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Mega Menu

Mega Menu

Developed by Buddha Apps

264 reviews
Price: From $0.00 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Create amazing menus with submenus in a matter of minutes.
  • Increase your sales by allowing your customers to navigate with ease through your menus and discover your products.
  • Upgrade your submenus with Link Lists, Featured Products, Featured Collections, showcase your Newest Products and Best Sellers.


New Design Features - available for all plans

Our clients can now improve the look of their submenus with the newly added design features.

New Feature - Link Lists with Images

Highly requested by our customers, this new feature allows you to create beautiful lists, showcasing your products, collections or blog posts with Images.

Free version

All the features of the "Free" version are forever FREE. This includes:

  • Free for life

  • Tree Submenu with submenus and sub-submenus

  • New Design Features for the submenus

  • Free Technical Support

Mega version

Unleash the power of the Buddha Mega Menu with the Mega version, which includes:

  • $9.95/month with 14 days Free Trial or Free for Shopify Development Stores

  • Tree Submenu with submenus and sub-submenus

  • Simple Submenu

  • Tabbed Submenu

  • Link Lists

  • New Design Features for the submenus

  • Free Technical Support

Mega Zen version

Take your sales to cloud nine with all the amazing features of the Mega Zen version, which includes:

  • $19.95/month with 14 days Free Trial or Free for Shopify Development Stores

  • Tree Submenu with submenus and sub-submenus

  • Simple Submenu

  • Tabbed Submenu

  • Contact Submenu

  • Link Lists

  • Link Lists with Images

  • Featured Products

  • Featured Collections

  • Featured Blog Posts

  • Custom Image Widget

  • Best Sellers

  • Newest Products

  • New Design Features for the submenus

  • Free Technical Support

Buddha Mega Menu has 4 beautiful type of submenus

Make the navigation through your online store a great experience, using the submenu type that best suits you, or even all of them in the same store:

  • Tree - allows you to organize the collections by submenus. Each submenu item can have its own submenus up to 3 levels total. It is perfect if you have many products which need to be organized in different collections.

  • Simple - create link lists either for your collections or products. They are beautifully displayed making the navigation very simple for your clients. Add a visual impact and increase your sales with the Featured Products / Collections, Best Sellers and Newest Products.

  • Tabbed - Customize your menu to the fullest. Organizing by tabs makes it very easy for the client to discover your Collections, the Featured Products or click on the newest great products you just added. You can also increase the awareness of your website with Blog Posts.

  • Contact - Keep in touch with your customers with an easy to use contact form directly integrated in your menu

How easy is it actually to create a Buddha Mega Menu?

We invested a lot of time in building an app that is intuitive and easy to use. Creating a new menu from scratch is simple and only takes a few minutes. You only need to click on an "Add item" and add your info, similar to how you`re used to while creating Shopify navigation items.

Packed with Features

The Simple and Tabbed Submenus use Widgets to help you create a list of links or featured products/collections/blog posts with just a few clicks. This way, you can better outline your products, making it very easy for the clients of your online store to navigate through your website. The widgets can look even better by adding your greatest pictures.

Got a side menu?

Buddha Mega Menu works great with any menu, even if you have a side menu. It is smart and automatically changes it's design and style, blending seamlessly with your theme.

Design and Preview before going live

Add the menu to your website, change the design, such as colors and fonts and preview everything before going live.

Mobile Friendly

Since over 50% of mobile sales are made online, we've made Buddha Mega Menu Mobile and Tablet friendly.

We're always by your side

We like working with you, so we offer the best technical and design support. We will respond to all your questions or issues asap.

Our Vision

We are interested in creating such great apps that working with them becomes a fun activity. We plan on making apps that are filled with features to adapt to all your needs but always keeping sales in mind. Our end goal is to increase your sales, in the easiest way possible so that you can actually spare time to enjoy life.

Mega Menu reviews

264 reviews
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  2. 4 stars (13 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (3 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (6 reviews)
  5. 1 star (8 reviews)

Team Buddha is awesome! We recommend Mega Menu app for ease of navigation & simplicity.

Team Foodwalas.com


My Oh My did I need this! I have a fairly darn detailed main menu now that I desperately needed to better showcase things for clients/newcomers & am so grateful to have this available. I like that it auto generated some item collections & fully appreciate/used all the options for what/how to present whatever!! A collection, an offering to feature, a site page, blog posts or just super simple drop down links. For the most part it's super quick in functionality to put together. The only thing that took lots of time was figuring out reorganize my collections/offerings, deciding what to present & best way to do it. Love all the choices, just took a bit to know what would be best to do with all these new options & where I want to take my shop now. I thoroughly tried out on my phone & everything was absolutely perfect!! Surprisingly so :D Whew...lots of my clients/potential clients are on mobile devices. The only confusion I had was 3 things: 1) live preview for full screen computer only shows erroneous hamburger menu view...I was about to email & have them install on my non-Shopify Theme (bummer) but accidentally went live & discovered it was just fine on my laptop. Serendipity when I needed it. 2) For some edits, I learned there was a little lag time for it showing up live 3) when adding a "Custom Feature" widget using web address...note you can't just rip a copy/paste from a page...it double adds part of the link & will show a 404 error when clicked. A good news/bad news: it has help videos if needed right there on the shopify page (cool) but the 1st day I had the app every single time I clicked to save an edit, the video pop up would come back obscuring view. (a bit maddening for sleep deprived cowgirl not wanting to close the pop up every single time.) 2nd day it didn't happen. I've only had little over 24 hours, but love & think pretty "Woo Hoo" worthy in my shop! Thanks! ~SA~


very good, pretty easy to use and set up, looks good

we are using on this site, and soon another!



East to use and does everything it promises.....highly recommended by us


Excellent and easy to use. I was able to get up and running with multi-level menus in short order.


After trying out other menu apps, we decided that the Mega Menu app surpassed all the other menu apps on Shopify and is the BEST!! The Mega Menu truly adds a professional look and feel to our website. It's very easy to setup and install with a lot of options and room for customization. It intergrates perfectly with our online store and even better, it's mobile friendly & responsive! We love it an so glad we upgraded too. Thanks Mega Menu App!


its very good and useful
thanks for this app


Works great. Love the option of the basic free version. Pretty user friendly too. Def recommend!!


Great app! Really help me!
Highly recommend this app.


Menu is great but support and documentation is lacking. I've sent email and has been waiting for a response. Yes I get that it's been only a day but in this days and age 24 hours for a support question to be answered is unacceptable.

Follow up--Super snippy support. Again, I think the app is nice, not crazy about the support before and even more so now.

Re the documentation, the only thing I can see is the tutorial which explains how to set things up, which is easy enough. However it doesn't explain any other issues that might come up. A FAQ section explaining most common problems would be useful.

Update-I'm changing to a 3 star because it's really one of the better ones available on Shopify. Pretty intuitive. Still some issue with mobile which you have to contact the app developer to fix.

From $0.00 / month

All the features of the "Free" version are forever FREE.
"Mega" and "Mega Zen" versions are Free for Shopify Development Stores.

14 days

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