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All-in-one Email, SMS, FBM Marketing Automation Platform

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Email, SMS, Facebook campaigns

Increase your revenue using Email, SMS and Facebook Messenger marketing to encourage your customers to purchase.

Automated Marketing

SMS blast, Email marketing, abandoned carts, customer winback, up-sell, post purchase... Instantly boost your revenue in a few clicks

Built for E-commerce

Make data-driven decisions with relevant e-commerce metrics all in one place.

About Carts Guru

E-commerce store owners want to boost profits in the short term and thrive in the long term. To do this, you need to engage customers with relevant, personalized, high-quality marketing content.

Sound easier said than done? Don’t worry - we’re here to help.

Carts Guru is the all-in-one marketing automation software for e-merchants. Combine email, Facebook messenger and SMS marketing in one automated campaign and unlock the full potential of your online store.

With Carts Guru, e-merchants will gain new customers, retain existing ones, and grow their business faster than ever.

Boost your profits with first-class features!

Marketing automation

We’ll take care of all the boring, repetitive tasks for you! Your business will run on auto-pilot while you sit back and watch your revenue grow.

Multiple channels

Combine Email, Facebook messenger and SMS marketing into one cohesive multi-channel campaign to increase audience reach and boost customer engagement!

Smart workflows

Triggered by customer engagement, so you can reach customers on their favorite channel rather than spamming them on channels they don’t use.

Real-time metrics

Make data-driven decisions with relevant e-commerce metrics from all channels and campaigns in one harmonious dashboard.

In-depth segmentation

React to your customer’s browsing and purchasing history to send relevant, personalized messaging.

Beautiful templates

Customizable email, SMS and Facebook messenger templates that fit in perfectly with your existing brand imagery.

Pop-up widgets

Reach more customers with your content thanks to Facebook and SMS opt-in widgets.

And it’s so easy…

One-click integration

Carts Guru integrates perfectly with your Shopify store. Not only that, Shopify customers can also export all contact and order data into your Carts Guru platform in just one click!

Help is always available

With Carts Guru, help is only a click away. Our expert support team is only a click away with our chat and email support (available to all customers).

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today, then sit back and watch your revenue grow!

Integrates with

  • Facebook Messenger,
  • OneClickUpsell

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Free to install

Free up to 300 contacts

Overall rating
4.5 of 5 stars
Based on 71 reviews

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Most recent reviews


Very poor customer service, I see many responses from carts guru staff that their pricing is "completely transparent," maybe the fact that you keep having to say that means that people don't feel that it actually is transparent? They appear to have changed their pricing structure to a pay as you go model. I signed up, bought a small amount of credit and turned off auto recharge. This was on a site that I am no longer using, so I didn't want the recharge on. I was then charged an additional subscription fee for multiple months while the site wasn't recieving traffic. I tried to explain to the staff that its confusing that if you turn of auto recharge you are still charged, and that at no point when I bought pay as you go credits was it clear that there would be additional charges. I got a condescending response from support along the lines of "I'm sorry you thought our app was free" despite clearly explaining that was not my interpretation. They were not budging at all at refunding me and I ended up settling for a partial refund. There are also serious issues with the app attributing sales to it which are not actually from the app, this is apparently something they are 'working on.' The number of subscribers attributed to the app also was literally impossible, as it was significantly higher than the amount of people that had added to cart during the time I was using the app. Other people seem to have issues with the way you attribute subscribers as well, maybe you should start paying attention to customers instead of writing off their concerns? Goto SMS bump for 10x better customer service, product, transparency and performance.

Developer reply

February 25, 2020

Thanks for your feedback, it is appreciated. We apologize for any confusion in regards to our pricing model.

Carts Guru’s pricing is contacts based + pre-paid SMS. The contacts-based plan includes all our features for email marketing, Facebook messenger, coupons code management, widgets, and many more features. We give all new customers $10 of free SMS credits so they can experience every channel. After those credits are spent, you need to pre-pay for SMS separately.

If you run out of SMS credits, we will pause sending SMS until the account is topped up. Customers can enable SMS automatic-recharge to avoid any interferences in their campaigns.

If you have under 300 contacts connected to your website, Carts Guru is free. If you accumulate more contacts, the price of your account will increase accordingly. To find out exactly how much you will pay for the number of contacts you have, just check out the pricing calculator:

Your subscription is pre-paid on a monthly basis. We can not assume that due to a drop in traffic that we should cancel your account, you need to click ‘cancel subscription’.

It seems like there was confusion about how these two separate charges were accumulated, so we issued a refund as of January 21st for your last month.

We provide all customers with chat support on the app, email support, and meetings with our customer support team. Please reach out to us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions.

All the best,

The Carts Guru team

Bold Addictions

free up to 300 contacts

- including everyone who signs up on your website (if they open your emails or not, or if they never visit you again, they are counted as 1 of your 300 contacts).

Including all bogus/fake accounts (Shopify stores get tons of those - look at your customers' list)

Also includes any in-person sale - even if all the customer did was use his credit card to make a $5 in-person purchase, and you never collected ANY of his personal information. He too is counted as 1 of your 300 contacts for Carts Guru!

I just did a monthly clean up of spam customers, I have less than 300 "real" customers WITH a store account, yet Catrs Guru says I'm over my 300 limit. Account locked, they want money.

No way. What will be next if I decide to pay? Looking for a better app.

Developer reply

February 19, 2020

Thanks for your feedback and we’re sorry you feel this way.

It’s important to understand that Carts Guru calculates each user’s contact list by simply adding up any contact with either an email address or a mobile phone number connected to their name.

Each Carts Guru user is responsible for creating and editing his/her own contact list. Users can add new contacts, bulk-delete contacts, or modify existing contacts - it’s completely flexible.

Our pricing system is fully transparent and can be viewed on the pricing page on our website:

When you initially sync your contact list with Carts Guru you have two options as Shopify customer. You can either:

Synchronize contacts with your Shopify store. You can sync contacts you’ve acquired over the last week, month or year - the date range is entirely up to you.

Or, you can manually upload a CSV file of contacts you wish to import. While this option may take more time, it allows you more control over your list and works better for someone trying to stay under the “free under 300 contacts” mark.

After these initial syncs, Carts Guru will automatically upload the contact details of new customers who register their details in your Shopify store. These contact details will be used by Carts Guru to send campaigns you design (cart retargeting, browse abandonment, win-back etc).

It is up to you to monitor these new additions to your list and delete any contacts you don’t want.

If you have any further questions or need any help onboarding, you can book a meeting with an account manager -

We hope this cleared up any confusion.

All the best,

The Carts Guru team


a bit expensive in compare to similar sms apps out there. even tough expensive , sms works well.....