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Better Reports

Better Reports

Developed by Better Reports

7 reviews
Price: From $19.90 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Track the performance of your products, channels and partners in real time
  • Simplify your daily operations by creating custom reports
  • Schedule automatic report delivery to your email or Google Drive

Better Reports was built specifically for Shopify from the ground up.

Do you find yourself drilling through multiple screens to find the data you need? Or exporting your store data to excel to crunch some numbers?

Are you not sure which channels are bringing you the most traffic and sales? Which products are making you the most money?

Do you want a bird's eye view of all your operations?

Better Reports gives you instant access to a variety of reports for all functions of your store.

Better yet, it includes a powerful report designer that lets you slice and dice your data any way you want.

We will build any custom report for you... for free..

Here are some of the ways that other merchants use Better Reports:

  • Track all orders and items pending fulfillment

  • Track the performance of marketing campaigns (with utm parameters)

  • Track the revenue share to distribute to affiliate partners

  • Track third party sites generating the most traffic and sales

  • Bird's eye view on inventory

  • Track sales per POS location and / or channel

  • Track best selling products / vendors / product types over time

  • Track collected tax per location

  • Display and filter custom fields and tags

  • Schedule monthly transaction report for reconciliation

  • Schedule hourly KPI export to Google Drive for integration with online dashboard

You can schedule any report to be delivered automatically by email or uploaded to Google Drive.

Better Reports is fully integrated with the Shopify POS iPad app.
POS users have access to a streamlined interface and you control which reports are visible.

Over 60 built-in reports, including:

  • Customers

    • Customers

    • Total customers per country

  • Products

    • Total products by type

    • Total products by vendor

  • Product variants

    • Inventory

    • Pending fulfillments

  • Orders

    • First-time vs returning customer orders

    • Order details

    • Orders by POS location

    • Orders by UTM campaign

    • Orders by UTM medium

    • Orders by UTM source

    • Orders by country

    • Orders by landing page

    • Orders by referring site

    • Orders by source

    • Orders pending fulfillment

    • Total order value by country

    • Total order value by referring site

    • Total order value by source

  • Sales

    • All-time sales

    • Items pending fulfillment

    • Line item details

    • Monthly sales by POS location

    • Monthly sales by product

    • Monthly sales by product type

    • Monthly sales by product variant

    • Monthly sales by vendor

    • Sales by month

    • Sales by product

    • Sales by product variant

    • Sales by referring site

    • Sales by source

    • Sales over time

    • Sales over time by POS location

    • Sales over time by UTM medium

    • Sales over time by UTM source

    • Sales over time by product

    • Sales over time by product type

    • Sales over time by referring site

    • Sales over time by source

    • Sales over time by vendor

  • Transactions

    • All transactions

    • Failed transactions

    • PayPal reconciliation

    • Pending transactions

    • Total transactions value over time

    • Total transactions value per gateway over time

    • Volume per payment gateway

  • Tax

    • Tax collected per month

  • Visits (requires the Advanced Shopify plan)

    • Average visit duration by channel

    • Average visit duration by marketing campaign

    • Average visit duration by referrer site

    • Unique visitors

    • Unique visitors by channel

    • Unique visitors by country

    • Unique visitors by device

    • Unique visitors by landing page

    • Unique visitors by landing page type

    • Unique visitors by marketing campaign

    • Unique visitors by referrer site

    • Unique visitors by referrer source

For questions or feedback, please contact us at hello@betterreports.co

Better Reports reviews

7 reviews
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Great App, great and super fast support, your requests get answered very quickly, so 5 Stars from our side! Keep the good support up!


Can I rate it 10 stars? This, by far, is one of the most intuitive, robust apps I have every used in Shopify after developing four sites for various clients. While there are dozens of thoughtful, well designed, pre-made reports included, the real beauty of this product is the custom report function. I can't say enough about the flexibility and ease of use. All of the data is there, including original order-level line item data. Creating reports is as simple as drag and drop and you can create a variety of report types including matrix and charts.

The customer service is unparalleled and when I identified a need, it was incorporated in the the app by the next day. His email said it had value for all his clients so he was happy to get it done quickly. Now that, is service.

If you are concerned about the cost of the app I can tell you from experience it is far more powerful than the custom report function Shopify offers in its $299/mo version...so go for the lower version of Shopify and supplement it with this app...it is worth it! Great job Clement!


Developer was extremely responsive to questions and open to adding new features. Recommended !


I needed a special report made, and Clement did it for me. The software itself is amazing and in-depth, anybody looking to go beyond Google Analytics and Shopify stats should get this. I'm excited to experiment with a few hypothesis we have come up with thanks to Better Reports. Awesome!!


I truly can't say enough good things about Clement and his team. Not only were they extremely responsive and helpful, but they took our honest feedback and even incorporated our request into their app. This is outstanding. We requested a feature and just a few days later, they added it. Truly incredible support and friendly service. True professionals that care about customer service. I firmly recommend BetterReports as it has now become an essential part of our daily workflow and reporting system. Thank you!


Clement has been so helpful and responsive to our requests. He was able to have better reports ingest shopify's conversion data for our orders and create a custom report. Exactly what we needed!

Definitely an A+ app, very happy to have stumbled across Better Reports!


Wow, I reached out to hello@betterreports.co and reached Clement Gutel who said he would create my report himself with all of the info I needed in about 18hr. I was concerned because I needed a lot of variants so told him he could reach out to me via Skype (I believe he's based in Australia). He instantly began a chat with me on Skype and confirmed he would get everything to me by morning my time. Sure enough, when I woke up it was in my inbox NO FLAWS, all correct! I had one question though and he responded to me at 12:30AM his time... DEDICATED and AWESOME customer service!! Thank YOU, Clement and Better Reports :)

From $19.90 / month

Pricing varies depending on your Shopify plan:

  • Basic Shopify: $19.90
  • Shopify: $39.90
  • Advanced Shopify: $149.90
  • Shopify Plus: $499.90
  • Free for trial and dev stores
14 days

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