can guarantee 100% app compatibility with all the theme elements or external resources you may use. The Advanced Product Options app has a very complex structure with a lot of processes taking place both on the front end and at the backend, and it may have specific requirements.

We discussed the currency conversion issue in October. The app turned out to be incompatible with your converter, not the theme itself. It supports only the switchers that work with Shopify Payments.

Also, we can't guarantee its compatibility with translation apps because our content is dynamic (gets rendered after the page itself has loaded). Most translation apps are only able to catch static content, not a dynamic one.

Our app is a third-party solution and in many aspects, we are limited by Shopify and its requirements, so we have to look for workarounds. As a result, the app may have some limitations, but we are doing our best to improve it constantly.

July 18, 2023

This is probably the dumbest app in the entire Shopify app store. Everything works perfectly, so you'd say it's a brilliant app. However, that's not the case, the stock of the products for which you use this app is no longer kept track of, and the support simply tells me that I should then do this manually. I use this app to offer an extension of the warranty on my products. From 1 to 2 years, so now I have to manually keep track of the stock of my entire shop. This is like going back to the Stone Age.

Back in Use
3 months using the app
Mageworx replied July 19, 2023


Thank you for your feedback, we appreciate it.

We do understand your concern about the stock management interruptions and are truly sorry for the temporary inconvenience.
As we mentioned earlier in our chat conversations, we are working on the development of that functionality at the very moment and will implement two-way sync between the original product and all the sibling variants generated by the app. We are doing our best to release that system in production as soon as possible, the expected time is early Autumn.

November 7, 2022

Not working as well as there is don't have any good support..
I try to contact support from 1week and they are unable to provide a solution.
as well as buy this app

Valencia Theater Seating Mexico
21 days using the app
July 6, 2022

Causes us so many issues, creates an additional sku every time which messes up the back end with thousands of products showing. The item does not show in the checkout so customers are constantly on the phone asking if the item has been added or not. Just causes a complete mess to your skus.

United Kingdom
12 months using the app
Mageworx replied July 6, 2022


Thank you for your feedback.

We are truly sorry you faced difficulties while using the app.

As you may know, Shopify doesn’t allow third-party apps to change original products’ prices at the checkout without using the standard variants or cloning the product.
So to make it possible to pass the selected options to the Checkout, the app generates a custom product variant for each unique combination of options added to the cart.
But the trick here is that we don’t create duplicate variants. If a variant with the same options already exists, we reuse that variant, instead of creating a new one.

As for the Checkout issue, you may address us at apps@mageworx.com and our support team will check it.

We've reviewed your previous tickets submitted several months ago, there were incompatibility issues with the third-party drawer.
Unfortunately, no app provider can guarantee compatibility with external plugins.

Thank you.

February 24, 2022

Started this app at $8.99 and found out I was paying $14.99 not sure how that happened. But that's not even the worst part of this app. The way they clone your apps makes your store look crazy and disorganized. Shoppers can click on a products and it'll bring them to a 404 page because that product is duplicated only for pricing. I had to take down my wholesale store and fix the codes because everything was a mess. Save yourself the time and headache until they fix the price-add on feature.

Leyla Luxe Collection - Wholesale
United States
3 months using the app
Mageworx replied February 25, 2022


Thank you for your feedback.

As we can see, you still have the app installed but can’t find any tickets within our support system submitted in regards to the concerns listed here within this review.

We offer lifetime technical support and are always available to assist if you face any difficulties.

Please kindly consider creating a support request via the form or contact us directly via the app@mageworx.com email. We’ll do our best to provide you with detailed info and fix all the issues you’ve faced with.

Thank you in advance.

Edited May 14, 2022

very bad & non-effective customer service, you can't trust them and they will make you lose customers & money.

Almost 4 years using the app
Mageworx replied November 6, 2020


We’re sorry to hear of your less-than-satisfactory experience with the app and hope you will accept our sincerest apologies.

We do understand that the fact the app generates cloned product is a drawback of our app and that's why are working hard on its improvement.
The update itself is almost ready. But we should also develop a migration tool that will allow us to move all our existing clients to the new version.
The app will change a lot, it will have a new interface along with new features and new working principle.

We are sorry that the collection issue is crucial for you and you can't wait anymore.

In case of any questions please let us know.

Edited May 28, 2021

This app clones the all of listing variations and you get hundreds of copies. So messy. It can not be used with with spesific product discount. And its very hard to use eg. Facebook marketing because of copied listings. Instagram-Facebook shop feature is useless too...
UPDATE: Newer version is still not avaliable. Few weeks, few months... It almost a year :) Cloned products are still a nightmare. No solution for this.

Over 1 year using the app
Mageworx replied February 23, 2021


Thank you for your feedback.

We do understand your concerns and sorry for the app turned out to be too complicated.

Our team is working on a new update for this app, which will significantly improve the approach of how the options are added to the products. We will get rid of these cloned products and will use the Shopify Variants functionality to add the options. The final product variant will be dynamically generated to reflect all chosen options. It will make all native Shopify features work correctly.

Please feel free to try the app in a few weeks after this new version is launched.

Thank you.

Edited April 22, 2021

I've been waiting 2 months for the app to fix an issue, they just stopped replying to my emails!!!!. This app is not compatible with Shopify shipping profiles and is NOT compatible with any tier pricing app, we can't do any volume discount with this app installed. they haven't provided any solution to this problem, they are just waiting to release their app update since 2 months ago. After reading the reviews I saw that another user reported this same issue back in September 2020. so there it goes the quality of their support!! Update: They told me that the new version was going to be released during the month of April. Today is April 22 and nothing yet.

Premier Table Linens
United States
About 1 year using the app
Mageworx replied April 6, 2021

Thank you for your feedback.

We are doing our best to release the update as soon as possible.
But the app itself is complex and resources-intensive, we need time to test it all the way around and make sure the new version is not buggy.

As I told you before, this is not a regular app update, we re-developed the app starting from the working principle and ending up with the backend UI.

We started to plan the new version long ago. First, we collected feedback and were considering new features and improvements and the way to implement them the most efficient way.
Then, there was a development stage.
Now we are finishing testing it and getting prepared for release.

We are truly sorry for the delays but we need to make sure we release a stable product that functions as expected.

The new app will be launched during the month of April.

In case of any questions please let us know.