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Aiva Overlays

Aiva Overlays

Developed by Aiva Labs Inc

9 reviews
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  • Rapidly grow your revenue by using the world's most intelligent overlays. Including: Pop-ups, Banners, Slide-ins, and Splash Pages
  • Communicate to exactly the right audience, at exactly the right time. Using targeted audiences, and action based triggers.
  • Build Mobile specific overlays - that only appear when being viewed from a phone, including video overlay options, one-click signups options, and customized content.

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Aiva is an award-winning plugin that has helped companies like GNC Canada boost their email collection rate by 12000% with a well-timed giveaway contest, doubled time on site for publishers like Startup Grind and halved cart abandonment for hundreds of stores.

Aiva’s integration with Shopify and Shopify Plus is seamless. You can set-up your account, and deploy your first campaign in seconds with no code needed ever - all for FREE!

What is Aiva?

Aiva is a free suite of intelligent overlay tools; Including Banners, Pop-up’s, Slide-ins and more. Aiva has the most advanced triggers and audience targeting so you can invoke an action with hover-based triggers, click-based triggers, & exit intent. Give your users exactly the right message, at exactly the right time.

It’s totally customizable but extremely easy to use. Aiva doesn't constrain you on what you can do - you have total flexibility to greet your customers with personalized designs at opportune times. Not sure how to start, or have no time to build the overlay? No problem, use one of our pre-built and ready to go templates!

Check out Aiva in action on our demo site here.

Key Features:

  • Easy lead capture fields, including email, one-click sign-up, custom fields, and more.

  • Embedded videos for desktop and mobile. Easily add any video to your overlay, and with a few simple clicks set it to repeat, mute, and more.

  • Customizable mobile specific displays including pop-ups, video overlays, banners, and more

  • Target campaigns based on type of visitor - new versus returning, device type, geography, traffic location, cookie targeting, from specific referral sites, and more

  • Multivariate testing and A/B testing included on all tiers. See how the smallest of changes can impact your conversion results.

  • Add free shipping bars, promotional bars, or floating bars to your store

  • Device-based targeting to get extremely specific on who, and how you deliver your content

Simple Campaign Builder with Premium Capabilities

Use our campaign builder to customize and launch your campaigns look and feel. Our builder requires no coding ever and is designed to be as simple as paint, but as powerful as photoshop. We also have a great selection of ready to use templates which can be deployed right away with no work needed or take one you like and tweak the design to make it your own

  • Pop-ups

  • Banners

  • Overlays

  • Embedded Forms & Email Capture

  • One-click Sign-up

  • Embedded Videos

  • Device/User/Source specific overlays

  • Tabs

Industry Leading Targeting Capabilities

Use Aiva’s industry leading targeting options to deliver the exact message, at exactly the right time, to exactly the right customer. Below is a list of triggers that can be actioned individually, or in combination (when applicable):

  • Device targeting

  • Language targeting

  • Referral Source targeting

  • City Specific Targeting

  • Country Targeting

  • Frequency Targeting

  • AdWord Campaign Source Targeting

  • Cookie Enabled Targeting

  • Or insert custom javascript to only show overlay when the script returns ‘true’

Best in Class Campaign Triggers

Choose how to trigger your campaign based on user behavior:

  • Click Based - displays when a user clicks a link, button, element, or anything on the page you choose

  • Mouse Over (hover) - displays when a user hovers over a link, button, element, picture, or anything on the page you choose

  • Time Based - displays based on the amount of time a user has been on the site, and/or specific page

  • Percentage Scrolling - displays when the user has scrolled a certain percentage of the page

  • Scroll Up - displays only once the user starts to scroll-up

  • Exit Intent - displays when the user is just about to leave the page

Aiva Overlays reviews

9 reviews
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Aiva lets you create all sorts of advertising campaigns with lots of options. It is easy to use, packed with features, offers integrations with popular software packages and services as well as affordable. This app is a dream come true especially when combined with MailChimp. It helps offer a business without a tremendous amount of resources reach the next level. It can also offer a larger company with more resources at its disposal a chance to lower its advertising budget while simultaneously becoming more productive. Don't hesitate if you are debating whether you should get Aiva. It is worth the time, effort, energy and the cost to help grow your business.


Great App with an awesome lot of FREE tiers. Best FREE App for new business. They helped me with a Sign Up POP UP - all free where other APPS charge or have their watermark on. Fantastic support. Owner is really supportive, showed me how to do things. This App deserves to grow!


Great design tool, but ultimately, my popup was glitchy and didn't work properly. Ill try again in a few weeks


Great app, used it for my video background landing page. So good, absolutely love the helpful support as well!


Great app! So many features under one roof. The affordable pricing tiers make it accessible to any store. Nothing worse than being penalized for too much or too little traffic.


Beautifully designed pop-ups and super easy to use UI. Very happy with the results and highly recommended!


Really loving these overlays. It's great to share info with our customers on specific details, and promo's.


Amazing overlay tool! Honestly, the sky is the limit. We use it for everything from email capture, to unique on page functions (ex: having a product-specific spec chart pop-up on certain pages).


App is amazing, Easy to use, super user-friendly and helped me build my overlays with ease.

From $0.00 / month

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