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Bulk Product Edit by Hextom

Bulk Product Edit by Hextom

Developed by Hextom

222 reviews
Price: Free – $14.99 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Bulk edit product's price, compared at price, tags, inventory, title, vendor, product type, weight, description, SKU, SEO
  • Target products to edit by collection, product type, vendor, tags, title, and keywords
  • Save you time from editing products manually one by one

Managing a store with hundreds of products is not easy. From time to time, you need to decrease prices by 20% for a time based sale; adding a tag to hundreds of products to optimize searches

Don't do it manually because repetitive editing work is what this app is best at.

★★★ New Feature Released: Now you can schedule bulk product edit tasks to run on any future date, or on daily/weekly bases. Plan and schedule your holiday sales in advance.★★★


  • Filter products/variants to edit by collection, product type, vendor, tags, title, description, keywords, created time or combination of those

  • Preview what products are going to be edited based on your filters

  • Edit price, compared at price, tags, title, description, vendor, product type, weight, inventory, description, SKU, barcode, SEO, title tag meta field, description tag meta field, Google Shopping related meta fields, variants, options, visibility, collection, almost all the product/variant attributes

  • Review what products/variants have been edited in logs

  • Option to revert/undo any changes that have been made

Use cases:

  • Change all product inventory to 100

  • Increase price by 20% for products in a collection

  • Set compared at price at 150% of the actual price for products in a smart collection

  • Set weight to 0.2kg for products whose product type is "T-shirt"

  • Update the product type from “Clothing" to "T-shirt"

  • Add tag "accessory" to products which are currently tagged as "necklace"

1 click installation!

0 developers needed!

Save time managing products from today!


  • 7-day FREE trial

  • 14.99/month after the free trial


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Bulk Product Edit by Hextom reviews (222)


I'm trying to quickly add sample size variants to my products. We have several thousand products so trying to do it in CSV file and import back in would take days or weeks. Hopefully this app can solve the problem. It's a great app for other bulk editing even if it can't help me with this.


Such a time saver! This app is great and se easy to use,


Seems to work just fine.. I chose Weight, entered a product type in this case Show Shirts - entered 0.5 and update all to the same weight. The only thing I would like to see is perhaps a drop down listing all the product types in your store for you to choose from because I cant remember all the product types we have and so now I have to open the product screen in another tab and go back and fourth between the two.. hence 4 stars.


Very awesome App. Saved me hours and hours of work. Very easy to use and took care of changing all the weight in each variant of products.


I am excited to get started with this app! I need to update all of the prices in our store and it would be insane to have to do this one item at a time!


Does what it's supposed to! Which is more than I can say for any other "search and replace" type plugin I found. Saved me tons of time. Thanks!


What a superb app. If you want to perform mass changes to products quickly and easily then look no further. What was going to be a headache to change hundreds of SKUs was made simple and completed in minutes with this outstanding app. Can definitely see the benefits of scheduling price changes as things peak and drop. Excellent thanks again. www.gardenbox.co.uk


Very good app!

Works as desribed but i just wish it wasn't as expensive! You should create a version for each task so maybe pay 3.99 one off charge to adjust the price in 1 go etc...

I only needed to adjust my price by -£2.50 but I have to pay 15usd to do this and have it for a month (of which i dont need)

If you could allow users to buy a 1 off change for 3.99 or somehting that would be good!


Good app but I'm severely disappointed that the app is apparently unable to add or edit the visibility of various sales channels like Buy Me, Point of Sale, Facebook, Messenger, Houzz, etc. It only allows you to update the visibility of online store. I'm very tempted to give it a 3 or lower just for this one crucial and painful oversight. But I will mercifully offer 4 stars instead. B- for effort.


Great app to edit in Bulk. Makes everything faster and easier. Support is also really fast and helpful! Thank you!

Free – $14.99 / month
7 days

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