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Better Reports

Better Reports

Developed by BetterReports

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  • Track the performance of your products and marketing channels in real time
  • Identify bottlenecks and discover untapped opportunities
  • Simplify your operations by creating personalized reports

Better Reports was built specifically for Shopify from the ground up.

Do you find yourself drilling through multiple screens to find the data you need? Or exporting your store data to excel so that you can compute simple numbers?

Are you not sure which marketing channels are bringing you the most traffic? Which products are making you the most money?

Do you want a bird's eye view of all your operations?

Better Reports gives you instant access to a variety of reports for all functions of your store.

Better yet, the app includes a powerful report editor that lets you slice and dice the data the way the want.

We will even build any custom report for you... for free! (Well, as long as the data is accessible through the Shopify API).

All reports can be exported to a csv file.

Built-in reports include:

  • Customers

    • Total by customer

  • Products

    • Total products by type

    • Total products by vendor

  • Product variants

    • Inventory

    • Pending fulfillments

  • Orders

    • First-time vs returning customer orders

    • Orders by country

    • Orders by landing page

    • Orders by referring site

    • Orders by source

    • Orders details

    • Total order value by country

    • Total order value by referring site

    • Total order value by source

  • Sales

    • All-time sales

    • Items pending fulfillment

    • Monthly sales by product

    • Monthly sales by product type

    • Monthly sales by product variant

    • Sales by month

    • Sales by product

    • Sales by product variant

    • Sales by referring site

    • Sales by source

    • Sales over time

    • Sales over time by product

    • Sales over time by referring site

    • Sales over time by source

  • Transactions

    • PayPal reconciliation

    • Total transactions value over time

    • Transactions details

  • Tax

    • Tax collected per month

  • Visits (only available with the "Advanced Shopify" plan or above.)

    • Average visit duration by channel

    • Average visit duration by marketing campaign

    • Average visit duration by referrer site

    • Unique visitors

    • Unique visitors by channel

    • Unique visitors by country

    • Unique visitors by device

    • Unique visitors by landing page

    • Unique visitors by landing page type

    • Unique visitors by marketing campaign

    • Unique visitors by referrer site

    • Unique visitors by referrer source

For questions or feedback, please contact us at hello@betterreports.co

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From $19.90 / month

Pricing varies depending on your Shopify plan:

  • Basic Shopify: $19.90
  • Shopify: $39.90
  • Advanced Shopify: $149.90
  • Shopify Plus: $499.90
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