Bonanza Integration

Bonanza Integration

by CedCommerce

List, Sync, Manage, & Automate to boost sales on Bonanza

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I really like this App, it has made my life a lot easier.

I am new to Bonanza Marketplace and the team guided me through the process and helped me manage me to upload my product With the bulk upload and profile cloning feature it became a lot easy for me to map my product quickly and upload them on Bonanza. The App also provides an import/export feature through which I was able to fill the necessary attributes in the form of item traits quickly and easily. Much to my liking, the app makes a Shopify Seller like me really happy as I am now selling in sync with Bonanza and Shopify.

Not to forget about the support which has guided me so well that I now can easily handle the app on my own.
I am still learning on the new features like meta field attributes and the team has been really patient in guiding me.

Really happy with the App, Support and now I have more than 5000+ Products Live on Bonanza and looking forward to checking the other Apps too with the developer.

Great Job Guys !!


The app is brilliant and does the hardwork for you. If you get stuck the support if fast and efficient. Karshit is a support legend and has helped me numerous times, solving my issues within minutes.


This Bonanza App is easy to use. Like all apps the initial setup takes some time to get it right. You want it right because they are your listings! The support is responsive and helpful and they dive into your company to help. Other app companies you have to email and hopefully you get a response in a couple of days. Not these guys! answers within an hour using their Skype support. Very nice.

p.s. I use their Ebay, Google Express, and Walmart App also with very little to know issues at all. If there is a problem its usually on the other end and not them but they help to resolve the other end issues very quickly.


I used the app to import Shopify Products to bonanza, and it also helps me to fulfill my orders, add tracking. It's really really helpful. If there is any problems/questions during using the app, the support team (via Skype) helps me to fix in 5-10 minutes. They did the great job, great service.
Thank you so much for your service.

Bronte Moon


CED have still not refunded us the $530.19 we paid them in January!!! The CED app still does not work. We have had to spend hours removing the duplicated listings on Bonanza and on Etsy the orders don't sync, inventory does not sync, listings do not sync, these are THE BASIC functions of the app!!!! And please read through on how they lost all our 3 months of seo on nearly 500 Etsy listings. They should be removed from Shopify app store.

BUYER BEWARE They are crooks. I purchased the APP from CED Commerce to intergrate my Shopify site with Bonanza, Etsy and Sears…..Where do I start.....after almost two months the problems are getting worse by the day:

First of all when you fulfill an order on Shopify it does not sync back as it is supposed to. This is the main function of the app! It stays as not shipped and you have to manually complete why have the app?. Then not all of our listings on Shopify integrated over to Etsy and they duplicated on Bonanza. After being told "give us 24 hours" countless times it still does not work. Then we got a generic email from CED saying that all customers should re-integrate...we did this, then some of our products got duplicated with CED SKU’s (not ours) The inventory does not sync over to Shopify and other platforms like it is supposed to do. Nothing works!!

While trying to fix all these problems the BIGGEST thing happened. We have over 400 listings all of which I have been doing SEO for a solid 3 months, that's lots and lots of time. Three days ago the CED person we were on live chat with said she was putting her team to work on it once again. They lost all our tags, descriptions, reverted back to old titles, deleted all attributes.....everything all gone. All SEO… GONE. All this happened when they were just trying to get the app to work as it should.

We paid them $500 BE WARNED!!! Now just trying to get our money back and compensation for all our time, lost profits and lost future sales as we now have a zero rank on Etsy. We have to SEO the site all over again and we still have to sort out the duplications on Bonanza



So far I have to say Bonanza integraton from CedCommerce is #1 Best customer service! I had the pleasure to work with Karshit Bhargava who knows all the ins and outs of almost every question I had - and I have a lot! I’m not techy-at all!- And if he didn’t he gave me the contact number of an actual live person who did. I couldn’t be more impressed. Thank you so much Karshit for taking your time with me.. Bonzonza - CedCommerce is fortunate to have such a dedicated, knowledgeable employee. Thank you!!!


Great App and great customer support. They are always availble for every single answer. Highly recomended

LM Treasures 2019

Awesome service and awesome app for Bonanza. Recommend to anyone looking to expand there channels to other market places.


I used this app to help me to sync items on Bonanza. I really like it because it is convenient, It would be nice if the App will be more convenient to waste of time using.

Feshionn IOBI

Just started and so far its great, their support is awesome and very helpful!
What a great company!

Thank you so much.

feshionn IOBI

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